Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Do what you love to do, not what others want you to do.

Hey there! :)

Chemistry tuition yesterday was fun. In a quiet sort of way. I have this weird tendency to laugh when I'm in an air-conditioned room, so I was mostly covering my mouth and snorting with laughter during the whole lesson, although nothing funny was happening :P


Program Maju Diri, a program for umm..advancing yourself in studies? Something like that :). A motivational speaker came, and he was pretty funny. Talking to us about Science stream, biology, physics and chemistry. Way Jie, Yee and their gang was sitting in front of me. Yee took my book and fanned himself (bending all my pages -.-) Way Jie was being a pervert so I kicked him a few times, and he hit me back. Then I had an evil idea and scribbled his neck with a pen :D Amazing friend, I am. Boys ah -.- they drive me crazy, but at least they make things more interesting. HAHA.

Saw Watermelon when I came out of the Language Room, he shouted "Maiinneee!" even though I was standing right next to him. I said hello, and turned to walk away. He tried to punch my bag (LOL), but he didn't know there's a lot of hard things in it, so he ended up yelled "OUCH, what the...?" And I forgot what I did, but I smacked his head and chopped him in the stomach a few times. HAHAHA. Sorry la, but I'm extremely violent when it comes to dealing with annoying guy friends. I still love them though :) Bromance? HAHA. Some of them get on my nerves just to rile me up and see me lose my temper on purpose, but that's boys for you :)

Walked to A TOP SECRET LOCATION and saw (ehem!) SOMEONE who said he skipped school and patted his head. HAHAHA.

Well, I have homework to do :)

Till next time.

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