Friday, January 11, 2013

The Charm In Maine.

(In case, you're wondering, yes, that was a pun)
Hey guys! :D

I haven't been blogging lately, because I've been so busy with school homework and activities. Science stream students have so much work and teachers expect too much from us :( In my class, almost half of us hardly ever finishes our homework on time. HAHA. Well you know how it is :)

I was supposed to go to Add Maths tuition (my UNCLE's tuition, note that) yesterday. But I was so tired, I just crashed on the sofa around 5.30 pm and I didn't wake up until 12 am. HAHA. I didn't have dinner :( After I woke up, I went upstairs right away, and fell asleep again, until 6 am this morning.

Something changed in me this year. I can't explain it, but now I feel something nagging at me to go to school every day (EVERY day-even when I don't have to, haha) If I decide that I'm too tired or anything, I start feeling guilty then I can't sleep -___- CONSCIENCE, y u so naggity? (I make up words, because it's funs)

So, during Nilam (where we reads books every Friday) and Maths period, there was this guy (a teacher? Maybe? Idk) talking about something, but I couldn't pay attention and read a book instead. In fact, A LOT of people sitting around me, were either reading or doing homework. (Oh no, the dreaded Add Maths and BM homework -_-)  HAHAHA.

Civic teacher didn't come, a guy teacher came and he was talking to us about losing loved ones and finding out our ambitions and who we really are. It was quite interesting and insightful, a bit sad though when he talked about losing his mother in an accident.

After recess, I was running around, hiding from Way Jie. I'm paying him to do something that will embarrass him. How sick is that?

What else? Ah yeah, Moral teacher (also my ex- class teacher) told us about all the essays and projects and group discussions, we have to have this year O__o. Blimey bananas, why us? :( WHHYYY. Paired up with Daiyana, Mee En and Man Shuen for the group discussion. Mee En kept saying funny things and Daiyana would tell us embarrassing facts about her, and although we couldn't stop laughing, we somehow managed to    answer the questions. Phew :) I threw Khanesh's textbook at him, for asking us for the answers and complaining when we didn't give him long, lengthy ones. BOYS -.- Who are we? Your homework maids?

I'm going to school tomorrow morning :) Not for co-curricular activities, but to clean the classroom. There's a part of me that regrets volunteering (Byebye, sleep :/) because I usually sleep until 12 pm on Saturdays, but teacher promised us food and most of my friends agreed to come, if I come, so I shall go.

I'm starting on the silver merits this year. Aiming for the Double Silver buffalo (and beyond), since I have 2 more years till I officially 'graduate' from Rangers :) I'm hoping some people (ehem, Aijean, ehem, Joanne, ehem, Esther, ehem everyone ehem) will kindly join me, in this project :) Hehe.

Silver merits looks like this. It looks fun and challenging, I can't wait to start! :D

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I'm having a charm bracelet addiction, all of a sudden. I'm thinking of starting a collection. My Christmas present from Aijean, kind of sparked up my love for charm bracelets. Mum shortened the charm bracelets I bought last year, but could never wear because it was too big, for me. I found a website to buy new charms to add on to the one Jeans' gave to me :)

This one I bought about a year or two ago, from Phoebe. 

They say every charm bracelet tells a story. If that's true, this charm bracelet probably has one too :) I'll tell you the reasons why I chose the charms, it's not a story, but it's something.

The clasp (the flowery heart thing, and stick) represents my love for floral skirts, wreaths and patterns.
The lock charm represents all the secrets I keep hidden in my heart that no one knows about.
The "Made for an angel" charm (has a portrayal of an angel behind) doesn't actually have a specific meaning to me, it just reminds me that although I'm a bat-ass crazy person who runs around chasing guys with broomsticks and who belongs in a mental hospital, I'm still capable of being good every now and then :)
The ballerina charm, represents the grace in my clumsiness, that makes me different from everyone else. (I skip when I'm happy, if you catch me doing it, don't laugh)
The boot charm, obviously represents my love for boots. It makes me feel ..good about myself somehow. I wear boots with everything. Dresses, skirts, jeans, uniforms, you name it, I wear it.
The Love charm, serves as a reminder to me, to love the people around me, no matter how annoying they are, even if I'm dying to throw a duster at them.

And yes, I'm probably going to buy more. HAHAHA. 

In case, you haven't noticed, on the right side of my blog, there's a section with links to blog shops that I can affirm is legit and not a scam, and also shops that sell a huge variety of things you might like :) And no, I'm not promoting, just recommending. It's all based in Malaysia, just so you know :P

Oh oh! The two pairs of boots I lost a year ago, have been found! :D They're really noisy when I walk, makes me look awkwardly like a giraffe, and makes me get curious stares from people because I look weird in them, but to quote David Supp, BOOTS ARE COOL. Salute. HAHAHA. And to think it was in the one place I never thought of searching. On top of the freaking bicycles -___-

The BICYCLE(S). Argghh. I think they're mountain bikes, because whenever I try to ride any of them, I fall off into a deep, painful sea of embarrassment. Neyways, enough ranting for now :)

Till next time :)

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