Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dare To Be Different.

If you don't want to talk to me, then it's fine. I won't bother talking to you either. 

Hey guys :)

Went to church today. And for the FIRST time this year, I was one of the earliest to arrive :) And I know, some people were thinking "What the heck is she wearing?" HAHAHA. Always la, always happens. This year, I decided to take risks, and do things out of my comfort zone, instead of obsessing over what people think of me and being too afraid to try new things and look different every now and then. I'm tired of trying to  be someone I'm not. So yeah, I'm just going to be me :) Haha. If you can't accept that, then don't. It's as simple as that. (And yes, it felt awkward being the only one wearing a skirt, when my friends are all chilling with jeans [JEANS])

Yeah, so after Praise and Worship duty in Sunday School, we went to fuXion and I was silently praying in my head : "Please let us slip in unnoticed. Please let us slip in unnoticed." Ah, plan failed. HAHAHA. We had to sit in front.Pastor Phillip was preaching, and it was pretty loud because 1. Sitting so close to the speakers. 2. Ears too sensitive. HAHA.

After that, a short prayer then umm..what do you call it? Group discussion, I think. (Answering my own questions, so cool. Haha) All the sixteen year old girls, Ru Min, Su Li and two more people. I introduced myself with my Rangers name tag, Joanne said her school name with her Karangan book. Then it was just random chatting that was quite interesting. If I had to pick a favorite color, I'd say black. But generally, I adore most colors, so no favorites :P

Lunch: We had to rush a bit, because of Rangers. But the food was so good, omg :3 Chit-chat la, as usual. Gahh, everyone except for me and Joanne are in the Arts Stream. I would change too, if:

1. I don't like my class (but unfortunately, I love my class)
2. The subjects weren't in English (but they are!)
3. Chemistry doesn't exist. (But it does!)
4. Accounts and Economics is in English (But it's not -__-)
5. The Economics teacher wasn't strict. (Ohh, but she is, and she doesn't like me much either)

Blegghh. Oh well. At least, I'm happy with where I am now :)

What I'm going to do in the future, I have no idea yet :( Chemical engineering maybe?

It felt strange. The others going off to the main hall, and I'm the forever alone one skipping off to the second hall. And I was LATE. LOL. First day, bad impression. But Cmdr Nat was late too, so yay, not alone. HAHAHA. But I had a reason mahh. Cmdr Wong asked me to pass a name list and some calenders to the Expedition Rangers (because I'm technically still an Expedition Ranger), then I had to find someone who would actually tick off the names on the list.

Wei Loong (Oh excuse me, COMMANDER Wei Loong), Commander Stephen and I are in charge of the 12-year-olds. There's only about 5 girls and 12 boys. 3 patrols: 5 girls, 6 boys and 6 boys. I took over the girls, because I'm the only female commander among us three, and also I thought it would be easier to handle girls than to handle boys. The girls discussed the patrol name, song and yell, well the basics. Some boys started stomping on the stage (when Wei Loong wasn't there, because they're scared of him, haha) I looked at them, and Kevin said "I know, BOYS, sit down and be quiet" He read my mind. "Yes, exactly. BOYS sit down and be quiet." I said. And they did.

And then the games time. Anyone remember the game, Satu Gudu gudu? Hehe. Yes, the violent, super exciting game where everyone's running around and pulling at each other. Legendary game, it is. The boys were really enthusiastic, pulling the guy from the other team to their side so quick, they were practically pros at the game. The girls were standing back mostly, too afraid of getting dragged away by the other team. Commander David and Nat were saying "Charmaine Teo! Join in the game la." I pointed at myself questioningly, and shook my head. There was one part where Joel actually carried someone from the other team, his friends making a wall around him and the guy he was carrying got disqualified. It was so funny, the commanders were practically laughing like crazy. A lot of cheering for their teams.

Sherman has this habit of standing next to me, and giving me the smug I'm-taller-than-you look. I pretended to cry and said "I know la, you're very tall. But don't make me feel so short la, you're so mean." Hahaha, he's only 14 and he's taller than ME. I'm almost 16 and I'm shorter than him -____-

Dad gave devotion after that. And after devotion, the kids rearranged the chairs and left. I had to stay back for the leaders' meeting about next week's plans. When I finally went downstairs, there was only Joy there, the others already left.

We went to drink Chinese tea and (for me) eat. The guys at the other table was saying things like "Why so antisocial? Don't want to join table, and drinking by yourself all?" HAHA. I forgot who said that, though. For one thing, I didn't want to disturb them (ALL GUYS you know. ALL GUYS.) For another, I was too lazy to shift the table. HAHA. I took off my uniform (the shirt) because it was so hot, urggh, and Cmdr David and all were just looking and saying things like : "Don't take your clothes off in public la!" I said "Then don't look la!" after choking on my Chinese tea. So I didn't get to take it off. Sad right? I couldn't do it, without dying of laughter.

We did eventually joined our table with them, because more and more people (ALL GUYS) were coming, and needed places to sit. So it was 4 tables, combined together. Imagine that, and all guys except for me and Joanne -___- HAHA. What happened to all the ladies, yo?

I helped Joy with the periodic table, telling her the important things to remember and such. She went home after a while.

And then I came home 20 minutes later :) Yay.

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