Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Memories I Won't Ever Forget :)

Hey there :)

Life's been taking its toll on me lately, I've been so tired, I'll come home from school and crash on the couch after lunch.

I went to school today. I have no idea why I'm so tired in the morning even after sleeping early and taking afternoon naps. A teacher asked us Form 4 students to stay back, but she didn't tell us why till the other forms entered their classes. When I heard the words "Go back to your Form 3 classes to line up for your school magazine." (in Malay), I was so excited, I jumped right up and dragged Najihah to find our friends and line up. We saw Ainin, Arissa, Atikah and a few others who went to ST/1 and went to them, squealing and saying things like "Long time no chat!" and "Omg, I miss you so much!" while hugging or pulling each other's arm.

Intan came towards us, and the greetings started again. HAHA. I thought it would be awkward but it was actually quite refreshing and crazy to see them again :) Of course, there are a few of our friends who changed schools this year like Fareisyah and Careen :( It's funny how two people can make such a difference. We started chatting about our classes till we had to sit down in our rows. We do still see each other around in school, but it's not the same. All we say is greetings and have a short chat before we move on with our lives, so it's awesome to finally have a taste of the old times :) But I honestly miss 3 Marikh (Mars) more than anything.

Somehow Shawn ended up sitting in front of me. HAHA. I was the first of the girls to sit. Whyyy. Yi Wen came and sat next to me. Yee was sitting in front of Shawn. Way Jie suddenly appeared with a green slip in his hand, and I couldn't help teasing him by saying "Eh, who are you? You're from our class meh?" He glared at me. I continued "I've never seen you before, are you sure you're from this school?" And he boinked my head -__- JERK. HAHA. Okay, maybe I deserved that.

I felt awkward at first. You would too, if you were in my situation :P I looked at Way Jie's green slip and it turned out to be a pass for being late to school. Bangun lewat? HAHA. Always. Talked to the guys a bit, and as usual all the perverted stuff came out. Teenage boys with dirty minds, never a good sign. But I'm used to it after all these years, so I just shrugged it off.

Yi Wen got the school magazine. I didn't buy it, so I borrowed hers to see the class photos. I looked at my class, and I saw myself. I thought "Oh God why." I looked terrible. HAHA. Probably because I was still overwhelmed with the mischief the boys were up to that day. Shawn looked over and laughed, nudging Yee and saying "Hey, remember that day? Chasing you around until you sweat so much, your hair got stuck to your face." It's true! Lol, his hair looked like he was standing in the rain for hours and accidentally walked into the photo :P

I saw Way Jie sitting next to the teacher (in the photo), and snickered "Spongebob Squareface..." right before he boinked my head again. I hit him back, and we started this really petty slapping war. HAHA. We stopped for a while and started at it again, but with Shawn included this time. I really am a violent person. Counsel me, anyone? :P

Yee (Lol, okay, maybe it was Way Jie? hmm) suddenly asked Shawn if he had a girlfriend. I thought "What? You've been in the same class for months and you ask him that now?" :O Wow. He jokingly said it was Law Yi Wen and tried to put his arm around her. She grimaced and said "Ewww, no way la. Touch me, I'll kill you." I laughed so hard at her expression. LOL. She looked like she wanted to knock her file over his head.

The teachers finally allowed us to go back to our classes, so we did. I kinda forgot what happened today. Short term memory loss always happens when I take naps after school. Sigh. I do remember I spent most of recess with Yi Wen, walking around and talking about life these days :)

Sin Yee not only passed her Sejarah paper, but got an A :O Dayyuummnn. I TOLD her she would get an A :P Sejarah pro. I got an A for ICT. Me, Laily and Fitri got 83 %. Chanderesshan got 80%. I don't know who else got an A, but I do know that a majority of us passed.

Tina, Sin Yee and Mee En were talking about a guy who was making Mee En's life miserable, and I was completely oblivious at first because I didn't read her blog till now, so they had to explain the situation to me. Let me say something, when you're not her boyfriend, you don't have the right to boss her around and make her feel guilty for talking to her guy friends. Honestly, even if you WERE her boyfriend, you deserve a good thump on the head. We females, are not property. You do not have the right to dictate our every move and make ridiculous assumptions without prove. So there! Don't be a jerk.

Sophia (also known as Izzati, lol) showed me this curling set she's selling. Did I mention she's a business-girl? :D Mind blown. It looks like this:


One does look weird when wearing it. Kind of like a clown with multicolored hair :P

Sophia demonstrated how to use it on my hair, and people started coming up and watching her do it. HAHA, I was the only one who couldn't see what was going on at the back of my head :(

I love curling my hair. I'm not even ashamed (okay, maybe a little) to admit that I have a bit of girliness in me. So I'm buying this from her at a discounted price :D Some of my friends want to see the results and the process (where I look like a clown), so you can wait for that to appear in a while :)

Jihah decided to test the spiral thingy on my hair to see if she could do it. Bully! :P I kept going "Oww! Ouch! Save me, someone, save me!" as a joke. HAHA. Jihah was all "Maine, you're such a drama queen." Okay :(

I read a magazine with Lina, Jihah and Sophia. We'd go "Omg, that's so pretty!" and "Is that a guy or a girl?" HAHAHA. Oh, it was crazy.

 Maths teacher let us out early today! :D Sniff sniff, thanks teach. It was raining though, but by some strange stroke of luck, my dad came early because Ian was late for school so I went back earlier than I expected :D There were fries in the car, and music. This is the life, man.

Ohh, Sin Yee's sick and she probably won't come to school tomorrow :( Aww. We'll miss you, stay home and get well soon! :)

Neways, I'm sorry for being a grumpy cat to some of you today. I've just been too tired, it's hard to keep my eyes open. :( 

All in all, today was a good day and further motivation to go to school, hehe:)

Till next time! :D

Note: After doing some research, I discovered that Magic Leverag is a knock off from a brand called Curlformers. But curlformers are almost RM200, while Magic Leverag is only about RM40, so I have no qualms about buying it.


  1. Pretty cool! Do those curlers work? Sounds like you had a busy day at school!

    1. Haha, yeah I love school! I have yet to test them out, but I'll post about it when I do :)


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