Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Little Things In Life.

Hey there! :)

Or am I? HAHA.

Went to school today :)

First subject was Chemistry. Did you know that I got told off in the lab for talking too much with Jihah yesterday ? LOL, omg, first time man. I actually found it pretty funny. Ah yeah, I like Chemistry :) We still talk a lot, but we do the work too, so it's alright.

Next class was Moral. Copied the notes down like crazy, didn't even bother to stop and listen to what Daiyana and Sin Yee were talking about. HAHA. Finished copying before everyone else and lent it to Mee En for her to copy :) Sin Yee came up with this idea to present our presentation (we're in different groups, but hey, we're friends mah,so we share ideas! :D) with slideshow (Powerpoint) instead of the regular mahjong paper like everyone else. We asked Pn Marini, and she said it was a good idea :D YAY. So we (Daiyana, Sin Yee and I) are meeting up on Friday after school to work on it together (gether) :D Yay for french fries hangouts. Invited Mee En and Man Shuen, but they made excuses excuses only.

Me: So can you come? Can you? Pleasseee.

Mee En:  Ermm, I don't know la. I have to sleep.

Me: Sleep? What for?

Daiyana: She has taekwondo class.

Me: Oh when?

Mee En: Saturday.

Me: SATURDAY? Why do you need to sleep ?

Mee En: Sleep all day and night then only can *POW BOOSHH KUSH BAM!* (makes hand motions) win mah.

Me: HAHAHA, what in the potatoes o_o.

See? Excuses :P LOL.

Then it was recess time! :D Didn't eat, I'm on a no-breakfast in school diet again.

Is it offensive if I say "Ching ching chong ping pong?" :O I'm so sorry, my dear Chinese friends. No offense meant.

English class: Teacher asked us to write a 350 word (yay) essay about " The Happiest Moment in My Life" None of us could think of anything. HAHA. Izzati and I thought it would be better if the topic was the SADDEST moment not the HAPPIEST. Sigh :( So I'm going to write about a future event that hasn't happened yet :P The teacher suggested it and she did say we could make up a story, so I'll make up a story that's going to come true :D Everyone wants to borrow my essay book when I haven't even written anything yet O_o.

BM, so much work my gosh :( Kept seat hopping from one place to another to talk to people so that's why no work was done. HAHA.

History was a breeze, it just came and went; pfft! like that.

Maths, the same mind boggling questions and a really spinning head. It was alright though :)

Haha, yeah so anyway, I'm off to finish a very complicated essay -__-

Till next time!

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