Friday, January 4, 2013

Third Day - Snap snap! :D

Hey there! :)

School was tiring today. First, we had to fill out which group we want to be in for co-curricular activities. I was sitting next to Aida, and we ended up choosing the same things. HAHA. I chose badminton, koperasi and Pandu Puteri initially. Then we had to walk around, getting the teacher of the club to sign a piece of paper. It was so crowded and crazy -___- Everyone was just walking around and lining up in lines so long, it got tiring having to wait -.- We waited so long in the Koperasi line, only for some idiotas to cut the line and get the final spots instead of us. Psshhh. So I dragged Aida to the English Society line instead :D and we got it, because really, in my school, not many people like English that much :(

Then we got split into our Rumah Sukan (Sports House? HAHA sounds like a deodorant to me, what.) I followed the wrong house by mistake. HAHA. So I just sat in the canteen with my friends, and slept while they picked the so-and-so of the house and talked about team spirit.

FINALLY, it was time for recess. I was so tired from all the walking around and noise, I had to have a quick snooze. After recess, the teacher gave out the textbooks. My classmate, who's in charge of writing down the names of the people in my class and I went to ask teacher for permission to take photos for ICT. The boys were out of the class at that time, so we took photos of the girls first. There wasn't any trouble at all, except for some girls saying "I look so fat!" and "Oh God, sangat hodoh la muka saya." And not to mention, there was a crowd of 17 girls around the one who's having her photo taken and me. But they didn't make any trouble at all, unlike what happened with the boys :P

So the boys came back, and I dragged some of them outside to take their photo. One guy started messing with his hair and told me "Make sure muka saya handsome." And I snorted at him. LOL. Another one, I had to keep saying "Head down. No. Yes. No, a bit to the side please? Yeah that's right. good!" Watermelon is in the class next to mine, he suddenly appeared and swoshed a prefect vest at me when I was taking photos of a prefect in my class and had ALMOST gotten a proper shot because he (the guy having his photo taken) kept laughing when I told him to smile (Do I not look strict when I'm being serious? O_o). I'm used to it, so in a few seconds I already karate chopped him (Watermelon), first three times on the shoulder, then he turned around and I chopped his butt. HAHAHA. The guys standing outside the class with me, starting laughing and saying "Fuyoohh!". I would have apologize if he hadn't swoshed the vest at me again :P Really.

All the guys were either asking me to make sure they look good (probably just to hear me say impatiently "Yes yes, you've very handsome la"), laughing when I've just snapped the photo (because of all the other guys who crowd around to make sure he looks good), except for the more shy ones who just smile and walk off when they're done instead of hovering around me :P

Some guys from the other classes , passed by and asked me to take a photo of them with the girls in my class. HAHA. I shoo-ed them off like I had to :P Lol.

The funniest one would be Aqmal, although he was the most frustrating one to take a photo of. It went like this:

Me: Ingat tau! Jangan senyum terlalu besar. (because some guys grinned so wide, I couldn't see their eyes. HAHA)
Aqmal: Eh, kan saya pro ambil gambar?
Me: Mana saya tau la -__-

His "trying not to laugh" face. HAHA. 

Me: Awak nak saya bagi gambar ni kepada cikgu ke? HAHAHA.
Aqmal: Ehh, psshh.pshh. (spluttering) buat satu lagi!

Then his friend started pulling his cheeks, combing his hair, checking his ears (for some reason), and adjusting his shirt.  I almost died laughing when I saw him doing that. One guy was almost rolling on the floor laughing. 

Saw his friend at the last minute, walking to his class and Aqmal got embarrassed. Whattt.
But he looks pretty derpy to me.

Me: Remember not to smile too much!
And he resorts to THIS. A freaking puppy face, OMG.

Finally got it, after I don't know how many distractions and weird looks. HAHAHA.

This is mine :D

My eyes..are crooked. HAHA. The funny thing is my specs are perfectly straight.
If you notice the "Teo Wern Lyn" name tag, it's been like that since Form 1, and yes, Charmaine IS part of my official name, I'm just tired of explaining to people how to pronounce it every year :P

Going to school tomorrow for curricular activities. Can't believe it? Me neither. But I made a promise to myself this year, to (at least) TRY to attend school more often and participate in the activities :) And I should do my best to hold myself to that promise.Oh and badminton is in the Dewan Sukan Andalas (idk the real name. HAHA), not in the school! :D 

I'm hoping that all these activities, plus studying, Rangers, tuition, and church will me lose the weight I'm gaining by eating so much chocolate? HAHA. Just kidding, I've always thought that I should get more involved in things. 

One thing I've learned is to follow my heart, not other people's decisions and choices. I'm glad I didn't go to STAR, although most of my primary school people are there. It's fun, meeting new people. And in a way, I learned how to get out of my comfort zone :) But still socially awkward la. Hahaha. 

Till next time! :D

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