Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Of Laughter, Smiles and Unshed Tears.

Hey guys! :)

School was a little quiet (But I wasn't) today. Because Daiyana and Mee En didn't come :P One was sick, the other had important things to attend to. Physics teacher didn't come, so we ended up waiting outside the lab for a few minutes for no reason :( But YAY, no studies. HAHA. Yes, lazy Maine is back. We walked back to the class, stayed in class without teacher's supervision. I did my Add Maths homework and chatted with Sin Yee, Najihah and Izzati. Chemistry teacher came by, told us "You're supposed to be in the lab by now!" and made us line up. Shawn's class came by, and I saw him smack one guy's butt. He saw me and smiled. I glanced back at him and mouthed "You stink." Because he did. LOL. His class just came back from PE (PJK), all sweaty and smelly. Our Chem teacher told them to go mandi (take a shower) when they go home. Omg, hilarious.

I didn't notice Way Jie when I was walking down the stairs till Jihah suddenly yelled "SPONGEBOB SQUARE...". Quickly turned my head and yell "Spongebob ah!" He told me to shut up -____- Psshhh, fine. Sniff sniff. Sat with Jihah during Chemistry as usual. We didn't get told off for talking this time :3 Yay, awesome achievement for talkative people. I tried to be serious this time, and taught Jihah a bit about the shells and arrangement of the atoms, because she couldn't (ehem) understand (ehem) it very well.

Oh yeah, I found out someone's organizing a class reunion for my Form 3 class :D YAY. Jihah and I hate to admit it but we really miss our old class sometimes. Despite those annoying idiots, whom we still love.

After recess, we went back to class. BM teacher didn't come :O Jihah and I told Izzati about all the crazy things that happened in class last year. People taking off our shoes, pulling our hair/tudung(headscarf), eating in class and etc. We sat at the back, laughing and reminiscing about those great times :) Shawn passed by my class and tried (again) to pull my hair. When I glared at him, he yelled "I'll stop if you kiss me!" and made a face at me. I could puke at the thought of kissing him. LOL. No one likes to kiss their guy friend, right? Especially one you've known for years.

ICT class: We got split into half. 20 students in one computer lab, and 20 students in the other. I sat with Nabilah, Izzati and Azlina. Daiyana, Mee En, Man Shuen and some others are in the same lab with me as well. Sin Yee, Fadhillah, Aqmal, Jihah and the others are on THE OTHER SIDE. :( Nooo.

Class was alright though. I got a little freaked out when the teacher mentioned the assignments and all..seems a tad too difficult :S Walked back to class with Izzati.. We talked a lot about the changes and stuff. Lol. Add Maths teacher gave us some exercises to finish in class and told us to pass up our books today. Rushed like crazy to finish it because I really wanted to go home and eat something :P Yum yum food.

Izzati told me a creepy ghost story when we were walking to the gate. Something we have in common is we both love reading books..but she likes horror stories more, because she doesn't get as freaked out as I do about the stories. I shudder to think of creepy ghosts and blood. I met Pavitra. She told me about the reunion, and said she really missed our Form 3 class. She looked like she's been crying O___o. I'm apparently not the only one who misses last year. HAHA. We chatted a bit, till I thought it was time for me to go, and said goodbye and told her to keep me updated.

Saw Seh Qi and Mei Keng walking back, traded some Kit Kat nuggets with them for lekor :3 Thanks girl! :D

I came home, and here I am :)

Till next time!

P.S. Going to miss you when you leave :(

And on a side note; I will be going on a Facebook diet for a few days (I'm trying) so if there's any important thing to tell me, just umm..write me a letter? Or tell me in person? Or sms :) That will be after CNY or so, since some people have no way of contacting me during weekdays.

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