Wednesday, January 16, 2013

“Even strength must bow to wisdom sometimes.”

~Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief.

Hey there! :)

Someone asked me, "Why do you blog about school? It's so boring, doing nothing but studying all the time." My answer is: Yes, it's true that sometimes school is boring, and studying drives me crazy sometimes (so does homework) BUT(T) after not being in Malaysia for almost 2 months, I've come to appreciate everything about it; the food, the family, the friends, church and ,somewhere along the line, school.

Instead of thinking about the bad things in school, try thinking about the positive part of going to school:

  • Hanging out with school friends :) 
  • Nice teachers.
  • Favorite subjects.
  • Funny moments.
  • Learning new things. 
  • Chasing people around the class with broomsticks. (That didn't happen to you?)
And yes there's probably more, but I don't know/remember any. HAHA. 

School might be boring, especially when they have long , dreaded speeches about discipline and teach subjects so boring, you could fall asleep. But staying at home doing nothing but nonsense, can be boring too. And a waste of time. (Mum, don't hold this against me :P Blog posts aren't included in our debates) And well, for me, there's only 2 years left till I leave school. So why not make the most of it? :)

And I like my teachers this year. Not too strict, but not too lenient either (thumbs up). History suddenly seems a lot more interesting this year, maybe because I'm being too optimistic about it :P 

Have a problem remember homework? Make a homework book. Keeps things organized :)


Interesting things that happened today? 

For one thing, the police came and arrested almost half of my school. HAHA. Just kidding, they came to give a speech to the troublemakers of my school. We missed Chemistry class :( I like Chemistry. Sniff. Before I talk about Moral class, I should mention this so you don't get confused. Jun Ann and I called Vemlan yesterday, to (not exactly prank him, more like) say hi. I was a bit skeptical about doing it because I see him almost every weekday in school, but I was drunk (on Chinese tea) so I didn't really care. We tried calling Fifa, but he didn't pick up. The conversation went like this: 

Ann: *failed attempt at being a prank caller* Hello? Is this Mr. Vemlan? This is the company that *Pfftt, starts snorting with laughter* 

Me: *hears mumbling from his side* Oh can I ? Can I talk to him please? 

Jun Ann passes the phone to me. 

Me: Hey Watermelon! *bouncing up and down excitedly on the car seat* Guess who's this?

Vemlan: Umm..Maine ah? 

Me: No la, I'm Esther la. How can you not remember me? 

Vemlan: Don't lie la, I know your voice. 

I was laughing too hard to say anything, so I passed the phone to my aunt. Then my aunt starting talking to him. We were talking about PMR (on speaker) , he said "Teacher, I got straight Bs, teacher." I said "Please la, I got crooked Cs." HAHAHA. (And no, I did not get crooked Cs for PMR)

Then bleh bleh bleh , and the end of the conversation :)

Let me explain, we (Jun Ann, Vemlan, Afif, Esther, and I) attended the same Science and Maths tuition last year. The Maths tuition was in my aunt's house, so that's how they know my aunt (Ann is my cousin. HAHA) and I go to the same school with V and A, JA goes to the same school with E, and I go to the same church with E. So technically, I know them all personally. HAHA. And if I sound excited, it's usually the way I sound when I'm drunk. We call each other fruit names, except for Afif, his is related to maths equations. HAHA. 

How is this relevant to the topic? Well, when I entered Moral class this morning, he and Khanesh were talking about me being mental and calling people when I'm drunk :P HAHA. And for the record, it wasn't my idea to call him. Hehe. Change the topic, talked about PMR results today with Daiyana, Man Shuen and Mee En. 

Daiyana: I got 3 As.

Mee En: Eh, three As? Like your name la. 

The rest of us: What do you mean?

Mee En: Daiyana. Three As in your name, three As for your exam lo. 

Man Shuen: Liau Man Shuen, 2 As! Haha.

I was staring at Mee En's nametag, thinking that there's something that I should be noticing and just when I realized what it was, Mee En realized it at the same moment I did. 

Me: Your name --

Mee En: I know la, got 1 C, and three Es. 

Everyone started laughing. The irony, oh my. She told us a story about getting an E for one subject, and when her mum asked her why, she said "Because you gave me a name with so many Es mah." HAHAHA. 

Ah, okay, this probably makes no sense :P Most things I talk about with other people, often makes no sense at all. 

And then recess, just reading and chilling :3

After recess was English class. I sat with Nadzirah, because her deskmate didn't come. In fact, a lot of people didn't come today. Aqmal was whining about me sitting behind him, because he says that I bully him. And the funny thing was that he was the one kicking my leg and shaking my table. HAHA. My English teacher was saying "When I was marking you books, I noticed that everyone except for Charmaine, ...." and I thought it was a bad thing at first, till she said "needs to improve their grammar and ..." Haha, I panicked because I didn't check my book after she returned it to us, so I thought I did something wrong :P Lol.

Had to read a passage from a text, there was a part that said "My husband and I....", smiled so hard because I felt like laughing. My husband and I, is such an unfamiliar term to me. 

BM went well, discussed some words in the dictionary and asked the teacher if some of the words she mentioned really exists because we've never heard of it before. History was quite interesting (for once!). We finally met out History teacher. Maths: First teacher I've met that taught, write equations on the board, get the answer, and discuss it in all but 2 minutes. Nadzirah and I were mumbling : Eh, lajunya cikgu ni! so many times, it sounded like a chant. HAHA. 

But it's true, she DID teach very fast. Not a bad thing, but also a bit hard to catch up with her. 

Felt a little jealous when I saw the other classes leaving at 1 pm. My class still had to scribble down notes from the board before it disappeared and we were typing so fast on our calculators, you could hear the *clack* *clack* sound of numbers being typed from everywhere. 

And then I finally went home :) And ate Mee Hon Kueh. Yum yum. 

Well, till next time :D

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