Friday, December 28, 2012

Doing my chores..Like A Good Girl.

Hey there! :)

Like I said in my previous post, I've been doing housework lately :D Why? I don't know...I just like cleaning things and making the whole place tidy and nice to look at. Helped Dad out with some Arsenal fan club membership gifts packing this morning, from 8 am till 3 pm, because there were hundreds of boxes -___- I cleaned up some tables in the house after that, and got rid of stacks of papers. Spent half an hour with the cats, teasing them and getting chased out around the house. Unpacked my luggage, and organized my clothes. I didn't realize that I have so many shirts I hardly ever use because I'm too lazy to dig deeper. So I took out a lot of clothes, will probably be giving to it charity since someone else needs it more than I do.

Planning to clean up the bookshelves after I go to Setia City Mall with Aijean and Esther! :D Yay!
There's a lot of old books in my house, that I can never bring myself to get rid of, even though I don't read them so much anymore. Dad suggests that we sell them off to a secondhand bookstore or somewhere :D I'll be keeping books that I still do and always want to read, because they're my *precious*

Hehe. After that, will be the storeroom and I'll be done for the year. Why clean so much, you say? In the spirit of New Year, of course.

I'll be working next year..not in shops or malls but from home. Helping my cousin do odd jobs and making seaweed crackers for Chinese New Year :D And I also have to concentrate more on studying, so I probably won't be online much anymore. If you DO see me online, please tell me to flutter away and STUDY or else I won't have any self control :P If I earn enough, I can go to the Tiff Alvord tour in March with Nat. I don't feel like taking a lot of money from my parents, it makes me feel guilty.)

There was a blackout in my house area, a few hours ago. Walked around with candles, till we went out for dinner. I sang the Birthday song before I blew the candles out. HAHAHA. I was a bit drunk, sorry.

Just came back from Tesco with my parents. According to them, they saved a lot of money while I was gone. I'm offended :P

Till next time!

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