Thursday, January 3, 2013

Second Day Of School.

Hey guys! :)

So, school was quite fun today.

English was less than 10 minutes, because we went into class quite late. HAHA, me no likes :( I finished the exercise before the teacher left, so yay! No homework. Sharmila asked me to join her tuition, not sure about that yet..still deciding what tuition to go to :( But it's right beside my neighborhood, so I'll think about it.

BM teacher was nice, she told us about what's going to come out in SPM and about the komsas work :) Physics, OMG. My eyes nearly rolled back in my head when I saw all the things we have to learn this year. But my group consists of most of my friends so at least it won't be awkward :) Said hi to so many people during recess, most of them I only know by name, I even hugged a girl I knew for a brief month from Form 1. HAHA. What is wrong with me -.-

ICT class, the teachers (yes I have TWO teachers teaching one subject) gave us this quiz about how much we know about ICT. One question was : What do you know about pornography? and I heard laughing from the back of the computer lab. LOL. Pervs. I had to stand up and answer what I know about virus. So I did. Hahaha. And then, the teacher asked someone to volunteer to take photos of everyone (individually) in the class, and because no one else wanted to, I volunteered. HAHA. Oh, what was I thinking. But the good news is that I can take my camera to school tomorrow and NOT get caught for having it. :D Can't wait! HAHA.

Last class was Chemistry. I found it very interesting, but I was dead sleepy; because the room was so bright and my chair was too tall. Wait, that doesn't really make any sense. HAHA.

Alright, got to go! :) Have some physics homework to do, and ICT to revise online.
At least, now I have an excuse to be on the computer. HAHA.
Can't believe that I'm studying? neither can I.

P.S. Saw Watermelon running his fingers through his hair in front of the mirror. Laughed so hard, because that's what he used to do all the time in tuition when he washes his hands. LOL

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