Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back In Malaysia :)

Hey there! :)

Guess who's back in Malaysia? ;D ;D

Anyway, I left Schipol airport, trying not to cry (lol) because I could see that Charlene's eyes were already red, and I didn't want her to be sad so I smiled and waved till I got on the plane. Had some turbulence, it was pretty fun, like a rollercoaster :D I watched Brave, CSI, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory till my mind was ready to explode. HAHA. Listened to some music for a while, then I had a 1 1/2 hour nap and stared out of the window, wondering about things. The flight was quite short. Only about 10 and a half hours, so we reached KLIA at 6.30am when we were supposed to reach around 7.50 or so :D AA had a meeting so we had to rush -___-

When Dad, Mum, Ryan and Ian came an hour later to pick us up, I was already stuffing my face with onion rings, because I got too hungry. LOL. Of course once I got in the car, my onion rings magically disappeared.

Once I got home, I did the most logically thing that everyone does when they reach home after being away for 6 weeks. I cleaned and organized drawers and compartments from 9am till 3pm. Then I had lunch :) Good old Mum's cooking :3 And took a nice, long bath after that. Followed my Mum and Ian to Aeon for school shopping but I didn't have anything to buy, so I just bought a magazine from Popular and some other stuff. And then we (Ian and I) lost our Mum. How did THAT happen? Turns out she went home for some reason, came back, went here and there and we FINALLY saw her on the escalator after 1 hour and 45 minutes of walking around and looking for her -___- And that is why MOTHERS should always have phones and USE them HAHAHA.

Came back and had to go for a family dinner because my cousin from Australia, Ian (so many Ian's in my family, goodness) is visiting :) Had a good time, eating seafood and almost plonking my head into a bowl of soup due to jet lag and here I am now :)

I'm not even tired yet.

My cats didn't recognize me at first, till I caught them and cuddled the bejeebers out of them. Omg, they got so cuddly and fluffy :3

So, New Year's Eve is coming in a few days :) Have you thought about your resolutions for 2013?

So far all I've got is :

  1. Study harder and stop slacking around. (That probably means cutting down Internet and tv time as well). Revision, revise revise revise. Start a homework book again (which worked pretty well last time, till I got lazy and forgot to check it daily). And basically try to focus more on my studies instead of less important things :)
  2. Practice music. Everyday. (that'd be easy)
  3. Start an exercise routine and STICK to it (Oh god, why did I ever think of that one?)
  4. Cuddle the cats :D (Easy AND fun! Whhooo!)
  5. Cut down on smoking weed (seaweed), getting high on oxygen and drunk on Chinese tea. Although they're all harmless and perfectly safe, it's still not good to get too addicted to it :) 
  6. Try to be more serious. It seems the more serious I pretend to be, the easier it is for me to focus. (unless some mental case tries to make me laugh by giving me weird stares) My classmates used to think I take drugs because I'll be completely normal one moment, and completely deranged the next. 
  7. Stop chasing guys around the class with broomsticks. (I'm actually serious about this) 
  8. Stop teasing my brothers about girls and wearing pink shirts and skirts. (Never going to happen :P Don't get your hopes up)
  9. TRY at least, TRY to draw a cat that actually looks like one. In other words, learn how to draw properly. :P HAHAHA. 
You can probably tell that some of the resolutions I'm not entirely serious about. 

Anyway, I still have to prepare very VERY LATE Christmas and New Year presents and write love letters to lovely people :) I got a letter from Charlene and she got a 4-page letter from me! :D 

As far as Christmas presents go, I gave my parents ginormous hugs, cuddled the cats to their heart's content (I'm a cat lady, what can I say?), bought a yoyo for Ian and I'm going to buy Ryan a hoodie because that's what he wants. I'm feeling generous lately, spirit of After-Christmas maybe?

I saw my grand-uncle today and he said "You got white!" HAHAHA. Me cheezes, it was pretty funny, the way he said it. 

I know what you're thinking, clean house after 6 weeks of not being at home? Are you mental?
My answer is yes, very much indeed.

The funny thing is everyone I know says that it's very quiet without me and blah blah, but I think it's funny because I don't even talk that much (Maybe I do, but I don't realize it O_o) I just laugh and go bonkers a lot. Okay, maybe I do talk too much (nonsense) HAHA.

Wanna hear a spoiler from "The Hobbit" ? ....Bilbo found the ring. HAHAHAHA. Just kidding.

Anyways, till next time then :)

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