Friday, March 1, 2013

From A Teenager's Point Of View.

(I wish I remembered this more often.)

On first note: I'm well aware that I write (type) out my thoughts far too much. I mean, bazookas, before I started a blog, I used to write 5 pages worth of nonsense, just so I could stop beating myself up for it :P Don't like to read, my advice is don't. :) 

Downloaded some ebooks on my phone! :D Yay! I promise not to read them when I'm not bored.

My day:
Went to school, had some kind of ceramah going on. Every time I tried to talk to my friends, a teacher would WHOOSH by and say "JANGAN BERSEMBANG." Whhyyyy -__- we're not doing anything illegal. It went on for quite a while, something about drugs and female students skipping school to hang out with their boyfriends and smoke :O I had no idea (okay, I did) that those kind of things happened in MY school. Teacher also said they're having urine tests for drugs. Gross, but..still kind of..interesting.

 ICT class was okay :) My group got the number 10, so we don't have to present until next week :D So much work to do, haha. Maths was..confusing and noisy as usual. Jihah and I just kept talking and talking, while I wrote everything on the board down and she played with a pen :P HAHA. That's Jihah for you. The others went out before I did, so I had recess with Jihah, Fad and Nab. One donut has increased to two. I should get my stomach under control :( We spent 2 periods, hearing about proper school attire, hair and nails, just for the girls. I didn't mind much because I didn't bring my Physics books. HAHA. One girl came by to asked for me to go to the library for public speaking, but my crazy friends told her I didn't come :O Just so ehemehem wouldn't be alone :P HAHA. OMG GUYS. I couldn't go to the library after that, it would have been embarrassing.Which was definitely part of her plan. HAHA. I still love you though, thank God I didn't have to do it today.

First rule was about collar badge, shoes, name tags and etc. School attire. HAHA.
Second rule was all nails must be short and not painted. -___-
The worst part was the hair. "No curry puff" said the teachers. Last year, you told us to HAVE curry puffs instead of bangs! -.- If you're wondering what a curry puff is, it's when you pin back your bangs and make a tiny bump (you know, for fashion).  Which really isn't that horrid at all. Apparently, it's a disgrace to have curry puffs, and your bangs should lie flat on your head. No thank you. And for those of us who leave our bangs down, they said "School is not a place to look cute and try to attract attention from guys. This is NOT a model school." Well obviously, we won't be learning Science and History in model schools..if they exist. We'd learn how to walk and idk. HAHA. I leave my bangs down, because that's who I am, that's what I want to do, and you can't change it, whether you like it or not. 

We are NOT NUNS. (no offense to nuns) We are not expected to look like clones either. I THOUGHT in life, one has to be creative and be his or her own individual instead of being like everyone else. I understand we have to abide by school rules, but we're not doing anything wrong by leaving our bangs down when it doesn't even obscure our vision -__- Nothing colorful can be worn, I don't really know why. Umm..and, hair can't be tied to the side like mine is because this is not a model school and I'm not a model. #quote. So starting from next week, it's back to high ponytails -.- Urgh, so annoying and HEAVY. Pfftt.  Don't you have pity for girls like me with thick, layered hair?

Finally got to go back to class :D And our BM teacher didn't come, so we just sat in a group like this:
Seating chart. HAHA. The white circle is a bunch of random people who came over to talk to..someone who was not me?

Just so you know, Mee En started the laugh fest, not me.

There was a moment of silence (for our fallen comrades, lol jk) and then, it happened. The laughter apocalypse. 

Mee En: *sarcastic laughter* Haha. Haha. Ha. Ha.Ha. 
Me: *hmm, bored. Why not join?* Ha. Ha. Ha. 
Both of us: Haha. Ha. Ha. Ha. HAHAHAHA. *burst into real laughter*
Jihah: Wait, what just happened? OMG. HAHAHA. 

Then we couldn't stop after that, it was like we were drunk on laughter. Talked about a bunch of random things, Jun Sung Ahn and Youtubers :3 Also mentioned relationships, but that's irrelevant. I took out some Tic Tacs (which I stole..from my bro, lol) and suddenly so many hands shot out, begging for some. HAHA. Even people who weren't at my table, like Farhan and Yuyie came over to ask for some. whatttt. HAHA. 

Funny la, my classmates. 

(See, did not mention Sin Yee! :D oh wait.)

The bell rang, and I ran to the T.S.N.R.L. (Top Secret Not Really Location) as fast as possible. Nab and Jihah came by later and gave me some of their guava pieces :3 Fruits <3

Going to make this soon! :D YEAH.


Opinion time! :'(

"Teenagers are treated like children, yet they are expected to act like adults"

Don't you agree? HAHA. Whenever I act childish and immature, I get told "Grow up and be serious, won't you? Life is not a joke." Yet, when I voice out my opinions and act perfectly logical and serious, NOBODY CARES. Don't you feel that sometimes adults treat teenagers like children way too much? 

Take me for an example, should I ask for permission to do something my folks won't approve of: "No dear, you're far too young and immature to be thinking of doing such improper things." If I'm asked to do something I dislike and I have no desire to do so: "*inserts full name* you're old enough to be responsible to fulfill this task/responsibility/whateverIwishyoutodo." It's a conspiracy to get teenagers to do what their parents want them to do :O 

"No one likes to live a lie"

Do you ever wonder why so many teens/pre-teens get involved in bad stuff? Drugs, smoking, alcohol, premarital sex, anorexia, bulimia and so many other things that ruin their lives? The main reason is because at that stage of life, they are most vulnerable to being influenced by things that make them feel accepted. It's not always because they're bad, or weak in their opinions. It's because they're misguided, confused. They want to feel accepted socially and emotionally. And they don't realize that those things will RUIN their lives, instead of making it better. 

They try so hard to be perfect, to pretend to be someone they're not. But if only they knew, that they can never be truly happy when they lie to themselves about who they are. Bad substances don't fix your problems, it makes them worse.

It makes me sad to see teenagers (and just about anybody) commit suicide. They had a future, and it was taken away from them. They rebelled, lashed out at the ones they loved, they felt trapped, like they had no where else to go. And finally, they just give up. Some idiots say "They were just emo freaks/aliens" and scorn when someone takes his own life. But they have no idea how lonely those kids felt, how undervalued they were. And those teens probably never really understood why either.

Don't treat people like crap. You don't know their lives and what they're going through. How could you know their stories, unless you wrote it yourself? STOP judging people. I know it's in our nature to make assumptions about others, but just try your best not to. It's unnecessary and why do it, when you know you're making others feel bad about themselves? Bullying is also one of the most common reasons for suicide. 

Instead, take your time to get to know the people around you. If you've determined that one person is indeed a bad seed, don't bother her, just forget about him. There's no use getting riled up about him. Treat others with kindness and never say a bad word against another. People would think more fondly of you, if you were the nice person who never said a mean word about another, than they would if you were someone who gossiped and hurt people's feelings by making them feel bad about themselves. 

You never know if the person next to you is suicidal or going through his own emotional problems. Just spare a second of your time to make him smile, whenever you can. You never know if you can inadvertently save his life. 

"Do unto others, what you would want them to do to you." Try to live by the Golden Rule.

Till next time :)

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