Friday, February 8, 2013

The Roar in the Deafening Silence.

Hey there :)

Tried blending photos before? I think it turned out pretty well. 

So school was alright yesterday, although I kept having weird feelings; like something bad is about to happen (but thank goodness it didn't). It was quite upsetting. Izzati didn't come, so Jihah sat with me. Did I mention she has no table and chair of her own? HAHA. They reorganized the classroom and hers became the "Homework Assignment table" where we pass up our books. I joked about her having to sit on the floor when Izzati comes back to school. Eikks, and we (Iz, Jihah and I) all want Xperia phones :D HAHA. Jihah has an iPhone 5 but she says she prefers the Xperia Arc O__o.

It was a relatively quiet day, I didn't do anything crazy but I did talk a lot as usual. I think I need to tape my mouth and tie my hands to my chair so I won't utter a single word :P HAHA. And I was sitting with Jihah. JIHAH. Who talks as much as I do. How can you put us together and expect us to be quiet when we've been noisy for 2 years? :O Okay, I hope none of my teachers read this. HAHA. 

Some people might say "What can you possibly talk about every day? You must run out of topics to talk about someday." But that's the problem, there's always new things to talk about and new things happening. Life changes everyday, doesn't it?

Do you ever remember how you became friends with someone? I mean, one day you're being all polite to each other, talking about your interests and being awkward with each other; and the next day, you're chattering excitedly about your new dog, laughing so hard till your sides ache, randomly hugging each other and it's like you've known each other forever. 

I remember asking my friend the other day in class; "Hey, do you remember how we became friends?" She laughed and smacked me with her pencil box. "Of course silly, we became friends when we ended up in the same class." I remember thinking but that's not exactly HOW we became friends. What did we say or do, that brought us closer together? I have NO idea. Really. I can't remember how I met my friends and how we BECAME friends. 

Take Jihah and I for example. I strolled into class late on the first day (I'm too ashamed to tell you why) and all the seats were taken except for one right beside her. I grimaced when I saw it was a seat IN FRONT, but I didn't have a choice. I sat down, still flushed from running to class and I was too embarrassed to talk to her because I came late into the classroom and everyone was staring at me. We didn't talk at all for the first period (well that didn't happen again in the following days) because we barely knew each other and also because the teacher was telling us about class schedules and the important things that we should know on the first day.

 I'm not sure who initiated the conversation, but we started talking about what class we were in last year, which artists we liked, what subjects we liked and the usual topics that people who've just met each other talk about. It was a little awkward at first, because I'm not exactly sociable, but it was a relatively comfortable conversation :) We became friends later on, but we weren't very close until the guys started teasing us. So you can say that we became partners in crime against annoying guys? HAHA. That's when we became REAL friends :D We've always said that if it hadn't been for them, we might have never became close friends. I'd say all the torture was worth it. If it hadn't been for them, I would be a lot more quiet in class O__o. 

Everything does happen for a reason, even if it seems like things that happen to you doesn't make any sense at all :)

Yes, I know what you'd say, "Maine, stop being so optimistic, it's disheartening." HAHA. 

I honestly have no idea why I'm being so positive about life lately, even though life is far from perfect these days. I guess I've been in the darkness long enough, to appreciate light when I have it. But you wouldn't like it if I posted angry or upsetting posts all the time right? :P Haha. 

 Ah, I forgot what happened in school. You see? This is why I have to blog about my life, because I never remember what happen the next day -_____- 

I didn't go to school today, Maulidur Rasul is the reason why. Lol, and most of my friends didn't go -___- 

I've been thinking about writing a short story on Wattpad. A SHORT one, not a long one. I don't have time to write novels of great magnitude :( Why do I want to write? Well umm..writing helps to improve my English? :D My English isn't as good as I'd like to think it is. Which is why I need to write and read a lot to keep myself sane. HAHA. Also because I promised my fans (followers?) two years ago, that I'll write a story. And I haven't written any till now, although I had plenty of inspiration. 

Alright, will be off soon so just keep in mind "When the time comes for you to speak up, don't be afraid to say what you have to say." 

It's a lot better to be honest in your opinions, than to lie and let that person make himself look like a fool. Nothing good to say, just don't say anything at all :) There's still a fine line between honesty and being mean. 

Till next time.

P.S. Good luck to Nadzirah! :) I'm going to miss you when you go to study in Malacca :( <3

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