Monday, March 25, 2013

Capturing Every Moment.

Hey there! :)

This is going to be a photos post. I'm having a headache so I won't be writing too much. Should have gone for the Expedition camp out last night, but my parents insisted I stayed home and rest because I was still sick :P

Anyway, here goes!

This is the bag the stuff came in :) I received it last Thursday.

How it looks like inside. The plastic has 10 free extra curl thingies :D I got a not-really-a-surprise gift too :) In the red bag:

 Watches! <3 It was free, so yay :)

I think of it as more of an accessory, it's colorful and fun :)

See the model dummy in the photos there? It creeps me out a little, but then again, I've always had an aversion to mannequins. 

 Mixy, yesterday :) 
She's so adorable, I just want to squeeze her till her eyes pop out. HAHA.
Sometimes I think I'll die alone with a million cats. 

Expedition Rangers practicing their drill routine :) Boy, am I glad I don't have to do that anymore. I miss it sometimes though. It was fun, but not when you have to repeat it over and over again :P

I tried curling the front parts of my hair last night. I was too lazy to do the whole head, so yeah, I looked weird :P 
It turned out real good though, despite the fact I left it in for less than an hour. 
I was hiding out upstairs from everyone,  reading magazines and listening to music. Sigh, quiet times :')

I'm still in disbelief at the fact Ryan insisted on going. I wanted to go, but my aversion to crowds and the ticket price (I'm broke, serious) made me hesitate. HAHA. The price is actually reasonable compared to other concerts.

To be honest, I would have forgotten about Tiffany Alvord coming to Malaysia if Way Jie hadn't reminded me last week. He wanted me to accompany Cindy, cause she likes Tiffany too, so I told him I would think about it, and I did. Not sure if she's going now though :P Oh well, it's her choice. I'm going with Ryan and Nicole. Hope there's yummy food around :) mmm, FOOD. *drools* I'm not sure about the venue though. There's two Bentley Music Auditoriums I know of O__o.

If Hillsong United or Planetshakers come to Malaysia, I won't hesitate to go for sure. <3 

I'm tired, so till next time :)


  1. Love the photos! The cat photos are so funny! I love it when my cat does that!


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