Monday, December 3, 2012

Snowy Days.

Hey there! :)

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while now. I've been busy lately. HAHA.

First things first. Brace yourself, winter is coming :D

The temperature is dropping and ice is falling from the sky. Snow snow please come soon :3

What have I been up to?

Well, last Friday, U.J took me and A.A. to Amsterdam.

We went to the bookshop, where he bought me a nice Science fiction book which I can't wait to read; the library, which was huge and very yummy in the bookish sort of way, we took the ferry across the channel and walked around the other side and looked at the river gates that controls the water level and a number of other places which I forgot. We went to more than 10 places in one day, my legs will never forgive me for that, but hey, exercise! :D

One place that I want to talk about: the Chinese temple. So I got ushered in by the Chinese guy there when I was only intending to take a peek and see what's in it. The guy was really excited and he talked a lot. I could smell the incense burning. He talked to me because he noticed that I look like a Chinese. HAHA. Abuden :P

Guy: Hello! What country are you from? China? Thailand? Malaysia? Philippines? Japan? (like I said, he's very excitable. HAHA)

Me: Oh, I'm from Malaysia *smile smile awkwardly*

Guy: Ahh, Malaysia! Good food right? Nasi lemak ho chiak! *smiles very widely*

Me: *nods* yeah, very nice . *smile again, so he doesn't think I'm being rude*

Guy: So what kind of Chinese are you? Cantonese? Hokkien? Taiwanese?

Me: Oh, I'm Hokkien.

Guy: Very nice, very nice. So you come here on holiday?

Me: Yes, visiting family.

Guy: Are you with family now?

Me: Yeah. *points outside at U.J* that's my uncle.

Guy: *eyes bulging out of its sockets* Really? Related by blood?

Me: *explains the long complicated tradition of my family members marrying foreigners* Sorry, have to go now, bye! *smiles again, so he doesn't think I'm crazy*

Guy: okay, byebye!

That was somewhere in Chinatown street. Chinese restaurants and stuff are everywhere, crazy that is :)

We walked through a back alley after that. I kept seeing mannequins MOVE and to be honest, I thought I've gone coconuts. But then I looked at it properly and almost got a heart attack when I saw women in the windows. Wearing nothing much but their underwear and you know, doing what hookers do O___o. I had no idea I was in the Red Light District, in other words the sex street. I thought, so THAT'S what they mean by Amsterdam being a place of freedom!

Btw, I saw a place that sold shirts saying " Don't use drugs, smoke weed" LOL. They even sell cannabis to grow in your own garden. I took a whiff of the place where they go to party and use weed and good gracious, it was SMELLY. I'm not even tempted to try weed, the smell is just blegh D:

No likey. Don't worry Mum, Dad. I won't ever smoke weed because it's not even tempting the oxygen-high, Chinese tea-drinking, oxygen-smoker me.

Ohh, we went to the library, like I said, and saw this!

A mini house with a lot of rooms! :D 

Sorry, that's my bag. Haha.

How blimey adorable is that? 

My favorite room, the books room :3

Music room, second favorite :D

Bakery. Yum yum.

Book sale. Hehe.

Laundry outside :)

Cloth shop :D

Kitchen? :)

Bathroom :D

My dream bedroom. Yeah, as messy as that.

Art room! :D

Living room :)

Nursery. So cute :3 eikkkss.

Writing room? Study room? idk but it's cute.

Sewing room !:D

Yeah, so that's how Friday went.

Saturday was a bit more calm, thankfully.

Stayed at home and played a game with Charlene. I think we went to the Center afterwards too :)

We weren't playing it ..right. HAHAHA. 

Yesterday, we went to Madurodam and went to watch an IMAX film about polar bears.

There are more photos but I have no mood to post them up now :) 

Here's some FOOD for my dear friends and food lovers.

Yum yum, no? Haha.

Anyways, just a note for some of you guys. 

Value your friendships because you can never know when it will end. Don't let hidden feelings and disputes ruin your perception of your friend. It just isn't worth it. Trust me :)

It's snowing here . I like :)

I miss you, I can't even tell you how much. It's different to be somewhere where I don't have anyone to go crazy with. Man, I love you guys. 

I sound like a lovesick puppy now. HAHA. 

Just found out that my parents, DO in fact, read my blog. I have a suspicion that Ryan is behind this. 

Turning 16 in a month! And do you know, some girls get pregnant when they're 16? I want a baby. Just kidding. A kitten is enough :)

I want a kitten for my birthday. 

Lovely fluffiness :3

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