Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Amazing Things About Comradeship.

Hey there! :)

Haven't been blogging for a while, and yeah, I'm not even sorry XD.

Alright, so I'll start with last Sunday. It was enjoyable la (lah for Malaysia!) , like every other Sunday :D We'll be playing American Football next Sunday, omg. I've never played it before, but I heard it's a pretty rough game. Expedition Rangers are doing their Dutch oven cooking on the same day too! I'm definitely going to steal some of their food! :D Dutch oven food is the best, and it's even better when you cook it by yourself :3 I went with Aijean to drink Chinese tea and chat, when we were done, she left. I actually wanted to go home and rest before school starts tomorrow, but then Dad was talking to Daniel and Matthew about something, so I slept with my eyes open and listened to their conversation. It started raining when we were on the way home. Could barely see the road -___- I don't know how I'm going to drive around next year, if the weather's gonna be as bad as that :(

Ohh, I snipped off my fringe, last Saturday :( RIP beloved hair, I miss you blinding me 24/7.

Yes it was THAT long. I didn't cut it for 2 to 3 months. You can only see half of one eye, lol. I miss it though. Short fringe makes me feel childish and ridiculously self-conscious.


I went to school on Monday. Everything seemed perfectly normal but I had a weird feeling, like something was out of place. Then I realized, there were no Chinese girls around -__- AT ALL. Okay, I lied. Maybe a few? LOL. But I saw maybe less than twenty Chinese people in school that day. Someone told me that they had midnight prayers on Sunday; well that explains the firecrackers  and why I couldn't sleep last night. HAHA. Puan Marini said "Wah, tiba-tiba awak rajin datang ke sekolah. Semua kawan awak tak datang kut." (Wow, you're suddenly so hardworking. All your friends didn't come today also.) I found it pretty funny, the way she said it.

I didn't go to school on Tuesday. I hear the "You serious, bro?" coming from everywhere now.Yes, I'm serious. I did intend to go, but my alarm clock had a different idea. Jihah and I were joking about it in the Chem lab today. Teacher came and asked me "Kenapa awak tak datang ke sekolah semalam?" (Why didn't you come to school yesterday, for you English speakers :D) I looked down at the table, ashamed (yes, really, okay no, I was trying not to laugh) and said quietly "Cikgu, I uhh..overslept." Teacher said something, but I forgot what it was, it was pretty sarcastic and funny though. HAHA. Jihah suddenly said " Eh, esok you write a letter ah, my reason for not coming to school: I woke up at 4 am, aiyah, too early, and went back to sleep. I woke up at 9 am, and thought, aiyah! too late! and went back to sleep." HAHAHA. I laughed so hard after that, I couldn't breathe. What would happen if I did write a letter like that, I can't imagine xD Instant suspension, I'd bet.

Went to Physics tuition and saw Joanne sitting at the back. Wanted to go earlier but my aunt came really late. We did the work, like good girls and secretly wrote to each other in a book. LOL. Rebels. Sent her home after that, and asked my dad to buy fried chicken :D Yumnomyumnom.

Well, on to today :) I went to school and people asked me "Hey, why you didn't come to school yesterday?" Smiled sheepishly and said "Overslept." It's funny how last year, when I DID go to school, people will ask me "Hey, why did you come to school today?" LOL. What friends I have.

School was fun today :) I've already mentioned what happened in Chemistry. Moral was agonizing, Daiyana attacking me and Mee En every time we tried to burst into laughter. During English class, teacher gave us a 15-questions exercise to do. She then proceeded to ask us for two representatives to represent our class for some public speaking event, My eyes bulging out of my head, I slid down my seat as quickly as possible and tried to cover my face. No luck there. Some wonderful FRIENDS of mine, and classmates decided that it was a good time to yell out my name so they don't have to do it -__- Well, Iz got chosen too, by teacher. I think this is a punishment for talking too much in class. HAHA. The good news? No need to do oral speaking in class and we can get certificates for our participation. Bad news? We just might have to present in front of well, I don't know, the whole school, maybe. Sigh :( 

I passed a note to Man Shuen for her phone number, I got a note back from Mee En that said "Hey Banana, can I whack your butt?" HAHA. Okay, she is NOT perverted. It's related to a butt-touching topic we used to discuss. LOL. It was pretty hilarious, and I think I mentioned it in one of the previous blog posts. I passed a note to Fad, Nab and Laily too. Jihah and Azlina were sitting right in front of me, so no need. HAHA. And yes, I was paying attention to teacher at the same time.

Oh yeah, did you guys hear about Chester See, David Choi and Jason Chen coming to Malaysia this March? :D I'll be going with my friends. Hehe. Quite disappointing though, to get to meet and greet them, they're having some kind of competition (?) according to Jinn. Sigh.

Oh, I got my new phone today! :D Xperia Sola. 

I thank God that this phone is actually small enough to fit in one hand. A bit bigger than my hand though. I hate having midget hands :'( So far, so good :) I suppose I'll write a review about it, when I test it out later. HAHA. Since when did you become an expert on phones? You say sarcastically. Since I had to read a thousand reviews on phones on all brands and types to compare them and see which I like :P

Anyway, fingers crossed, twisted, bent and broken. Hopefully this phone doesn't commit suicide like all my others. It better NOT. HAHAHA. 

Till next time :)

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