Tuesday, February 12, 2013

To Be Undefeated.

Hey guys! :)

Long time no blog. HAHA.

Anyways, just wanted to show you some photos of craft and such :) Because I haven't posted any photos in a long while.

Teo Wern Lyn is my Chinese name? HAHA. I THINK so. 
I made this as a key chain, so if I lose it, people will know who it belongs to :)

Polymer clay hot dogs :D 

Okay, it looks weird. 

I made this last night, on impulse. 

It looks funny, but it's still pretty yummy :P

This was supposed to be a heart, but it ended up looking like a patch of stitches. HAHA. Yeah, I've been out of practice for some time :(

Anyone remember what Invictus means? 
:D :D 
It means "undefeated" or "unconquered" in Latin. About 2 years ago, this was the theme for Pow Wow, and ever since the camp started till now, this word has been a favorite of mine :) It's such an inspiring word, isn't it?

This is my new pencil case :) 
I should have gotten a new one a long time ago, since I've had my old one for about 2 years? But I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it or maybe I was just too lazy to :P It has a whole bunch of key chains hanging on the zipper. Hope the zipper doesn't break.

My aunt gave me this duck/platypus soft toy a few days ago. She said something about squeezing its neck when I get stressed out. HAHAHA. She knows me so well.

Wedges :D Yum yum. This was my lunch. LOL. You can't say I'm dieting, because this isn't exactly healthy, is it? 

Oh, I don't know if I've shown this berry pie to you before. Well, this is the raspberry pie :) I was supposed to cut a slice out, but I fell asleep and it dried before I could cut it :( Oh fail. Next time then :) HAHA.

The sky today was so pretty :3 All the masses of cotton candy clouds. Yum.

As you can probably tell, I'm back to making craft :) I haven't had time to make any for the past month. And I'm a Science student, we're not supposed to do art presumably -___- I'm working on a new theme this time: Miniature fast food :D 

Aiming to make this next :

A miniature burger, Subway sandwiches and etc..because it's looking delicious but you ain't gonna eat it. HAHA.

Kitten scared me half to death when she lashed her paw out at me when I was playing the piano. She was hiding behind the greeting cards on the piano. Looked up and BAM! My nose got smacked by a paw -___- 

Went to Subang with family today :D (minus one who went off to hang out with his homies and girls) Walked around a lot, it was awfully tiring, but entertaining. Bought a few stuff :) 

Family dinner tonight, so tired :( But yay! FOOD. NOM NOM.

Adventure Rangers is planning a lot of outings, I'm going to be tired to the bone, running after those kids :'( 

I like getting out of the house nowadays, being at home makes me think "Oh, look at all the homework assignments I haven't done!" and I get anxious and guilty when I see my exercise books lying around, undone. HAHA. Why do you call it a holiday, when we have so much work to do? :O But to be fair, most of the work is planning presentations for History and ICT class, still no easy feat.

Confession bear: I only watch Law and Order (UK) to hear their British accents. HAHA.

 Anyway, here's your post for all the missing posts days :D 

Till next time :)

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