Thursday, February 21, 2013

Smile Because It Happened :)

Hey there! :)

Wattpad just released a new section called Chick Lit (Literature). There's so pretty nice stories there. HAHA. Warning: Do not read if you're not a fan of chick lit stories. Don't say I didn't warn you XD

I didn't feel like going to school today..but I didn't feel like skipping either. HAHA. So I went. I was awfully disoriented this morning, didn't get to eat either because I forgot to pack some books. English was the first period, teacher suddenly announced an essay writing competition. She said 'You have one hour to write one and a half pages.' I looked at Iz and Jihah and said 'Wait, we have to write the essay NOW?' They nodded their heads, and we started groaning "Teacher, why NOW? Not tomorrow or next week?" Complain je. Hehe. I wasn't in the mood to write an essay, I wanted to talk nonsense with my friends. But I really wanted to submit the essay, so I had to forsake my friends :( Iz and Jihah chattering away, while I scribbled notes in a book and wrote the essay as fast as I could. They glanced over once or twice and commented 'Wah, tiba tiba Maine jadi rajin dah.' HAHAHA. Got distracted a few times by Daiyana, Mee En and Fad, lol. I get really agitated when I'm writing under high pressure, so I almost flipped the table in frustration a few times. HAHA. I finished the essay, let out a sigh of relief, and plonk my head on the table. 4-5 people passed up their essay books, including me. The others were mostly too busy talking (lucky souls) and probably too lazy to do it anyway (just like me 70 % of the time). HAHA. Not expecting to win the competition, just want to see how the teacher marks my essay. lol.

Iz and I ran out to ask teacher something after she left the classroom. Oh, the public speaking thing is in the library in front of a selected few :D Thank God it's not in front of the whole school. Yee passed by and made a snipping motion at his hair with his fingers behind the teacher. I started laughing, saw Teacher looking at me weirdly and put on a somber (not sober! LOL) expression.

Maths period, we were trying not to get caught talking while writing down the examples on the board. The moment the teacher looked our way, we put on innocent expressions and pretended to explain things to each other.  Don't tell me you've never done that before XD

Recess was alright, ate a donut and drank 100 plus (yes in the morning) because I felt really sleepy. Yi Wen dragged me around to find a guy who attends her tuition to return his book. I kept begging her to let me go (she was clutching my arm tightly) because I didn't want to risk running into Shawn and getting teased. HAHA. But that girl is as stubborn as a mule. So when she finally found the guy, I ran like lightning and sat down next to Nabilah and Fadhillah. HAHA, awful person I am, but you know me. She stomped over and yelled "Maine Teo! somethingsomethingsomething." I couldn't help grinning at her, but I did apologize. Hehe. Walking up the stairs, someone said "Maine, walk faster la, jangan jalan macam old lady." So I purposely slowed down and walked like an old lady. Then the crazy girl went and whack my butt with her mahjong paper and made me yelp. HAHA. My gosh, what kind of friends do I have? o_o. Had to wait for the door to be unlocked, so I talked to my friends. Suddenly got poked in my side and I screamed "EIKKS." when my BM teacher was standing right behind me. HAHAHA. Yi Wen's payback for ditching her. Was this "Pick on Maine" day or what? omg.

BM was fun, teacher was really interactive, and there was no homework! :D A lot of talking as usual though. HAHA. I think I'm in desperate need of cellophane tape. I think it's so much easier to let my thoughts out in this blog, than to write it down on paper. HAHA, that was random, lol.

Friend: Hey, have you done your homework?

Me: What homework? Did you just say HOMEWORK?

That's me, everything someone asked me that question. HAHAHA.

Anyway, History (Sejarah) presentation was today. I was trying not to laugh because Alif said something funny and Mee En kept making funny faces at the back of the classroom, so I stumbled a little bit, haha. We got 8/10 for our marks! :D Yay. We had 4 pieces of Mahjong paper, which was a lot compared to the other groups :S But oh well. You want big handwriting, you get big handwriting..and more paper. HAHA.

That's all for today :) Till next time.

P.S. LOL, just remembered tapping Mee En's shoulder/back with the mahjong paper and she didn't realize at all until she caught me laughing. HAHAHA. Horrible friend I am.

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