Monday, January 28, 2013

It Was A Pretty Good Time.

Hey guys :)

So I'm sleepy and dead exhausted now, so this is probably going to be a very simple post. I'm too tired to write everything in full detail. I also have this freaky weird "sexy" voice from talking too much. HAHA, and yes, I can talk a lot (of nonsense) when I'm drunk *on Chinese tea*.

I went to church around 3 pm on Saturday. Everyone was unloading their luggage (HAHA bags and sleeping bags, but some of them DID bring actual luggages O_o) and paying fees or just running around yelling at each other. I was bored, so I forced Ian to follow me to the shop to buy some sweets :3  Yeah, we were mostly chatting about random stuff while we walked . *My mind isn't working properly, lol*

Went back and they were having a marching drill. It went on for more than an hour and it was so hot, omg. (And not because Andrew was there. HAHA) They played games after that, then Joanna came and I borrowed her phone and spammed Andrew's facebook notifications. (Nothing better to do, yes) Had to supervise the kids also la. Haha. What I love most about kids is that they're so energetic and noisy, but being a commander, it's my "job" to discipline them, which is hard because I'm incapable of being strict and reprimanding them. -___- Have to learn, but mehhh.

Dinner time: Did not eat the food provided, went instead, to a nearby restaurant with Aijean and Cheryl for fun.

After dinner was Amazing Race (which I initially thought was Grace) I got confused when I thought they said "We're going to have the Amazing Grace after lunch." What? Are they going to sing it? HAHA. I was supposed to help Joanna with her station, but they didn't have enough commanders to lead the teams (8 teams, EIGHT) so I had to lead a team instead :) Turned out to be Ian's team: Super Seahorse. I'm pretty sure I had a patrol called the Super Seahorse a few years ago. I knew most of the kids in the group, so yay! Not so awkward at least.

They watched "Brave" after that, in the second hall. I've already seen it before, so we, Cheryl, Aijean, Cornelius, Andrew and I went outside to lepak on the sofas. The sofa was so comfortable, I wanted to just fall asleep and forget everything but Cornelius thought it would be funny to keep me awake. Cheryl and Aijean tried to turn out the sofa, but I was too fat so it didn't work, lol.

We went to the mamak after the movie was over. Mostly just talking a lot of nonsense and Cornelius and Andrew trying to make us spit our food out by laughing. Andrew had to go to 7/11 to buy some hot cups, so the rest of us just chilled in his car and tried to call his phone but he refused to pick it up on purpose :( Got back to church and found a group of girls not sleeping but chilling outside because they said the room was too cold. They ate the hot cup noodles and sat around talking. Wei Loong came back and practically SHOOED them back inside the room....after they finished their noodles/maggi mee.

We stayed up talking until around 5 am or so, when I finally dozed off , listening to Cornelius talk about something (not that what he said was boring, I'm just a natural sleep lover .lol) I heard someone ask "Is she planking?" in my sleep and readjusted myself. HAHA. Don't know when the others fell asleep, but it was definitely later than me.

Aijean woke me up at 7 am, when I really didn't want to wake up but I had to because of Tamil service :( I'm like a zombie when I wake up after sleeping in strange places. Went to have breakfast at the restaurant and went home afterwards to freshen up and change. I was so tired, I fell asleep a few times before going back to church.

Went to church, saw Darren and Fabian in the foyer, waiting for Samuel. So I waited with them for Cheryl and Aijean. They finally came and we went to service where I saw Samuel, waiting for Darren and Fabian. Whattt. HAHA. Oh guys. Sat next to Cheryl, who sat next to Cornelius. Praise and Worship was fun, someone keep clapping to the wrong tempo on purpose and it was pretty funny. Pastor Simon preached about "goats and sheep" and about the end of the world.

 Didn't have lunch with the guys, wanted to go home and rest. Dad had to go somewhere, and the car ended up breaking down and we were stuck by the roadside for two hours. I fell asleep in the car for that two hours, seriously bad idea. Commander William and my Mum arrived and tried restarting the car and it worked. So I went home and crashed from a horrible headache I got for sleeping in the car.

I woke up at 10 pm, decided not to go to church because it was late, and I wasn't planning on sleepover anymore. Watched CSI until 1 am  :3 I love crime shows omg. And here I am, the next morning :) HAHA. Really sorry I didn't go for the Fear Factor thing, but I'll probably do nothing but sleep if I was there, so it makes no difference. Lol.

I want a new phone, just so I can read stories online and play Fruit Ninja :D Teehee.

Anyway, off to do something :) Bye.

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