Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Matter Of Perception.

"Some times, things aren't as complicated as it seems. It's just the way you perceive it to be."

Hey there! :)

I went to school today, was worried over physics homework, and it turns out I'm not the only one who was worried. HAHA. Everyone else was freaking out about finishing the homework on time O_o. Major panic: Everyone running around, asking questions and panicking so much it was contagious.

Chemistry was the first period, the part of the chapter we're learning now is quite interesting, to me la. Teacher has a very funny sense of humor and pretty epic sarcasm as well. Then Moral class, Puan Marini wants us to come up with a umm.. time schedule. Most of us have no idea what we even do everyday :P Gahh.

Recess was biasa (normal) la, it surprises me that some guys who used to annoy me so much suddenly turned into really (almost) nice guys when we're in different classes. Turns out we worried about Physics for nothing, teacher agreed to extend the dateline till next week :D Didn't have English class today, school was having a briefing and passing out numbers for merentas desa (cross country, I think). We had to get split into our houses, asked a few people which house they're in but most of them are in Yellow, Red, Orange or Green :( Then I asked Man Shuen and yay! She's in Blue with me. #notforeveralonethankgod. I went with her to the meeting spot, we sat down, did NOTHING at all but wait for Fareisyah and her friend to give out the numbers. I was reading a book most of the time, chatting with Man Shuen or looking around at other people. #penyibuk.

Finally got to go back to class after a very long while :) BM class was first, quite okay la, not so much work to do. Next: History class. Teacher started asking questions about what we learned last week, and I got picked to answer a question. Luckily a reasonable easy question, didn't even have to refer to the textbook :) Got split into groups for presentation; I had to pick between Fitri's group and Aqmal's. I chose Fitri's because Aqmal and his friends  like to bully me -___- No thanks really, HAHA.

Maths teacher came pretty late, so for the most part, we were all hanging around our friends and commenting on how noisy the class is now, although we were among the noisy ones :P I was being a "drama queen" according to Jihah, acting out someone who got her heart broken. Because we were talking about couples in high school, and people breaking up. It was pretty fun though, just joking around and being nonsensical :) Ever since the teasing from guys minimized, I've became far more carefree and relaxed than I used to be. It's nice not having to constantly check if someone is sneaking up on me or attempting to pull my hair. A funny conversation:

Fadhillah: Eh Maine, jangan menjadi orang yang "lala" okay. Yang selalu buat macam ni.. (Don't become a girly person, who always does this) *covers mouth with hand and proceeds to giggle girlishly* Tee-hee-hee-hee!

Me: Apa pasal tu? Saya dah memang macam tu kan? (What's wrong with that, I'm already like that mah) *imitates her giggling*

Jihah: Hey, what's going on here?

We explained it to her.

Jihah: Okay la, tee-heee-hee-heek.

Stared at each other and started laughing. HAHA. I don't even know how the conversation turned to obnoxiously weird giggling. LOL.

Then it was just more talking until the teacher came, and we had to scatter back to our seats.

During the whole Maths period, Izzati and I were chatting (after we finished the work) about cats, phones, co-curricular activities and tuition.

We both:

  • love cats (MEW :3).
  •  HAVE cats .
  •  hate going for too many tuition classes and co-curricular activities.
  • love sleeping, yay.
  • love holidays
  • suck (mostly just me) at Maths.
  • prefer the Sony Xperia phones to any other type of phone :D Have the same opinion on most phones too, and know different types of Xperia phones.
  • have no idea how to use a calculator properly and need Fad to teach us. 
I really want a calculator phone :( Joy says, "But every phone has a calculator." True, but not every calculator has a phone, if you know what I mean XD

So no school tomorrow, but I have to go to church for a leaders' appreciation thing with Dad. No school on Friday either, due to cross country (which I'm not attending :D) Yes yes, Lazy Maine. Saturday till Friday, two wake-overs in a row. I can't wait for that! We can scare the newbies in Expedition Rangers, have nice yummy food and have no sleep at all for 2 nights. Byebye, precious sleep :(

Oh well, till next time :D

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