Monday, February 4, 2013

Without You, What am I? Really.

Hey guys! :)

So my Facebook inbox and notifications were flooded today. The one time I decide not to come online, and people suddenly need me urgently. Why oh why. Inbox flood was caused by a lot of people desperately needing assistance on computer stuff, relationship problems and what-nots. That's Auntie Banana for you ^___*, the ever ready adviser. Okay, what. I'm not even serious :P

Samuel just asked me if I choose going to school over going to church. A few months ago, I would have said "Church, all the way." But now? I don't know. I kinda like both. I mean there's weird, funny people in church, and there's weird funny people in school. How can I possibly pick favorites? And I do somehow really miss the people I used to know last year :( Would it be weird if I said I missed the guys, but not the girls? HAHAHA. I mean, last year, most of the girls stuck to their own groups of friends, they weren't exactly mingling much. The guys, well, they ran around annoying the girls till we got kicked out of the class for being noisy. And yes, that actually happened to me before -__-

I remember a time when Jihah, Shawn, Yee and I got forced to sit outside the class. On the floor. Because we didn't finish our BM essay. Yeah, so we were supposed to finish the essay outside, but the guys made us laugh too much, and we didn't really do anything but whack their heads and pretend to be writing when the teacher checked on us. Poor Way Jie, he actually finished it and had to sit alone in the class because all his friends were stuck outside. HAHA.

Ah okay, enough about the good old days. I'm not old enough for that yet :P Had Physical Education (PJK) after assembly. Teacher wanted us to calculate our BMI O__o. Most of my friends are underweight, but my weight is apparently normal. Not bad? HAHA. English was next, I was hoping to get my essay book back because I completely forgot what I wrote about and I hate not remembering. But nein, teacher gave us an exercise to complete before recess :(

(Wattpad changed the Fans format to Followers! What is this? Twitter? :/ Come back, old Watty! Seriously)

Mee En said I blog almost everyday, quite true. Most people only blog about special occasions but I love writing too much to put the pen and paper down (ehem, I mean keyboard and screen?) Honestly, I do wish people blog more often. Sometimes I get tired of reading fictional stories, and I want a cold hard dose of reality every now and then. It's nice to see how people's lives differ from mine :)

Recess time was alright. This guy from another class, who used to say hi to me everyday when I walked home, kept hitting on me and asking me to tutor him in ICT. I found it pretty funny though. Ah, evil Maine. He asked me if I had a boyfriend, I said "No, I have cats." Hence the weird looks. Not interesting in dating anyone (lies) yet.

After recess was Civic (Sivik) class. Teacher didn't come, so we had two replacement teachers. They let us do our own thing, yay! So I sat in front of Fadhillah and chatted with her about random stuff :) Aqmal asked for help with Add Maths homework, I thought "don't look at me omg. I'm worse at it then you are". HAHA. Just kidding. I did help him, I'm better at explaining than I am, at actually doing it. Hehe.

Went for Moral class. I was expecting the teacher to load a bunch of notes on us, but all she did was to tell us to write an essay for our folio :( Nooo. We ended up talking more than doing it though. You see, we had to discuss the Powerpoint presentations first. Then the funny part came.

Daiyana randomly decided to SAY not SING a part of the One Direction song "What Makes You Beautiful" . At a time when we were just thinking about reorganizing the slideshows and being quiet. This is how it went down:

Daiyana: Baby, you. light (drags the word). up. my. world. like. nobody. else.

Keep in mind, she SAID it, not sang it. My eyes widened incredulously, jaw dropped; I slowly turned to look at Sin Yee, who was giving Daiyana a confused look, and looked at Mee En, who stared back at me. We stared at each other with the weird looks on our faces for a moment, and in a snap, we burst out into laughter. Literally, huge exploding laughing fit. The teacher must have told us to keep quiet and write our essay, but I didn't hear a thing.

For the next half hour, my sides were aching with laughter. Iyana TRIED to make us stop laughing, but every time I glanced over at Mee En's

face, I couldn't help laughing. And yeah, we were pretty much laughing to death, while everyone else was saying "I don't even see what's funny."

Mee En: You didn't see? *splutters* *laughs* she-e said-d baby-y you you *starts laughing again*

Me: light-t-t *giggles* up my-y *bursts into laughter again*

Then we were just giggling and laughing our heads off till class ended, didn't get to finish the sentence, oh no! Teacher warned us to finish our essays, said she allowed us to have too much fun today :P

Ah, alright. If you weren't there, it probably makes no sense to you. And you think I've gone locopoco :P

Add Maths: Teacher shifted the tables around O__o. No fun. I sat at the back, sixth row (!!) with Fadhillah and Izzati. We had good air circulation, but too many heads were blocking our view. Seriously, change the layout of the desks, bro -____-

And I came home :)

Till next time, have tuition! :D

Mee En's post on it! :D

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