Monday, January 7, 2013

Opportunities don't happen, we create them.

Hey there! :D

School was .. pretty normal today :) not in a bad way, or good. Just normally normal. HAHA.

I forgot how hard it is to wake up earlier than 11 am in the morning everyday. -___- I was a zombie this morning, but I'm still trying to hold to my resolution, so I made the effort. I don't want to flunk in anything this year, not even the "dreaded" Add Maths, Physics and Chemistry :P I don't know why people don't like Chemistry, I like the periodic table and all the sodium this, sodium that, iron this (pair of jeans, maybe? HAHA), iron that or what not (Just crapping). Read Joy's blog, and man, I wish I could dissect a frog. Or watch someone else do it and get a hysterical fit :P LOL. Physics, not bad so far. I'm thankful that this year, my teachers are good at explaining and have nice handwriting. HAHAHA. I have my ex-class teacher for Moral. So many familiar faces in that class, omg O_o. Whyyy.

Was extremely sleepy in class today. Add Maths teacher was funny. Maths teacher didn't come, so we went home half an hour earlier! ;D I did my Add Maths homework during the free period before I went home, because I was too lazy to do it at home. The irony. HAHA. If there's anything I dislike about Science stream, it's that we have to go home later than everyone else -____- . But then again, with so many good things about Science stream, my class and teachers; something unpleasant in the mix is to be expected :( I heard that some people from other classes want to transfer to my class, for the teachers (or friends maybe. Lol). Good news maybe? My class has minus 2 people now, I think.

Church yesterday :)

Went to SS to help out with the slideshow, just for fun, while waiting for the others to finish their duty. I don't think I'm helping with Praise and Worship anymore, with singing la mostly. HAHA. I just not cut out for it. I might help with the slideshows and maybe encouraging them by singing at the back of the room, but I don't think I want to sing. It's just not for me; but I'd step in if they need anyone. Then we went to fuXion and they were like "Welcome the new Sunday School graduates!" or something. I was pretty blank, I thought "Didn't I come to fuXion last year?" But to be fair, I came to fuXion not so regularly, because of everyone else wanting to stay back, so I only went when there was someone to teman me.

Lunch, the guys were fooling around, Jezreel dropped rice or something on his shirt. Not sure, didn't see :P But I saw his expression. LOL. I was busy eating my yummy yummy bowl of wonderful food, so I didn't really bother talking all that much, except a bit about school and so forth. Everyone wants to switch to Arts omg. Even I wanted to, but not so much anymore.

Then Rangers :) Goodness, the trouble I had (idk about the others LOL) putting on my uniform when I'm wearing boots. Almost (!) fell into the toilet. HAHA. Someone was shouting for me, and people like Jeans or Esther or someone else kept saying "Yes?" LOL.

Rangers, went around taking photos, because my dad asked. Simon, this kid I know, came up and borrowed my camera and tried to take a photo of someone's butt. I won't say who, too umm..personal. HAHA. I deleted it and laughed when he said he wanted to take more. NO WAY man, no way. I've had enough of butt obsessions to last me a lifetime. 2012 was a great year. So many things happened, I can't even begin.

I don't know if I should share this, but my friends and I made a pledge to solemnly declare to not like any guys this year. How am I doing? So far, so good. I do miss my guy friends though. Life is a bit too quiet without them. This is going to be a very quiet and busy year, I strongly suspect :( Old frenemies still running away from me, but I'm not chasing them anymore. I'm too sleepy and overwhelmed with work. HAHA.

Chemistry tuition tonight. Or was it Physics? Either one la. HAHAHA.

Till next time :D

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