Sunday, March 31, 2013

Always Sm:)e - Tiffany Alvord :D

Hey there! :)

Guess who came to Malaysia? :P

I didn't go to church today, I slept at 3 am last night after coming back from the concert, so I was pretty much exhausted. That's what happens when you shop the whole afternoon and evening, and spend the rest of your time standing up, jumping up and down, swaying at a concert. HAHA. My feet hurts. I just woke up and I'm dead sleepy, so please, bear with me if I make any mistakes :P

Oh wheezers, tomorrow's April Fool's day! Sheet sheet. I'm extremely gullible so I'll probably fall for a lot of pranks and embarrass myself -____- Can I skip school? HAHA. 

Anyway, Ryan wanted to go early, so we left the house at 2.30 pm or so :P We went to the Curve first and walked around for a bit. Wanted to eat at Ikea's cafe/restaurant so we went to Ikea. The first thought that came to my mind when we got there was "Oh papers and cookies!" The cafe was crowded like CRAZY. Note to self: Never go to Ikea on holidays and weekends. There was a super long line of people lining up for food too. I wondered where they were going to sit since all the tables were taking. It was crazy, man, I tell you. Never again, never again. So we escaped as quickly as we could and went back to the Curve to eat at Nando's.

It wasn't crowded there, so thank God :) We ordered chicken, garlic bread and coleslaw. Yumyum, the chicken was so good :3 Went to Starbucks afterwards, cause I wanted an ice chocolate. And we went to Chatime after that. HAHA. Ohh, there's this bookshop called Borders, and it's pretty awesome but the books are ridiculously expensive, so I didn't buy any :( Bought a bag though. Teehee.

Popular was having a book sale in IPC. Wanted to buy 2 Percy Jackson books to complete my PJ series set, but mehh :( Next time. I've already read the books, but hey, it'd be nice to have the set :P I flipping love Rick Riordan <3

We spent the rest of the time walking around, window shopping :P Nicole only came around 7 pm, so yeah. HAHA. The Brands Outlet in the Curve is huge. Wows.

So we did a lot of exercise, walking around and making our legs hurt :P Ryan refused to sit down, so I couldn't sit down either -___- Walked around the open air market and bought some charms for my bracelet:

 Made With Love :P

As most of you can probably tell, I'm in love with the mockingjay pin from the Hunger Games. I already have a mockingjay necklace, but I thought it'd be nice to have something like this to put in my wallet :P

It's a bird. And well, birds kinda represent freedom. And well, sometimes I feel like breaking free from all the negative things in my life. So there. Freedom :)

Camera. Because, who doesn't like photos? :D

Horses, because they're full of spirit and strength. Reminds me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

Cookies: I love cookies <3 I used to be a Cookie Monster :P YUMYUM.

Nicole arrived around 7 pm, and as luck would have had it, it started RAINING, Really heavily. So we had this logical idea to use the Kidzania overhead walkway to cross over to the McDs side :) Only I wasn't sure if we were allowed to use it, but we did it anyway. HAHA. The walkway was so nice, it was clean and kinda like the airport's ground, but a lot better. It's a good thing we weren't trespassing or anything though. HAHA. There was some weird looking dudes, sitting around, smoking and staring at us as we walked pass -__- What la.

The bummer was we still had to walk in the rain, HAHA. There wasn't any shelter leading up to Bentley's Music Auditorium from McDonalds :( Guess what Ryan did? He tore the two plastic bags I had and had us holding it over our heads to cover our heads. The rain was pouring down like crazy. Thank goodness I wore boots, or my feet would have been flooded. Our clothes were all wet though :( Sad.

Ran inside as fast as we could, went up to the fourth floor. Came out of the elevator and saw the Merchandise table :D So pretty, everything was. There was shirts on sale, but they were RM 60. Too expensive :( My limit for shirts is RM 40 at max. But I did buy some stuff :P

 Tiffany's guitar pick necklace :D It's available on her online store, but shipping cost is expensive. I bought it for RM20. 

This is the back :)

The words weren't very clear on the first photo, so yeah.

The wristband :)

Always Sm:)e

It says Tiffany Alvord, if you can't see, lol.

Youtube :D 

Are you surprised I didn't buy more? HAHA. I was thinking about buying the My Heart Is or My Dream CD, but I decided not to. Kind of regretting it now though :( Oh well, next time. If there is one. HAHA. 

 Anyway, we went inside the auditorium. The lady at the door ripped off a part of the ticket: Look :

If you can see what I mean. HAHA. 

I was surprised to see the chairs. But that's for people with VIP tickets la. HAHA. I think it would have been worth it to buy the VIP tickets, but since we decided to go last time, the VIP tickets were all sold out. 

We sat down for a while. The auditorium felt really nice and cold, especially since our shirts were soaked. HAHA. 

Three Malaysian bands played, umm opened for Tiffany :) All Youtube bands.
The first was Skyward, otherwise known as The Ming Thing
They sang/played a remix of Lights by Ellie Goulding and Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia first :) I THINK. I don't really remember O__o. Oh no, that was the third song they played. I think. I'm not sure. Okay, stop blabbering Maine. HAHA. They also played one of their original songs that's not released yet. It was called "More Than.." It was really nice :) Can't wait for it to come out. I think they played "Beauty and a Beat" by Justin Bieber. They made it sound really nice. LOL. They also sang a shorter version of a song by Justin Timberlake. Forgot the title though. They were really punny and witty. I likes it a lot :)

The next band (or singer?) was Daiyan Trisha and her :) She sang "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift. This guy standing next to me started singing along, his voice was pretty cartoon-ish, so I was torn between being extremely annoyed and being ridiculously amused by him. Daiyan's voice was nice though. Pretty chipper and happy. She sang two original songs, but I kinda forgot the titles :P I can't find it online either. 

The Revellers were the last band to perform. The lead singer came out with a blue shirt and leather jacket. Someone next to me, said he was trying to look gangsta. HAHA. It's funny cause it's true. He sang "When I Was Your Man" and some of their original Malay songs.I hate to say this but he kinda killed Bruno Mars' song. His voice is just too rock for a sad song like that. I couldn't decide if I should cover my ears or cry. HAHA. 

This is random but there's a girl on Twitter who's being a twitch about Tiffany Alvord being in Malaysia. I get that you're not a fan, but you don't have to act like a world class donkey about it either. You're making yourself look bad, you ain't doing anyone favors with that kind of attitude. Tiffanic for life <3

Tiffany finally came on stage :D 
Covers she sang was:

The songs aren't in order though :P

I had a pretty great time. The people in the crowd would randomly shout "Tiffany I love you!" and other weird stuff. HAHA. It was funny :)

One guy yelled "Tiffany, will you marry me?" She said "Marry you? I don't know, I guess you have to ask my dad." HAHAHA.

Anyway, that's all for now :) It's a pretty long post, so I'm going to stop your suffering :P

P.S. I forgot we went to Ikea to stuff ourselves with meatballs, fries, cake, potatoes and sandwiches after that :P HAHA. Oh, my poor stomach.


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