Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Better Days.

Hey guys! :)

Had a great time in school today. HAHA. Some of the highlights and lowlights:

  • Ate 2 donuts and some chicken during recess today. Everyone was amazed at the fact I ate so much today. HAHA. When I was lining up for the chicken, I saw a girl and I thought "Hey, she looks like Nabilah." Tapped her on the shoulder and it WAS her. Smiled and said hi and managed to convince her to buy the chicken for me. HAHAHA. The chicken was yummy :3 No wonder Jihah, Fad and Nab eat it almost everyday at school. Appetite REGAINED. Yee saw me buying donuts, stood beside me and went "Hehehe, awak sudah pendek." WHAT -___-. 
  • Teachers keep telling us : THE EXAMS ARE COMING. Brace yourselves. 
  • I wanted to go to the toilet, asked Jihah to teman me. Somehow, Izzati and Azlina came along too. Our block's toilet was locked -__- so we had to walk to Block B. SO far awayy. Jihah and I were walking behind Iz and Lina, arm in arm (because we were too lazy to walk properly, lol). Afternoon teacher saw us and stared. HAHA.Saw Intan when I went to wash my hands and we exclaimed "Eh HEY, hi, lama tak cakap kan?" "Eh, you ponteng kelas ke?" and etc etc. HAHA. I miss my old classmates :( Saw 2 more guys from my old class when we were walking back to class. Farhan, Faiz, Alif and one more guy from my class were walking around the assembly area. We yelled "EH. PONTENG KE?" at each other and started laughing. Jihah was like "Yeah Lina la, PONTENG sial!" HAHA. She said that because Lina is the "good girl" who always does her work and never skips class :P It's a good thing though, especially with friends like us. HAHA. Walked into class, Fad, Nab, Laily and goodness knows who else yelled "OI! AZLINA. PONTENG!" It wasn't really funny, but I started laughing. Teacher didn't say anything O_o. I guess she's used to it. Haha. Why does History have essay questions?! NOOO. 
  • Exams are coming soon :( need I say more? HAHA.
  • Had a horrible laughing fit in Moral class. I didn't mean to, really. But Sin Yee was upset and we were trying to cheer her up, and at one point, I looked behind and saw Goh Sze Wei shaking his liquid paper with a flourish and a triumphant smile, and I completely lost it. I don't even remember if Mee En was affected by it, but I remember laughing a lot and smiling too much. HAHA. 
  • Sin Yee got a custom-made postcard from our History teacher for getting the highest marks on the quiz. She joked about sending it to a guy she likes who moved to another state. HAHA. I didn't know my History teacher used to be a graphic designer :O She still does designing part-time, awesome :D
  • Got a "Good" grading on my essay! :D YAY. Teacher also said "Good introduction" on the starting paragraph. HAHA. This is the essay I submitted a week or two ago :) The one done on the spur of the moment in class. A few mistakes here and there, but that was to be expected. LOL.
  • Oral speaking in class today.. Sin Yee went before me and did quite good, she didn't fluster up like I did, HAHA. I walked to the front, did my introduction with fake confidence. I tried my hardest to be serious because I knew, the moment I smile, I'd have a laughing fit when I saw everyone's facial expressions. There was a point when I nonchalantly glanced at Mee En JUST for a moment, because I wanted to see her expression and when I saw her face, I let out a "Pffff-tt, a-and blah blah..." in the middle of my speech. I smiled after that and quickly put on a serious face. I didn't dare to look at the teacher, she'd be like 

"What is this girl doing?!"

So I pretended to be horribly calm and composed throughout my speech. There was a part when the "Sudut Bacaan" (reading corner) sign fell off the top of the cupboard and I gave it a

look and let out some short laughs. Quickly wrapped up my speech and walked back to my seat. HAHA.

I HATE speaking in public. Lol. Really, I do. It's just so nerve-wracking and I'm not particularly fond of it.

Okay, enough about school. HAHA.

On a different note, to some of my underage friends drinking vodka, I want you to know, if you EVER DARE drink that poison in front of me, I will not hesitate to take my beloved Chinese tea and POUR IT ALL OVER YOU. Ice-cold. I'm not sorry, but I've made it clear that I despise the very stench of it and I will not tolerate you making a bad example of yourself to others.

I've recently taken to re-reading some old classics again :) Have you ever heard of Alexandre Dumas? He wrote a fascinating piece called "The Count Of Monte Cristo" which I read when I was eight. Not really suitable for my age back then, but believe it or not, I had a fascination with classics when I was younger. I also read "The Tale Of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens, which was pretty gory, but extremely exciting. Charles Dickens has always been one of my favorite writers from a different time, including Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne Of Green Gables), Louisa May Alcott (Little Women), Jules Verne (80 Days Around The World, Journey To The Center), and Mark Twain (Adventure of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn). They might have written those stories a long time ago, but it's still loved and retold even in the new age of technology. Well, this certainly explains my love for Historical fiction. It's nice to read a book that doesn't have any newfangled notions in it. I bet a majority of people you know have read Enid Blyton's books as children :P

I don't much like reading e-books, mostly because they hurt my eyes, but they're easy to get and to be honest, not too shabby a read at all, so it's a pretty enjoyable experience most of the time. Still doesn't bet real books though :P The upsides is e-books don't clutter up bookshelves, can easily be saved on an electronic device (phone, Kindle, iPad, Tablet) and carried around, easily obtained. Downsides are sometimes the e-book is too white and it hurts my eyes, it does not have the smell (eww Maine.) and feel of a real book, you can't touch the book cover and marvel at the uniqueness of it, you aren't so tempted to read a book and well, that's about it. HAHA.

Real books are wonderful to read, touch and smell (need I say more?). Come on, don't tell me you've never walked into a bookstore, sigh deeply and breath in the wonderful scent of books. Or is it just me? HAHA. OH OH, and you get to brag about having the whole Harry Potter collection (Oh, how I wish I did. HAHA) The downsides: Books are getting ridiculously expensive these days, so if I want to buy a book, I have to wait for a book sale or go to a secondhand bookstore (which are getting harder and harder to find). Books are heavy, if you're intent on reading 500 to 1000+ pages kind of book. DAILY. Sigh :(

You wonder, why do I blog? Because writing these sort of things on paper are extremely tiring on my hands. HAHA. And you probably know how much I can write once I start writing. I love writing/typing, it's a ton of fun, so well, if you don't like it, don't read it. HAHA.

Okay that was random. HAHA. How did I jump from school to vodka to books to blogging? I will never know.

Anyway, till next time :)


  1. Haha! I love your posts...they are so funny! Hey, here are a couple blogs you can check out if you want to (this is because you said you wanted to read more blogs).

    OK, I think I've gotten enough for now! Check them out though! :)

    1. Oh, thank you so much!:D I can't wait to start reading them <3 :)

    2. No problem! I hope it's not too many!

    3. It's never too many :) Hahaha, thanks again! <3


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