Friday, March 15, 2013

Frustrations: When You Just Want To Give Up.

 Put aside the math and logic of it -Wanted (Hunter Hayes)
Hey there! :)

I don't feel like talking to anyone. Weird huh? Especially for someone who never shuts up. It's mostly because I'm frustrated. Why? So many reasons, but bottom line is I'm being a moody teenager.

Won't be attending cell tonight, I'm planning to start on "Begin Again" tonight. I should have started yesterday, but I was too tired and lazy to do it. Tuition yesterday was fun. Teacher's sense of humor is just wow. Mee En and Man Shuen abandoned Iyana and I :'( HOW COULD YOU? Haha, just kidding. Oh and Sin Yee! I'm so sorry I didn't go to school yesterday! I didn't expect the others to ponteng :( We left you all alone, sorry sorry :'( So evil of us, haha. We'll make it up to you next week :) I didn't go to school today too, ask any of my old classmates, I always take a break from school after tests or exams because I'll be extremely grumpy and disoriented the days after. HAHA.

I'm not looking forward to getting my results back. The only subject that I can count on getting an A is English, the others...meh. But to be honest, I don't really care about my results, as long as I do my best and reach my own expectations. I don't really expect too much for myself, how can I, when I know my limits and where I stand? I know what I'm good at and I know what I'm hopeless at, to me that's enough as long as I try hard enough. Who am I kidding? I do care, I'm just good at pretending and telling myself I don't. 

Enough serious talk for now. HAHA. I've been moody ever since I finished the last piece of my chocolate cake this afternoon. Sigh, chocolate <3 My one true love, I'll never stop loving you :) I also have to admit that I have a few ideas stuck in my mind that I've been dying to let out and I can't, because once I start writing it out, it disappears and it's AWFUL. How can I ever inspire to be a writer when I can't even bring myself to write?

Precious (one of the cats, HAHA) has been extremely affectionate of late. I think it has something to do with her being pregnant and all :P Hormones. HAHA. Which is why I didn't get to learn the song yet, she distracts me with her cuteness.

Well, that's all for now :)

Time to start living my life again.


  1. Hope you do well on your report card! I am also good at English. I see the chocolate feeling is also mutual.


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