Monday, March 18, 2013

Change Of Heart :)

Faith is love taking the form of aspiration. -William Ellery Channing
Hey there! :D

Long post alert !

How's your week been so far? :) I've made the font bigger cause some people said they needed a magnifying glass just to read it, so here it is :)

Sunday: Of Mistaken Identities, Black Forest Cake and Hyperactive Kids.
I went to church yesterday, feeling tired and blur. Saw Punita and Janani so I said hi and hugged them. Was supposed to meet Anita to do some stuff but I had to pass some Chemistry notes to Joy, so I went into the room to look for her. Saw Aijean and who I thought was Esther sitting a few seats away from her and asked her "Hey, where's Joanne?" She pointed at the person next to her and I got a shock when I saw that it was indeed Joanne. HAHA.Oh, mistaken identities. Dragged Joanne to buy some stuff for the bolo tie and to get some food :P

Went to find Anita, sat with her and got started on the bolo ties for our patrol. Stephanie, Angela, Natalie and a few others hung around to help for a while and watch us to make it till Teacher Sharon chased them back to their classes. HAHA.  Joy stuck around for a while and left because Andrew Ip was annoying her. Anna came later and helped out. Finished the bolo ties earlier than we expected. It's really cute, I'll post photos when I find my camera :P We decided to walk back to the main hall after we packed up our stuff and cleaned up the tables. As we were leaving, some kids yelled "Bye Commander!" and I wasn't sure which commander they were referring to, since we were all commanders, till one of them yelled "Bye Commander Maine!" and I thought "Ohh okay.." and waved at them. Anna teased me, saying "Wow Maine, you're very popular ah." HAHA. I don't think so :P

Anna and Anita went to eat, but I had to wait for the others, so I played Temple Run 2 on my phone and hummed to a tune in my head till Darren and Esther suddenly appeared and said "Hi!" And we went on our merry way to have lunch. Talked about some stuff, but I was more fascinated with how delicious the food was. Confessions of a food lover :3

I was pretty nervous today about Rangers because Wei Loong and Stephen put me in charge of the Baseball merit (They weren't around) and I had to organize the birthday celebrations from January to March with Joanna. Had to borrow a laptop, so that morning, I sms-ed Andrew Robert(s) and asked him if I could borrow his for the day and he said sure :D Thanks man, you saved my life. HAHA.

The moment I entered the room, it was chaos. Kids running everywhere, chasing each other. Thank God, Joseph and my dad were around or it would have been worse. HAHA. They had parade, and right afterwards, like I expected Joanna and I were sent on errands: Photostat merits and prep some stuff. Went back as fast as I could. Andrew asked if he could see my music folder and I said "Go ahead, I've got nothing to hide." My patrol started talking to me and Anita about the banner and introduced the new girl to us. Natalie suddenly shrieked "Commander! *someone* said you're very pretty!" and I burst into laughter. After realizing how undignified I was acting, I said, smiling "Haha thanks, but we gotta get started on the Baseball merit now. So take our your merit, pen and paper, and get ready." They groaned, grumbled and begged me to give them a break but I was adamant. I had to be, or my superior would kill me when he finds out I didn't do anything. HAHA. Got the same reaction from the boys, lol. They really don't like writing! When I was their age (acting like I'm so old, lol), I used to enjoy writing down the answers and having how-fast-can-you-write competitions with the people sitting next to me.  Yeah, I was pretty competitive. HAHA. I used to go crazy when I play air hockey with my friends. I'd be so ferocious, I scared myself.

I put on the slideshow for them to copy the answers and talked to Andrew. We were discussing wigs, dyes, and disguises when he suddenly said "Hey, you know we have the exact same taste in music?" I couldn't help being surprised because very few people like my kind of music, so I said "Really?" He answered "Yeah yeah! Serious, when I checked out your music folder, I saw a lot of songs I listen to, and very surprising to see your taste in music." Wow, it's crazy. HAHA. Not many people like the music I like, because I like songs ranging from country, to rock to pop and everything in between. Go Andrew! :D LOL.

We had a very brief game for the 13 and 14 year olds, while the 12 year olds finished up their work. They initially grumbled at not being able to join the games but I managed to pacify them by promising to let them have a break once they finished writing down the answers. You know what? Being a commander isn't so bad after all, besides the running everywhere and doing errands part :P

We finally had the birthday celebration. I couldn't help myself when I saw all the strawberries and chocolate decorations on the cake, so I stole some and ate it. HAHA. Jo, Andrew and I were all stealing decos from the cake when Commander Herbert was praying for the birthday kids. Oh evil! HAHA. I sneaked a few chocolate bits and strawberries to Rachel, Natalie and some of the others too.

After the kids took their slices of cake, Andrew said "And now it's time we..." I finished his sentence saying "Stole the cake!" He said "Yes! Partners in crime." and high 5-ed me. And we started laughing because there was still quite a lot of cake left. But we didn't really steal it la. HAHA. We split it with the other commanders :) And then I went home.

Monday: Surprises, Jinxes, Recapturing Memories.

Wasn't sure if I should go to school today, because I was sleepy, but I went anyway, and I'm glad I did :) HAHA. Iyana (Tina, is easier to type, so she's Tina from now on) sat in front of me, and Mee En sat behind me. We sang the songs (national, state and school) and said our vows. I kept giggling and snorting, because the guy leading the songs sang weird in some parts. Then we sat down. Assembly was extra long today because of all the prize giving and lectures on "attitude problems" we got, so no PJK (PE) :( My class got 2nd place for the "Cleanest Class" reward. We were the first the previous week :D

Farhan, Syahim and some other guys from other classes got first place for a Klang district competition for something something, I forgot what. I wanted to cheer but that would have been embarrassing. HAHA. After giving a few more prizes for different reasons, they started on the "Language Week" winners. I wasn't expecting to win at all, so I kept silent and watched the winners go up the stage, one by one. Everyone expected me to get first place, but I didn't want to think about it. Mee En started chanting "And now...Charmaine Teo Wer--.." so I kept shushing her. "Don't jinx me!" I said frantically. "You know if I get anything, I have to go on stage and I don't want to." Mee En, being Mee En, smiled wider and started chanting again. When they said "essay competition" at a certain point, I didn't realize they meant for the Malay language essay, so I sagged with relief. But I couldn't help feeling disappointed because well, I'm pretty competitive when it comes to English :P I was certain though, at that time, that there were students from the Pure Science Stream who could write better essays than I can, so I wasn't getting my hopes up.

Much to my surprise, Puan Rohana who was announcing the winners (and who's also my Form 3 English teacher) suddenly announced "And for the Essay Writing Competition, the first place goes to..Charmaine Teo Wern Lyn." sounding like she couldn't believe it was me. HAHA. A few people gasped in surprise and Mee En or Tina was saying "I told you so!" The worst part is that I was on the verge of laughing to death, when I walked to the stage. Farhan said "Hi" and gave me a lazy smile, so I smiled back. Puan Rohana said from the podium "Congratulations! I knew you could do it." and I grinned back at her. I shook hands with the headmistress, silently praying she wouldn't scold me for my "this is not a model school" hairstyle and thank God, she decided to give me a free pass today. My prize wasn't much, but it was exactly what I needed. It was a bag with a long notebook, ink pens (INK PENS, I love ink pens <3), mechanical pencil and some extra stationery. Took a photo and got off the stage as fast as I could. It was pretty awkward because a lot of people were staring at me and I felt embarrassed. I blame Mee En for jinxing me. HAHA. Farhan smiled and waved at me again, so I imitated his smile and waved back. Passed the prize to Fad, Jihah and Nab because they wanted to see what's in it. Once I sat down, I started laughing and saying things like "Mee En, how could you do this to me?" In other words, I was experiencing some kind of strange mental breakdown. 

I was relieved to get back to class. Syahmim and Farhan saw me and teased me saying "Wow, Syahmim (his name) dapat tempat pertama huh?" I replied "Eh, kan you pun dapat tempat pertama ?" and asked to see his trophy. Nice :) We went to the other class for PJK, just food discussions and stuff. We had to come up with balanced meals from the food pyramid. Teacher's idea of a fun exercise, and it WAS fun. I paired up with Sin Yee, Tina, Mee En and Aida.

The conversation went like this:

Tina: How about breakfast?

Me: How about milk? It's dairy right?

Mee En: Mee-ll-kkk. You must say the "k".

Me: What? Kay..Meee-ll-KEH.

Mee En and I started laughing. It was the way we said it, that was funny :P

Teacher came by to check on us, and I said "Cikgu, KFC boleh ke? Untuk makan malam.Haha." (Teacher, how bout KFC? To eat for dinner?) Then the others started yelling "Pizza Hut! Dominos! McDonalds! Kenny Rogers!" and a bunch of other fast food restaurants. Teacher said "Eh kan, semua tu tak sihat!?" (Hey, but isn't it all unhealthy?) We made excuses saying "Tapi cikgu, pizza tu kan ada toppings? Ada cheese, peperoni, pineapple, semua?" (But teacher, pizza has toppings right? It has cheese, peperoni, pineapple, everything?" And burst into laughter. Teacher shook her head, smiled and said "No, no. Tak boleh." (Cannot)

When the teacher asked us to read out our menu, none of us wanted to get up. Mee En put her hands up in surrender:

and the rest of us followed except for Tina. HAHA. So she was the chosen one :P

When she read out "this, pie." The teacher said "Apple PIE?" And we started laughing. The horrified look on her face, omg. She said "Okay, go on. Tina said "blah blah blah...Ham" The horrified look was back on the teacher's face and she said to Aida "Eh, you makan ham ke?" (You eat ham?) because Muslims don't eat pork. Mee En, Sin Yee and I were saying "Teacher, dia makan CHICKEN ham, bukan babi." (she eats chicken ham, not pork) HAHA. Ahh, the sub teacher is really nice though :)

I was supposed to fast during recess, but Mee En convinced me to buy chicken and I couldn't resist. HAHA. It was delicious though :3 I drank some of Nab's iced lemon tea because the sauce was pretty hot.

Moral class was the same, a lot of laughing, joking around and not really studying. I got an A for Moral :) And for English too. But I'm pretty disappointed with my English marks because it's lower than what I'm accustomed to. Oh well :P HAHA.

 Walking back to my class, I spotted Shawn from the corner of my eye. I tensed and as I expected, he tugged at my hair. Chased him, but he managed to run into the guys toilet, and hey, even I have limits :P It didn't end there though. Shawn and Way Jie (who appeared from nowhere and decided to talk to me after ignoring me for a week) started teasing me and trying to get a reaction from me, to prove to their friends from my class that I am, indeed a psycho person who whacks them up. I cracked all of Shawn's fingers, and I hear one guy say "Eh, dia buat karate ke?" HAHA. No way, I'm just good at defending myself after years of practice.

They continued to tease me and I chased them for a while, just for the fun of it. I couldn't help smiling though, it was fun and brings back memories from last year. HAHA. Way Jie kept yelling for Shawn when I stalked towards him and I asked him "Why do you need Shawn to save you? When you can just fight me yourself?" They ran in opposite directions, so I had an whale of a time, pretending I was going to chase them, but not doing it. Haha, how I've missed those idiots. Yee didn't leave his class though, suddenly a good boy. Wow. Jihah taught him well :)

And here I am after a long day at school.

Don't say I didn't warn you it was going to be a long post!

Till next time! :)

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