Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When Darkness Fades Into Light.

Hey there! 

I'd like to state a fact that, girls do not need boyfriends (one per girl, mind you) to be happy.
I'm saying this because I'm at an age where everyone thinks "Oh doodles! It's time for you to get a boyfriend! Never mind the fact that someday, you know, you might break up and he'd break your heart and you could possibly get pregnant, fail your exams and blame your failure in life on him." 
No no no. 
NO THANK YOU (very much indeed, but) I'm not interested. 
I've watched girls and guys change boyfriends/girlfriends over month like changing underwear, and I really don't see the appeal. 
Okay, maybe, if someday, I meet a guy who is actually serious about relationships and don't want just that "one thing", I might give it a shot. 
But I won't be mental enough to get a boyfriend just for the sake of HAVING one. 

What's the big deal?
I have a cat, I don't go around, waving it in the air in front of my neighbors and gleefully gloating "I have a cat and you don't! Neninenipupu!" and dance around, throwing knifes in the air, laughing wickedly. Although that would be pretty hilarious to watch :P
Get my point? Don't gloat unless you have a really funny way of doing it. Example shown above. 
Who knows, maybe someday, I'll gloat about my cat and see all the weird looks I get, die from laughter and be extremely happy about it. 

Cue the picture above, do you know how hard it is to get over someone you like? I bet you do, if you've ever liked anyone. It's like walking on pieces of glass, getting knocked in the face with a shuttlecock, having a broom being shoved into your stomach and getting hit by a bus, all at the same time. Why do we endlessly insist on going through all that pain ? :(

Girls (and guys), we don't need all this nonsense, so let's just not bother :) 

Alright, I'm not in my right mind today. 

Here's a conversation I had with Spongebob! :

And...the rest of the message is private. HAHA. I wanted to show you that part. 

If you're a Harry Potter fan, I think you'd understand the "Dobby is a free elf!" part. HAHA. And I wasn't in my right mind when I wrote that. I've always wanted to say that but I never had the opportunity, so I created one :P I laughed so hard (I couldn't type, lol) when he kept saying GIVES SOCK and he ended up saying it more because I didn't reply. 

I want to run around school, asking people for socks tomorrow :D 
Hopefully, they won't actually take me seriously. Smelly socks, oh no.

Anyway, school was alright today. Didn't get to have crazy laughing fits because Mee En wasn't there :( 

Chemistry was alright, Chem teacher is also my class teacher, so we cleaned up the class for half an hour, lol. We have curtains and a reading corner in class now! :D BOOKS YAY. 

 During Moral class, we went to the library's Teater Gemilang (and I have no idea what you call it in English..a Wonderful Theater? lol) It was alright la, Sin Yee's presentation.


 And let me say to the person who said snide remarks the whole time we were having trouble formatting the Powerpoint (It's not our fault that the computer only had the 2003 version), turning your nose down at people really isn't attractive, so stop doing it. And the next time you want to say something rude about people who spent so much hard time and effort into their presentation, shut up. Please shut up. Do you think it makes you look smart and witty? Well, you're wrong. You have absolutely no right to look down your snotty nose at us because we're ICT students. What say you? Being a snothead doesn't make you any better than the vile worms who invade wonderful apples and ruin it. One thing I would like you to remember; if you mess with my friends, don't be surprised when I attack you with a pineapple, tied you up in an electric chair, set you on fire and throw you into an ocean choke-ful of sharks, stingrays and jellyfish. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Rant over. Back to the real post.

Well, luckily Pn. Marini brought her laptop, or the presentation would have been doomed. 
I was pretty annoyed with said idiot when I was writing the notes down after the presentation, kept jabbing at my book with my pen. I finished writing pretty fast though, so yay! :) Notes: Done. 

Wait, see this:

Okay, so I spend most of my time confusing people :P HAHAHA, I'm sorry bro. Really.

Ah yes, so studies went on as usual after recess. I saw Shawn at the VERY END of the corridor. He saw me looking his way and yelled my name. So I yelled back. And we got weird stares after that O___o. Never seen friends screaming at each other before meh? Haha. 

He passed by my class again during BM (teacher didn't come) and tried to pull my hair. I grabbed his hands and we started rain dancing around the classroom, flying around with broomsticks, knocking people's head with frying pans and drawing cats on the whiteboard. HAHA, no just kidding, that's sadistically creative imagination for you. I tightened my grip on his hands until I hear his fingers crack and grinned. He ran out when the substitute teacher saw him, LOL. And yes, we have a very odd friendship. 

During Maths, when all the other classes were going home, and we weren't, I saw Tharshini. Eiikks! Haven't seen her for so long :( Waved at her, smiling excitedly and she smiled back at me and waved! :D YAY. A little while later, Shawn passed by and gave me that ":D" face again -__- Showed him my crossed fingers, made a face and went back to work on exercises. Then Yee came by, looking for his girlfriend. He can't even recognize her when she sits in a different place, omg O__o. Way Jie came by later, and I distinctly heard him say "Banana.." LOL. 

Izzati and I were talking a lot during English and Maths class. About phones, cats, creepy stories and books. Jihah was sitting with Azlina, so she turned around and said "Oi! Cakap banyak ada buat kerja ke?" and checked my book. Then she said " dah almost siap." HAHAHA. I talk a lot in class, but I do the work too :) That's half Lazy, half Hardworking Maine for you. I'll talk my head off, but I won't get distracted from doing my schoolwork either :P 

Way Jie made me walk all the way (exaggeration) to the bus stop just to talk to him and Yee -__- Ah poop. HAHA. 

Anyways, to my partners in crime, stay strong, we can get through this nonsense together :) <3

Till next time! :)

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