Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ice Cream Days.

(I scream days, get it? get it? :D)
Hey guys! :)

Friday: Went to school half asleep, and almost (!) went to sit down in the wrong class line. Then I remembered that I'm not in Form 3 anymore. HAHA. Classes went on like usual. Saw Way Jie after ICT, and kicked his butt because he was standing outside his class and he didn't see me coming. HAHA. Okay la, I'm a horrible person. Recess time, I walked to the canteen with Mee En (arms stacked with Physics books, lol, used to it.) and asked her to help me buy a doughnut because my hands were full. The canteen lady said "Eh, satu donut saja lagi?" when Mee En told her what she wanted and then she looked at me and said "Mesti dia punya la." I was laughing so hard because she says that every time I buy a doughnut from her stall. LOL. One-Doughnut-Girl. I'm not on a diet, I just can't make myself eat more than one doughnut in school. No appetite. HAHA.

Physics class was okay la, but I felt squeamish the whole time, couldn't sit still. After Physics class, I grabbed Jihah and Azlina, made them follow me to the toilet, ran into our BM teacher (next class is BM, didn't want her to think we ponteng.) and hurriedly told her I had to go to the toilet, and ran there like crazy. Let's just say I sat on some dirt, and my uniform had some dirt on it, tried to wash it off but it didn't work -___- Borrowed a pin from Lina and pinned up the back of my skirt. It looked weird, front was long, back was short. I actually found it pretty funny. We walked back to class. Jihah and Lina kept looking at the pinned up part and giving me that "I'm going to laugh" smile. By the time we got back to class, I was smiling so much, it hurt. Didn't do much after that, Izzati and I were talking about some things so I don't remember much of what happened O__o.

After school, went back home, took a bath and went to McDonalds. Ate my lunch with Dad while waiting for the others to come. Dad left when Daiyana came. We weren't doing much. I was checking on the Wattpad updates, and she was on Facebook. LOL. This generation is way too tech savvy. Sin Yee came and we chatted about school stuff for a while. I stopped talking for a while, to search for backgrounds for the Powerpoint and to make the Powerpoint presentation. Well, you know how I am when I'm being hardworking :P Or maybe you don't, since I'm hardly ever hardworking unless it comes to things like reading and making Powerpoint presentations because I'm doing things I love to do :) I usually shut my mind off to the outside world, and focus on nothing but what I'm working on. So I'm sorry if I was ignoring you, but I don't notice anything when I'm focused on something O_o.

Daiyana ordered some twisty fries later, so I ate some of that. Ate a chocolate sundae too! :D Yumyum for ice cream. Daiyana left first, her little brother is so cute :O Hehe. Sin Yee's grandfather came, but he wanted to eat something, so she stayed and chatted with me until 5.20 pm. Dad was coming back from somewhere, so I read a book and listened to music, till he came to fetch me. Saw a neighbor and said hi :) We went to buy seaweed after that, yummy bag of goodness.

Went to Something (I forgot the name) Kopitiam for dinner with Dad and Ian. Mum wasn't feeling well (ehemmmm) and Ryan was busy. Talked about Rangers and stuff lo :) Mostly about how we commanders always lecture the kids by saying " In MY day ah..." or "In my time ah...we had to..." HAHA. Cmdr Stephen and I are one of the worse, although I'm one of the youngest commanders, but really in my time, NO ONE ever took out their phones and used it during parade and games. Really. Commander would probably toss it into the drain. HAHA. No la, we just had respect for the commanders and we enjoyed the games.

Saturday: Woke up at 11 am, had lunch, passed out on the couch while watching Law and Order. Woke up at 6 pm :P I have my reasons for sleeping so much. Really. Had some snacks, ate dinner (yummy food yum yum) and watched TV till 1 am. Then I took a shower and went to bed. And slept again. HAHA. Sleep lover :3

Oh yeah, I'm sorry I'm not going to church today, but I have my reasons. Lol. And I'm counselling a friend who's being depressed O_o. so yeah. You guys have fun! :)

I should learn a new song on the piano. I'm been slacking ever since I got back from Holland -___-

Well till next time :)

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