Sunday, December 30, 2012

Barbeque, Photos and Life in general.

Hey there!

We're having a family barbeque here! :D

Prawns and chicken! :D

Potatoes. Hehe.

I went to church today. I wore a skirt, and it felt weird because I haven't worn one for so long. HAHA. Met Joanne in the foyer and went to sit upstairs, in the balcony. Main service was okay, but the skit/drama thing dragged on too long, so I got bored and dragged Joanne to the toilet for a while and when we came back, it was over :) 

Lunch was a bit awkward for me.. I don't really know why, but after being gone for 6 weeks, everything feels out of place and I feel somewhat a stranger among everyone else O_o.
 Takes time to get used to how things used to be, maybe.

Here's some photos from yesterday! :D

 Constipated face. LOL.

I suddenly look a lot more chubby. LOL.

It was good to hang out with crazy people again. I've been feeling serious and mature for so long, it's nice to be a little insane again :D

Here's a link to Jeans' photo album on Facebook.

But of course, you can only see it if you're friends with her :P LOL. Stalkers, no please.

and... the end for now? :D 


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