Thursday, December 20, 2012

Does it really matter? Cause life is an uphill battle.

Hey there!

I've just found out my PMR results, and I won't tell you what it is, because if you're someone I trust, then you probably already know. But it's exactly what I predicted I would get. What can I say? I have hunches about that sort of thing :) And they're usually spot-on. I don't expect too much from myself, I know my limits.

I don't really care though, because the fields which are the only ones that I'll consider studying aren't even relevant to what I learn in school. I want to be a journalist (writing, hehehe), craft-maker, hair stylist, makeup artist even(because most people don't know it but makeup is a form of art), psychology and ANYTHING to do with writing, photography, music and art. I like Science, but only certain aspects of it. I can't fathom how much hard biology is for me. All the facts about human body parts and all just RUNS in and out of my brain like air.

And that's why I decided to go into the Arts Stream :)
I just realized that I'm not that smart in Science (just average. Lol), I have trouble with numbers and learning mathematical equations and I adore artsy fartsy stuff. Stupid Maine, I wasn't thinking when I thought of taking Science. Of of course, it's a matter of preference :)

You see, for us Malaysian students;
Science offers: (I highlighted the ones I like)
- Applied Sciences
- Medicine
- Dentistry
- Pharmacy
- Architecture and Building
- Quantity Surveying
- Engineering
- Health Science
- Computer Science

While, Arts offers:
- Arts and Design
- Social Sciences
- Geography and History
- Environmental Studies
- Language and Culture Studies
- Media Studies
- Education
- Religious Studies
- Performing Arts
- Fine Arts
- Accounting
- Business
- Law

Technical Stream
- Engineering & Technical Skill
- Air & Maritime
- Manufacturing & Construction
And the fields I'm interested in are all in Arts! What was I thinking, oh my gosh Maine. Of course, this isn't dead on, but should know what you're interested in thoroughly, before deciding to pursue it.
My results turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I wouldn't have researched the streams before I chose them if I had gotten the results I initially wanted. And I would have regretted my decision for the next two years. HAHAHA. 
Thank you, Lord :)
I'm pretty hyped up now :D What in the potatoes...
What was I going to say again? 
Oh yeah, it doesn't mean you're stupid if you're bad in Maths or Science or whatever. It just means your interests lies in a different subject or something. 
I really have to get my brains checked. Maybe there's something stuck in it that making me mental? 
Haha, just kidding. But seriously, being smart or not, has nothing to do with who you are.
Oh well, till next time :D

Edited note: Science, Arts, who cares? I agree with her. They really should have more subjects for Arts in school.

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