Thursday, December 6, 2012

Of Pranks, Food and ..Oxygen.

Hey guys! :)

I made plans with someone to do something illegal. SMOKE OXYGEN. Just kidding, but really try smoking oxygen, it's fun :)

So anyways, I walked to the Amstlvn a few days ago with A.A. Wait, we only walked back, we got a lift there from a stranger from A.C. HAHA. Just like me to forget. I went to Kruidvat (no it's not pronounced Kroot-what? It's pronounced as Crouww-fart. Seriously) And there was a huge group of kids around 12 or 13, really loud and boisterous blocking the entire aisle with their B.F.B.s (Big Fat Butts). I was about to say "Excuse me" when one of the girls saw something and shrieked really loud, proceeded to move her BFB and chattering excitedly in Dutch, thus making me decided not to say anything. I stood there and waited patiently for a while. And I saw a guy holding his hands up below his boobs, said something perverted and laughed. He saw my scandalized expression and he slowly dropped his hands. LOL. I don't think that even MY friends are that annoying and screechy. Please tell me we're not :O We went home after going to a few shops. Haha.

(That was meant to be posted DAYS ago, sorry)

It's snowing more and more everyday, I likes :)

AC, AA, Charlene and I went to McDs yesterday to tapau some food. It started snow raining :3 So nice, but stuffing cold!

We took photos and videos of it, but I haven't uploaded it yet to the laptop. Haha, my bad?

I love pranks, don't you? HAHA.

Anyone interested in buying a farting cushion? I think I know where to get one :)

Anyway, about pranks, Charlene and I, we got bored last night when everyone else was watching the news downstairs. We were talking when she had this idea to stuff pillows and blankets under the big blanket to make it seem as though she's hiding inside, because that's what she usually does before going to bed, the hiding, I mean. HAHA. Then I had another idea to go to her room and stuff some blankets and pillows there and cover it. And we hid behind the curtains in her room, because there's a ledge on the window there so you can't see the outline of a body hiding there. <- Living body, not mummy. LOL.

Waited for a few minutes quietly, and I heard AC and AA coming up the stairs. AA opened the door of the room I sleep in, saw the blanket covering "me" and said "Charmaine (why does she insist on calling me that, I don't know), sleep ah, you have a long day tomorrow." I almost fell out of the curtains laughing, but I covered my mouth and quietly giggled. Then AC went to Charlene's bed and sang "I can seeeee youuu! Get up.....!" I almost died laughing. My sides ached so much, I could have cried. Then someone pulled off the blanket and I heard "Ehh! Where is she?" "I don't know, check the other room!" So they checked the other room and discovered that I wasn't there either. When I heard them discussing about where we could possibly be hiding, I couldn't take it anymore and snorted with laughter because it was just too funny. AC heard me and pulled open the curtains and I fell on the bed, laughing so hard, I almost died. Then Charlene came out and we rolled on the bed, laughing because their faces were so funny.

Me: A.A. *spluttering* talking--- to -- the PILLOWS. HAHAHA.

Charlene: *imitating her Mother* I cann---seee--yo-u! HAHAHA.

Laughed so hard till I cried man.

LOL, you're probably thinking "what the heck, that made no sense" Okay :(

Blegh, I miss Malaysia -__-


Got to go soon, piano class! :)

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