Saturday, February 23, 2013

A New Beginning.

Hey guys :)


Yeap, still a HP fan. HAHA. 

So I was wondering, when you get a new phone, do you constantly use it and obsess over it or do you just charge it, download some apps, turn it off and leave it alone for the rest of the day? Ian just called me weird because I barely touched my phone since I got it. HAHA. I just downloaded a few apps, chat with a few people, downloaded music and pictures and turned it off in about 2 hours. But come on, I don't think there's anything wrong with not being addicted to my phone. Right? RIGHT? :O If you know of any interesting apps, please tell me about it :D

I have to admit I'm not really umm..addicted to social networks, lol. I get so frustrated using Facebook sometimes, because of all the nonsense people post. I don't want to hear people whining 24/7 about their pathetic (sorry, but you said so yourself) lives. Please, NO MORE. NO. It sucks all the happiness out of me like a Dementor. Happy thoughts please. Happy thoughts, not sad, gloomy thoughts. Do you know that your mood can affect others? HAHA. Which is mostly the reason why I wanted to deactivate my FB account. Speaking of which, I won't be deactivating my account, since it's the only way some people can contact me, but I will be cutting down on Facebook time. If you have something important to tell me, tell me in person or sms me :) I'll be going on Facebook once a week or so, starting from March.

Oh, I made an Instagram account. Why? I have no clue. I doubt I'll be posting any photos, I'll probably spend most of my time looking at other people's photos. HAHA. Unless I have something post-worthy XD I'm a complete amateur when it comes to social networks -_- On another note, I'll be upgrading my blog soon :) So there's going to be some minor changes. I hate to admit it but my blog is really messy and disorganized at the moment, so I'm going to have to change it up a bit. Did you notice the new background? :P Haha. You know the saying "New year, new beginnings" ? Well, I'm starting over again :)

I think the worse thing about technology is that, everyone's so obsessed with the virtual world, they forget to live their lives in the real world. And that's pretty sad. I used to have a friend who NEVER (said never) put her phone away even for a minute. She constantly sms-ed people, made phone calls and it made me so frustrated, I wanted to take her phone and toss it in the trash can. HAHA. You might have a friend like that. I'm tired of people who act like they can't live without a phone, iPad and tech gadgets. REALLY. Please stop overdoing things. When I go out with my friends, I want to talk to them and you know, have some basic human interaction (like what people used to do before the wonderful technology era appeared) ? Not watch them check their Facebook newsfeed or play a game on their phones. But you know what's the worse thing? I see it happen, ALL THE TIME. And it riles me up.

I'm actually thankful that my school doesn't allow handphones. Although it causes some problems when I happen to go home earlier than I'm supposed to, and I have no means of contacting my parents to let them know. Public payphones? ALL vandalized! Which brings me to another matter, why do some juveniles vandalize payphones? Have you ever thought that some people need to USE IT? It's not for you to ruin the phone cord, scribbling vulgar words all over it and smash into the keypad! Back to the point, BUT WAIT. Students probably won't learn anything if we used phones during class either. HAHA. Oh, you can promise you won't, but you will be tempted to, and you know it.

 Don't get so overwhelmed by what's happening in other people's lives, you forget to live your own. And there's really no need to publicize everything you do or say (I'm a hypocrite because I blog about my life, my excuse is that I have a terrible memory, and I can barely recall what I do the previous day :P) That's like taking a microphone and yelling "Citizens of this wonderful country! I ate KFC chicken last night." and expect people to applaud you for that amazing achievement. I'm not saying you shouldn't post any statuses at all or be a..Facebook ninja (you're there, but you ain't visible). But just post something interesting at least, not everyday things that you do. I'm really not interested in hearing about your constipation or relationship problems.

I'm not saying technology is a bad thing. I appreciate it when I have to ask people important questions or hear about the latest events. Important things. But don't let it take over your lives to the point you forget the purpose of living. You've seen science fiction movies where the computers, phone, tablets, all come to life and take over the world right? That's exactly what I think is happening now. Only they aren't really coming alive, just brainwashing us into becoming living zombies who can't (or more likely WON'T) live without phones, computers, whatever else. HAHA.

I'm sorry for the rant, but I needed to get this off my chest. HAHA.

And no, I'm not referring to anyone in particular. Just stating the facts. (Really, I'm being honest  -__-) and it's PEOPLE in general, not necessarily you :P

Till next time.

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