Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

Hey there! :)

So school was fun today, although I wasn't in the mood to go this morning. The public speaking thing scared me to death, I didn't even want to get out of bed :( And I love my sleep. HAHA. But I'm glad I went, or I would have missed out on a lot of fun happenings :D

Physics teacher didn't come today, so we went back to class and did our own work. Spent most of my time talking to Najihah, Izzati and Azlina while wrapping up my table. The amount of tape I wasted. HAHA, sorry, Sin Yee :P Didn't mean to use so much.

After that was Chemistry class. Since our Chem teacher is our class teacher, she made us clean the class before starting the lesson. I was assigned to pick rubbish from desks, it was pretty gross >.< You'd understand if you saw some of the junk they threw in their desks. JUST WALK TO THE DUSTBIN LA. Is it really so hard? -__- One guy pulled out some paper from his desk, Izzati and I were like "Okay, next desk." then he said "Wait wait." He bent down and pulled out some ice cream wrapper, plastic with chili sauce in it, and other things I don't even want to mention. HAHA. We had to take out the dustbin bag, and walk to the dumpsite to throw it away. Izzati had to throw out the dirty water from the pail as well. We got the worst day for cleaning up the class -__- But at least we get to leave the classroom :D Not considered ponteng, since we had permission.

Teacher taught about moles (not the face kind) and gave an exercise. Finished the exercise and starting talking again. HAHA. Okay, yes I guess I do need to sew my mouth shut. Recess time, I was so hungry, I ate 2 donuts..for the first time this year. HAHA. Forgot to bring my book for BM >.< Spent most of my time, trying to memorize my speech and talking to Izzati about freaking out. HAHA. YES I know I talk too much :P

We went to the computer lab after that. Talked to Man Shuen about Add Maths and Maths, since she's pretty good at both, HAHA. Some people were asking us (me and Izzati [or Sophia, if she prefers it]) why we were taking all our books and bags with us. I told them with a straight face "We're going to jump over the gate and longkang and walk to McDonalds." HAHA. I was kidding la. ICT class was quite fun, we have three teachers now :O Teachers wanted us to edit our presentation and save a hard/soft copy on our pendrives. Funny thing was we sat at the wrong place! Meaning? Both computers weren't working, one won't turn on and the other won't open files. HAHA. So we had to keep trying and trying to open the files on the computer that could turn on, and it worked, thank God. Couldn't stop laughing every time we accidentally click the wrong thing and when we couldn't edit the words. It was so funny, I laughed till I cried. When the teacher explained it to us saying "No, you kena buat macam ni." I laughed even harder because it was so obvious but we didn't see it. We're not amateurs at computers, it's just that the version we were using differs from the one we use at home.

I silently cut the line when we were walking out of the lab, because I was too impatient to wait for other people to walk out. HAHA, sorry lo. Iz and I started walking to the library and heard someone yell "Oi! Ponteng ke?" HAHA, turned behind and saw the culprit smiling at us, and waved goodbye to her. We went to the library, waiting outside and re-read our speeches and practiced. Talked to some girls from ST/1 about the speeches we chose and English teachers we had. Turns out most of us were randomly chose, not volunteers. HAHA. I was freaking out a lot, did I mention how much I hate speaking to strangers? :P

The Form 5 students went first, so we just talked and read our speeches. The teacher came out of the room at 1 pm, and asked us if we would mind our speeches being postphoned to Friday. You should have heard the yelling and cheering after she said that. HAHA. We picked up our bags, and did not go back to class, lol. We went for a SLAD meeting in the counselling room. SLAD has something to do with "Drugs Awareness", I forgot what the initials stand for :P

We didn't do much, just registered our names and talked a lot (as usual) LOL. The room is really wonderful, kind of like a mini house. I wouldn't mind being sent there for counselling :D We went back at 1.30 pm, wanted to see Izzati's cat, but my dad came early :(

Ah well.

That's all for now :D

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