Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Kill Your Darlings"- quoted by William Faulkner (or someone else?)

Hey there!

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while. I guess I'm hardly ever free.

I went for dinner last night. At the neighbors. ALONE. It went well, considering the fact that I'm not exactly sociable.

The girl next door, Ellen is 16, so AA, AC and her parents thought we should make friends. And so we did :) Haha.

We talked about stuff like you know, school, languages, friends, art and writing. I think it's the first time I've ever met someone who has a genuine interest in poetry, reading and writing. I saw a quote "Kill Your Darlings" pasted on her wall and asked her about it because I've heard it before but never really understood/remembered what it meant. The full quote is: In writing, you must kill your darlings. It doesn't mean killing off a character in your story or anything sadistic. It means, no matter how dear a sentence is to you, you have to 'kill' (cut) it off if doesn't fit into the story line well. And I agree. I'm not a writer, but when I DO write (nonsense), sometimes I get too attached to a certain line in the poem I write, but the problem is that the line has NOTHING to do with theme of the poem at all. And it completely changes the poem, so what do I do? Kill it off and weep. I suppose one mustn't get too attached.

What I found out about Ellen? She knows a LOT of languages, she likes rock/pop music, she has to have inspiration before writing something, she likes drawing pop art and she's pretty good at it too, she reads Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, she likes studs and black, she had purple hair (I forget to mention that, HAHA), she plays video games (including Call of Duty :D yaysome!, her brother does too), she's shy like me (Don't 'pfft, yeah right' me, bro), she likes writing stories and poems and her family is extremely talented in art. Her father, David (? I believe), has some of his drawing in the living room and it's hard to believe anyone could be so talented. Oh, there's a flying teapot in the living room too, I forgot to mention. It's not really flying though. But it's cute.

What I found out about her family? Her brother Giddo, likes to steal her bacon (bacon, yumyum) and is 14, yet still taller than me (the shame, I feel short). Her parents are very friendly and nice and cook yummy spaghetti.

I think it's funny how I've been here 3 times and I've just only met them.

Speaking of writing, I think I'll start again. If I have time and inspiration. Haha, but yeah, time to stop procrastinating.

Cheers and Cupcakes,

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