Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Upper Secondary- First Day Of School.

Hey guys! :)

So how was school/work/potatoes for you today?

It was quite fun for me. Upper secondary, sounds really nice.

I couldn't sleep the whole night, just a few quick snoozes every now and then. Brain was too hyperactive. HAHAHA. Anyway, I went to school and sat down in assembly. My class was sitting nearest  to the classes, meaning we get to be the first to walk to our classes :) And I know about 8 or 9 people in my class. Sin Yee and Azlina were my classmates in Form 1 and now we're classmates again :D HAHA. Jihah; my old deskmate, Sharmila; a prefect I know (who isn't a prefect anymore), Aqmal (my tormentor, who's quite fun to tease), Megat; from my old class and a few other familiar faces that I'm not really close to but know somehow.

 Neways, my class teacher seems nice. She gave us the timetable and taught us a bit of Chemistry. Guess what? I didn't end up in Arts Stream as I planned. I landed somehow in the 3rd class and guess what? It's something like Mixed Science Stream. We have Malay, Geography, English, Maths, History, Chemistry, Physics, Civics, and ICT (Information Communication Technology). See that? NO BIOLOGY. HALLELUJAH! I do not like bio. HAHAHA. Too many facts to remember and my brain is just not programmed for it. ICT class was nice! It's in both Malay and English! :D We're learning programming, multimedia and etc. The only downside is that school finishes at 1.40 pm on Wednesdays because of ICT. But it's okay :)

What else? Oh yeah, Add Maths teacher came, and taught us a bit of Add Maths. Everyone has blank looks on their faces, LOL. English teacher came, and once again, I was jumping up and down in my seat. If there was one thing I missed the most about school, it's English classes. HAHA.

She asked us to do this ..exercise, where we say our name: My name is "Banana Maine" and state the words the letters of our name represents. So I came up with this:


And yes, I was inspired by the Rangers code. HAHAHA.

So it's necessary to say that I'm pleased with my class this year. :)

No more bullies, no more teasing, just peace and quiet. Which is great, but maybe a bit boring? HAHA.

Way Jie overslept and didn't come to school today. Shocker. Crazy guy loves his sleep too much -___-

Aqmal suggested my name when the teacher asked "Who do you think is capable of being the Ketua Keceriaan?" I glared at him and refused the position. But then the teacher named me as the Ketua Kebersihan. Whaaattt. Oh well. HAHA. All I did today was walk around during recess, saying hi and chatting with classmates and ex-classmates :D

Anyway, I'm planning to stick to my New Year's resolutions, one of which is DO NOT OVERSLEEP AND FORGET ABOUT SCHOOL. Let's see how I do that, shall we? ;)

Going to eat lunch now, byebye! :D

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