Monday, February 25, 2013

Chocolate Muffins and Sugary Donuts :3

Hey guys :)

(Em yum yum)

Have you heard the songs from Hillsong United's latest album (by latest, I mean 2012), Cornerstone? :3 They're fantastic, baby. HAHA. Christian songs btw.

I'm writing a speech on friendship at the moment for my public speaking tomorrow. One does not simply prepare a speech a week beforehand. HAHA. On second thought, can I write about the fun in blogging? :P I wish I hadn't agreed to representing my class for public speaking. It's not that I have a problem with my confidence or anything, it's more towards the fact I'm a private person, and I hardly ever share my thoughts with people I don't know. Unless I have to, and I have to. -__-

School was alright today. There was something called "Language (umm..)Carnival" going on. I really had no idea what was going on at all, I just watched the performances, ohhh-ed and ahh-ed, but I didn't really get what was going on, lol. Didn't get to have PJK. Ah well. English was alright, I spent most of my time, talking and keeping quiet. HAHA. Teacher wasn't teaching, so it's acceptable.

Recess was nice :) Donuts <3 I was trying to read a book, but my brain refused to register the words -_- My brain hates me sometimes. With a passion.

Didn't do much during Sivik class. It was mostly just talking and watching people finish their Add Maths homework (although I didn't do it myself). I was encouraging Izzati to create a blog. The topic came out when Sin Yee told me she read my blog. She found it through Mee En or Daiyana, she wouldn't tell me who it was :( Izzati and Jihah likes to call her Yee, but it kinda freaks me out because it reminds me of the OTHER Yee. HAHA. I really wish more people blog. I know some of you think "Ain't nobody got time fo dat." but I highly recommend it. It's not just fun to blog, it's also extremely beneficial because:

  • You get to improve your grammar and spelling. Trust me, I know. If you looked at my posts from my old blog, you'd never believe that was me. I know because I don't believe it either. DON'T go there. Please, you'll get a seizure from reading all that nonsense and I use it as a..umm..random junker. 
  •  You have a chance to rant about things you dislike (i.e. the previous post is an example) and no one can tell you not to, because it ain't THEIR blog. 
  • You have the opportunity to create really awesome designs, and it helps you think more creatively.
  • You can post photos, which is something you can't do in essays.
  • You have a chance to express yourself without people judging you, no one's going to care if your spelling is dope or if you talk about your life, because after all, that's exactly what blogs are for. 
Also remember: 
  • DON'T say things that can cause heated debates. I've done that before, and trust me, people will hate you for it. Try to keep your blog more towards fun, lighthearted events and topics. And NEVER EVER say things like "Harry Potter sucks." Because if you do, I'll hunt you down and beat you up with a broomstick. RUMBLEROAR.
  • Don't talk in confusing, misguided sentences like I do. Honestly, I believe I've given everyone a headache, trying to figure out what's flying out of my mouth. HAHA. And once you start, you can never go back to normal, understandable sentences.
  •  DON'T listen to songs and write a post, if you're anything like me. More than often not, I find myself writing out song lyrics instead of what I intended to write, or I completely forget what I was supposed to write because I was too enchanted by the song I was listening to.
Yeah, that's about it :) You should know that I'm not entirely serious about what I write (except for the Harry Potter part, I WILL find you and avada kedavra you). It's mostly in jest, so don't be hurt by my non-offensive words. (there you go again, Maine) 

MAKE a blog, if you want to, and let me know the link :D I'm always on the lookout for new things to read. 

You should know that once I start a post, I won't stop, till everything on my mind is out of my head. :P

Moral was well, not bad :D The exercise was relatively easy to do. I finished it and fell asleep on the table, till Daiyana woke me up. Then we were just chatting about church and stuff, laughing and doing what teachers call "bersembang". What's the definition of bersembang? Chatting, laughing, and basically not paying attention to the teacher because you're too busy talking to your friends. HAHA. 

School isn't really boring, unless you have nothing to do but schoolwork. HAHA.

Add Maths was first. Until I finally figured out what the teacher was talking about. That's what happens when I don't go to school when there's Add Maths class on. Izzati and I, took the opportunity to chit-chat, when we finished the work early. We were talking about our primary school teachers, old school and tuition friends. You can never run of things to say, when you can think of all sorts of things to talk about. We talked until we reached the gate, and went our separate ways.



Was supposed to usher, but I woke up late and rushed like crazy to get ready. HAHA. I arrived around 10.30 am, put on the usher tag and took the offering bag and waited for praise and worship to end with Joy. Collected the offering, and had some trouble putting it in the big black bag, because the money wouldn't come out, I think I might have crumpled some notes in the process. HAHA. Waited for Jeans, and the three of us went to sit upstairs. Esther had a family lunch so she couldn't come :( Cheryl and Megan weren't around either.

We went upstairs, sat down and listened to the sermon. I read the newsletter, let Jeans and Joy see my phone and listened to the pastor preach. Joy accidentally called someone, and I didn't know until I checked my phone and saw that someone was on the line. Major freaking out after that, thank God the phone was on silent mode. Cornelius, Andrew and one of their friends came halfway through service and sat next to us. Phew, the smell of cologne when Cornelius was near. HAHA, it was overwhelming and kinda reminded me of nutmegs. Andrew has a new phone, some random person left it on his car, with a really touching letter. It was a Samsung Galaxy SII I think. Nice :D 

Joy had to go to her hometown, so she left after service. Went to eat lunch with Jeans and Joanna. JOANNA not JOANNE. They're different people. The difference is Joanne is Joy, and Joanna is Jojo. HAHA. I drank two cups of Chinese tea, and inhaled my plate of Char Kuey Teow. Not really inhale, just ate it really fast. HAHA. Went across the street to buy lekor :3 Yummy. Service ended early, so we had a lot of extra time to go to Rangers.

I wonder if I should go for NTC (National Training Camp, kinda like Junior Training Camp but for leaders) this year, if it's on. HAHA, we shall see :D

Expedition Rangers used the Dutch oven to bake a cake. The Dutch oven looks like this:

You have to build your own fire, clean the oven after using it and well, it's tiring but fun. HAHA. Can you believe we had to cook all our meals in JTC with this? Appreciate your stove at home, people.

The chocolate cake looked something like this.

From what I saw in Daniel's video, at any rate. HAHA. I wasn't there, so I couldn't take a photo of it.

Had parade and patrol discussion.

Me: So, is the banner almost done yet? (note: competition is next week. HAHA)

Stephanie: No, commander. Haven't even start yet.

Me: *faints*

But they're really energetic about doing it, so I hope they'd find time to finish it.

Yeah, so while the Expedition Rangers were baking and sweating, the 13-14 year old pre-teens stayed in the second hall (with air-cond! Not fair) and I went with Wei Loong to the field to play American football with the 12-year-old boys and girls. Natalie had a problem deciding between jeans and shorts, so we waited a while for her to get ready. There was a pretty funny conversation between Wei Loong and one of the boys about "tackling girls". HAHA. I forgot how it went but I sounded something like this:

Boy: Hey commander, why boys cannot tackle girls? (In rugby/, don't get any weird ideas)

Wei Loong: Why so hamsap, want to touch girls all?

HAHAHA, okay, it was pretty mean, but you should have heard the way he said it XD

I took photos, because Wei Loong wanted to have evidence, that we were playing instead of dancing around, playing pepsi cola (the girls did, before their turn) I forgot he only wanted a few, so I absentmindedly took up to 100+ photos. HAHAHA. I saw Auntie Lily walking home and waved at her. The boys were more interested in playing than the girls were, but that's typical since boys are usually more into sports.

Went back to the hall, Shermen and I have the same phone, so he used NFC to transfer some music to his from mine :D LOL. His phone is white, mine is red, but it's the same model. Funny la that fella. Andrew (Ip, not Robert) kept using this weird gay-ish voice and making me and Dad laugh.

Ah yeah, I have to get ready for tuition and memorize a script, so till next time :D

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