Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Bend In The Road.

Hey guys :)

OMG OMG. HAHAHA. I'd LOVE to try it out if it exists!

Horcrux Crunch

School was pretty awesome today.

Went to sit down in my class line and heard Daiyana calling me. Looked in front and saw Sin Yee in her prefect uniform. Got a shock because I forgot about her becoming a prefect this week :P Congratulations btw :D I know you're reading this. HAHA. Mee En sat down behind me, saw Sin Yee and we started laughing because she looked so embarrassed. Sorry la. HAHA.

Physics teacher was in an unusually cheery mood today. She was so excited about the coming monthly test, while we, her beloved students, were groaning and complaining about how difficult it is to memorize so many things in such a short amount of time.

Teacher: *smiling* Do you understand this now?

Everyone: *shakes head* NO. *in unison*

She was really patient though, thumbs up, lol. I was quiet in Physics (For the first time, wow) because I really wanted to learn all the calculation stuff on the board. I lie, I was sleeping with my eyes open. I'm sorry, Teacher :'(

Went to the Chem lab to blow up stuff *Oh how I wish*. Teacher was teaching about moles. The unit of measurement, not the kind you see on people's faces. HAHA. I already learned about it in tuition, so I copied the notes as fast as I could and finished the exercises she gave us, and talked a lot to Jihah. HAHA. MUST. STOP. TALKING. SO. MUCH. Come to think of it, I hardly remember what we were talking about in the first place :P

When teacher announced "Alright, you can keep away your books,..etc etc.", I leaped out of my seat, put it under the table and took my books and skipped to the front. Left the lab and saw Iyana and Mee En waiting outside. Mee En said "Thank God you're here! If I walked with her, she'll suddenly say byebye and let me walk alone." HAHA. Daiyana eats with her friends from another class so she'd always suddenly disappear with a swift "Bye!" every time we reached the assembly area. Traitor! :( Just kidding :P

Ate biscuits and a doughnut, didn't have much appetite :( Yee hit my back a few times -__- Shawn told me with his hands up in surrender "I just tapped your back, Yee was the one who hit you." BOYS. Yi Wen DRAGGED me to a Chinese newspaper corner, and started yammering away in Mandarin. Looked around, spotted Mei Keng, talked to her for a while and convinced her to follow me back to the class lines. HAHA. Abandoned Yi Wen again :( I really am a horrible person. Way Jie, Yee and their gang were walking past, Way Jie wanted to talk about something so I stopped, waited for a moment..then I pretended to run at Yee with my fist up, he panicked, turned around and TRIPPED over the drain. Omg, I felt so guilty, but I couldn't help laughing either. I didn't MEAN for him to fall down, didn't even touch him. So I didn't really do anything wrong :P

Went back to class, BM was alright la. Did some Tatabahasa exercises :) Walked to the ICT lab afterwards. The teachers separated us into our groups again :'( NOO. Started on Computer System. Quite interesting, bits, bytes and etc. :) I like...but I won't remember any of it during the exam. HAHA. Teacher had a spontaneous group presentation. My group was the first to go, whyy. We did pretty okay with only 5 minutes to prepare the diagram and come up with things to say in relation to the diagram. Thank God the teacher is really nice *wipes sweat from brow*

Class ended, and we left the lab. I saw one of my shoes dangling on the lowest rack with another shoe which I DID NOT recognize. Glanced up frantically and saw my shoe on the highest rack. Man Shuen came out and went "Eh?" when she saw only one of her shoes. I looked at her and smiled sheepishly "Your shoe's down there next to the black one." She breathed a sigh of relief and took it off the rack. There's nothing worst than thinking you've lost your shoes..in school. HAHA. I can't recall the number of times I've panicked when I thought I lost my shoes. LOL.

The guy from the other ICT class started flirting with me, asking me to tutor him in ICT again. I asked him why and told him I'm not even good at ICT. He said "Sebab you comel mah." Maine's flirting level: Not existent. HAHAHA. Story of my life.

Walked back to class with Mee En and Daiyana. Aqmal suddenly offered a hibiscus on his ear to Mee En and started trying to make her take it. He said "Jika awak tak ambil ni, saya takkan kawan dengan awak." when she refused to take it. Mee En was laughing and she said "I hate fl-flowers!" He said "Oh you benci ke?" I started laughing and spluttering and Mee En kept on laughing till we reached the classroom. Guys can be hilariously weird sometimes. Sobered up when we saw the teacher. I didn't understand the Add Maths exercise at first, but after seeing the first example, I managed to do it :D Add Maths can be a pain sometimes, but it's pretty straightforward.

Gave the Rainbow badges to Mee En, Daiyana and Sin Yee :) *drools over rainbows* Check it out here: Badges. I told Mee En "You know, I was planning to get a second pencil box to put badges all over it.." She said "Really ah? OMG me too!" Cue high five. Really LOUD high five. HAHAHA. Sounded like someone getting slapped in the face :P

And then I went home :)

I really enjoy going to school this year, it's lots of fun. Despite all the pressure to do well, it's still pretty awesome.

Till next time :)


  1. I love your blog! Do you want to follow mine? I am following yours! I love your background...I love floral outfits!

    1. Thank you! :) And thanks for recommending your blog, I've been on the lookout for blogs to read :D Thank you so much! <3


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