Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sometimes dreams do come true.

(4 more days! OMG OMG)

*When I look back on the posts I wrote, sometimes I can't help but wonder if a 5 year old me is writing it, instead of well, much older and supposedly more matured me. That's childish glee for you.*

Hey guys! :)

School was exciting today. One really exciting thing happened, but let me tell you the normal everyday things first :)

Last night; I was on the verge of falling asleep in quite a good mood (which means no nightmares) and I had this horrible dream that wasn't a dream; my brother opening the door *really loud*, saying something about earphones *really loud*, me mumbling "I DON'T CARE. MPHHH. Let me sleep." He talks more and I growled irritably at him until he left, and after he left, I was a little irked. I absolutely hate it when people disrupts my sleep and talk really loud when I'm sleepy. I also hate people waking me up early in the morning. I have more love for annoying shrill alarm clocks, then I do for "WAKE UP. It's blah blah blah in the morning and we have to blah blah."

HAHA, so please, don't wake me up in the morning, unless it's really important.

Anyway, school started with the most wonderful subject of all; English. Teacher checked our books to see if we've done our homework, and not surprisingly, only a handful of us did. She taught us how to do a summary and discussed the important facts in the text.

I was unusually tired during Maths. I felt so sleepy and somehow, I even managed to fall asleep after finishing the work the teacher asked us to do. I don't think I've ever tugged at my hair so much in frustration at not having a proper place to sleep. HAHA.

A teacher came to announce who appealed for class change, and got accepted. Everyone was quiet, just waiting to see who's leaving. 5 girls who applied for Pure Science stream classes, got accepted. 2 girls weren't, and they were pretty upset. 3 other people applied for Sports Science or Accounts got accepted as well for the class they applied for. All the ones who didn't appeal (and didn't have anything to do with the news, like me) cheered and clapped for those who got the class they wanted to be in. I was genuinely happy for them, and somehow it brightened my mood for the day :) Walked to the canteen with Daiyana.

Recess, I was far more tired and disoriented, and also smiling for no reason (lol). I lined up to buy mee goreng, waited for so long and suddenly realize that I wasn't even hungry. *lolbrain* Read a book for a while, but stopped because I couldn't focus. Then accompanied my friends to the tandas. Haha, I don't know about you, but I think I'm the only person who walks to the toilet, every day, every year and not enter it at all. My friends la, HAHA. Toilet-addicts. Oh, did I mention, the block I'm in has it's own very clean and nice toilets? :3 I like. But I don't use it. HAHA.

Walked back from the girls toilet with Mei Keng, because the others walked too slow, and I was too impatient to wait for them :P We took the shortcut, met Way Jie and I kicked him for not talking to me for almost 4 days -___-  What kind of friend are you la? HAHA. Mei Keng and I were joking around, and laughing when I met a certain someone, (I won't say who till I know for sure) told me that he's transferring to my class next Monday. Hah! Fancy that. Chatted with him, and asked him nosy questions like "Ohh, you want to take Science, is it?" "You know the timetable?" "You're really coming?" and etc. He was acting quite unlike himself, I don't know what's wrong with him but I've never seen him so serious and almost shy before. We're talking about Mr. Like-To-Talk-A-Lot-and-Never-Shy here. It pretty much freaked me out. HAHA. Yeah, so I can't say for sure if he's coming to my class or not, because he's acting too weird and might be joking :P Lol. But if he does come, it'd be fun :D And I'll probably force him to come to my tuition classes. HAHA.

8 students from other classes are coming to mine. 4 from Accounts stream and 4 from Pure Science. Mee En is! :D And hopefully more people I know.

History was surprisingly fun today. I don't know if it's the teacher or the fact that it's WORLD history that makes it fascinating. Had to write the answer on the board, and I had to hold in my laughter because I was unusually cheery (considering it's a History period). Aqmal forgot to remind the BM teacher about BM class, and we didn't have BM, because the teacher had the wrong table and came when History was just starting :P Most people were relieved, because no do homework. HAHA.

Look, here's my homework book :D

Most of the homework is Add Maths, BM or Physics O__o. 
Yeah, in two weeks,there's only been one page full of homework. HAHA. 
Sorry for the crappy handwriting, I was rushing most of the time to jot it down. 

Add Maths is pretty okay, so far. Not too hard (yet). I'm still trying to get used to it la :P HAHA.

I have Add Maths tuition later :( Dreading it because I have to go alone (Kiwi,why did you abandon me?)
But at least I know the teacher. LOL. He's my uncle. But I won't know anyone else, so sads :(

Well, till next time :D

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