Sunday, December 23, 2012

Letters Of Love :)

Hey guys! :)

I'll be writing my Christmas/birthday letters soon, most probably by tonight if I don't get interrupted.

I can hear the "Pssh, who writes letters anymore? It's so old fashioned, blah blah. "

Yeah, people might not write letters so much anymore, I know, why should they? When they have Facebook, email, Twitter and whatever nonsense instead. Oh, so modern and convenient. True, that is. But I think letters are far more personal, and I appreciate a nice letter from weird people that makes me laugh and feel happy, more than a post on my wall that says "Oh, happy birthday!" and "HB!!" It just isn't as personal as a letter addressed to you.

That's why I love long letters. Writing them and receiving them :)

Letters are something you can keep and maybe, on your bad days, you can open one up and it reminds you that you're appreciated because you make other people smile. What if there's an Internet apocalypse and Facebook, Twitter, EVERYTHING is gone? What do you have left to remind you that you're (sexy and you know it) somewhat appreciated?

And yes, ehem ehem, I'm telling you to write me a letter :P if I'm not being obvious enough.

My letters can be a bit random and weird sometimes, I like to add "DUDE, remember when we did so and so and this and that happened? HILARIOUS. HAHAHA" or something stupid like that.

So I'm sorry, if my letters give some people a spinning headache in the "What is she talking about?" sense. HAHA.

I'm not even making sense anymore.


Skyping with family and friends always cheers me up :) I don't know if it's Ian's funny faces, Ryan's puppy dog expression or Cheryl,Megan and Nicolas' bright grins and funny antics. HAHA. Maybe it's all :)

Hahaha,byebye! :D

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