Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Am Not For You.

Hey there!

So I went for the IM4U event yesterday with Aijean. Kinda regretted saying I'm okay with going as early as possible because I only got 4 hours of sleep. Haha. I blame the cat for being such a cute distraction.I mean really, who can resist big blue eyes?

Had an awful time trying to find Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. We kept going around in circles -__- Managed to get there at least. Saw a huge crowd of people when we arrived, I was expecting a lot of people to show up, but I still got a shock. Did I mention how much I abhor crowds? HAHA. Yeah. I dislike standing so close to strangers till the point where I can smell their sweat and have them accidentally jostled me every now and then. It annoys me to death. If I would care to admit it, I'm not fond of human contact with people I don't know."STOP TOUCHING ME." the whole time. Having rude people shove their way in and out of a crowd isn't much fun either. Please, get a dictionary and learn what "Excuse me", "Please" and "Thank you" means. I find your rudeness unbearable.

Finally got to enter the conference hall after waiting for about half an hour. The hall was nice, aircond, sigh :') We collected our bands and the leaflets. There was about 20 speakers taking turns to speak. The best Non-Youtubers speakers were Scott Hammell, Pushpa Basnet and Ben Ibrahim.

Aijean, Sophia and I went for lunch, during break. The food was okay, but not really special. Natalie, Cheryl, Lih En went to Starbucks. Jeans got 2 VIP tickets, so she gave me one! :D Yay! Thanks man. HAHA. A guy asked us to write down our secrets and put it in a huge mail-shaped box. Anonymously. I just wrote the first thing I thought of and placed it in the box. The students there are really friendly.

Scott was really funny, he kept cracking jokes and he juggled balls, bowling pins and razor-sharp axes. For the balls and pins, he had a guy from the crowd lie below where he was juggling the pins and pretended to almost drop it a few times. HAHA. Wanted to see him juggle the axes with the guy there but he deemed it too dangerous :( He showed us how to escape from a straight jacket. Heard popping a few times, and the crowd kept gasping. Thought he would wretch his arm out of its socket, the way he tried to get out. We were all in awe when he finally got out of the straight jacket. We saw a video of him jumping from a plane blind folded and handcuffed to his waist. Seriously epic, I tell you. This guy is awesome, and really friendly.

Saw Henry Golding, he was sitting in front of us. He's even more handsome in real life. HAHA. No joke. A guy, Matthew Supramaniam, was a leading soprano, until his voice broke. He showed us photos of Eton, and omg, that place is seriously Hogwarts-y :3 But it's a boy school. HAHA. I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter. During some speeches, I was too lazy to listen so I read some eBooks on my phone. lol.

Pushpa Basnet was absolutely inspirational. She was the only speaker to make me cry. HAHA. But really, her story was amazing and really touching. Ben Ibrahim was super funny. He kept making jokes and talking in the Manglish way. Fantastic. He's really friendly too. He waved at everyone when he left the hall, and walked so slowly, his wife got fed up and gave him a push. Seriously hilarious.

When Jinn came, everyone was already starting to go in front of the stage. We already shifted our seats from the back side of the hall to the second row in the middle, so we didn't have to move anywhere. All those people who went in front annoyed me, because they held up their phones and obscured my view of the stage. People, come on. You're not the only ones at the event, okay? Think of the people behind you, who can't see anything.

I thought of standing on the chair, like the rest were doing, but I pitied the people behind me, so I didn't. Chester, David and Jason were briefly interviewed. I was distracted by the screaming and yelling, so I only heard bits and pieces of the conversation. Aijean and Cheryl were super excited, screaming "Chester show me your abs! and something else. Fangirling. HAHA. I was just calmly sitting or standing there, and watching the conversation between the Youtubers and Jinn. I'm not a fan girl, I don't obsess over actors, singers and etc. Even if I wanted to, I can't. I'd feel most dreadfully ashamed of myself for being so girly if I think of doing it. I'm not much of a screamer either. HAHA. I can yell and scream like crazy for team spirit events and stuff, but not for hot guys like Chester, David and Jason. My brain is just wired that way :P Yes, it is pretty unfathomable, but you know me. My idea of being excited is raising my hands in the air and going "Yay."

Screaming also reminds me of how annoyed I get when people scream in my ear, like how they did at the concert last night, so I'm not very fond of it. Some girls have REALLY high-pitched voices. Blegh. After that was the meet and greet. We were like walking here and there, going from one place to another. Finally reached the room where they were, and we were told "No photos, and autographs." I was like what the heck? Isn't that what MNGs are for? -.- We don't even get a measly photo? Was kinda awkward. I approached David and he smiled at me and hugged me. Turned to Jason and hugged him too. I think he's kinda shy. HAHA. Didn't get to hug Chester -___- that blasted lady actually TUGGED me away and told me to leave the room. I was so pissed off, but I just grabbed my bag and walked out with the others. They did take a professional photo, but how on earth are we supposed to get that? We want PERSONALIZED photos with them, not a huge group. I seriously dislike the way they organized the MNG. The lady was so rude, practically forcing us out of the room. I understand you're rushing, but need you be so impolite? We're their FANS okay. We deserve some respect. Irredeemable behavior, absolutely despicable.

Went to the stage area. We got to seat at the front section, because we had VIP tags. HAHA. Some people were giving us weird looks when they saw our tags.

A few Malaysian bands played first. Hujan and something else (I forgot). I completely forgot the fact that a lot of drum beats and bass hurts my stomach. Lol. It was so loud, I could feel the vibrations from my toes to the top of my head. I felt sick. I really cannot abide loud music >.< 

Project EAR was actually pretty nice. Their music was catchy and really blood pumping. Best band in my opinion. One of the singers/rappers kept throwing water at the crowd. I was praying that the water won't hit me, because there's nothing worst for my skin than water touching my burning skin. It causes skin pigmentation for me. 

Jason Chen was the first Youtuber on stage. He sings and plays the guitar even better live than he does in his videos! :O That completely ruins my perception of live singing. Hehe, his songs were so catchy and fun :3 When he sang Best Friend, I was drooling at the sound of his voice. LOL. Weirdness.  <3

Next was David Choi. He mentioned a break up (serious ah?) just a few days earlier. Whattt. Unbelievable. I was convinced of how awesome he is, when he started singing and playing his guitar (okay, borrowed guitar, maybe? lol) I was completely blown away by his voice. His songs were bittersweet and sweet. I think the first song was a song he wrote after his breakup, second was "By My Side" (Pretty sure, yeah) and the last song was "That Girl" .He kept making sweet comments in between songs that made the crowd awww and oohhh. He was uhh-maz-inggg. <3

Chester See came on stage after David. He mentioned a breakup (okay, you've got to be kidding me) and sang a song he wrote about it. Those girls must be out of their minds! Who on earth would break up with these sexy guys? HAHA. Then he said "But the good news is, I'm single." All the girls were screaming and going "ohmygosh, ohmygosh!" He also said "But don't worry guys, we could always have a Brooommannccceee." while playing the last part on the piano/keyboard. HAHA. We were all cheering then he stopped and laugh and said something I didn't hear. Wanted to hear him play Bromance :( First song he played was a new song that's not online yet (I think! I forgot. lol) about the breakup. Then he sang "I'm Falling For You" and "God Damn You're Beautiful". I'm not sure, but my memory says so. LOL.

His voice is so sexxayyyy. At one point, some girls started yelling at him to take his shirt off and the guys chanted "STRIP. STRIP." I was laughing like crazy when I heard that. Chester teased us by saying "It's so hot. What if I take off my...." A lot of screaming again. "Necktie?" Crowd sighs in disappointment. Then he said "It's so hot up here, what if I showed you guys..." Guys start chanting "STRIP STRIP" again. "My forearms?" Everyone "awwww :(" 

There was a point when he said "I'm dripping sweat!" and everyone was like whooping and going "Sexxaaayyyyyyy!" even the guys, LOL. He laughed and went "It's not supposed to be!" Love dat sense of humor. HAHA. 

This was the crowd from David's point of view. So many people. HAHA. We were lucky to be able to stand in front. 

Someone sent this in a FB message. lol :) Emma <3

Not hating on the screaming, but please try to refrain from it when I'm listening to them sing their songs! It's distracting. You can scream but not when they're singing please. Annoying la -.- Remember, people have ears too. Not just mouths.

Went to Starbucks with Aijean afterwards to wait for her mum. One of the workers there asked for my name to write on the cup and I kinda lied and told her it was Lyn. LOL. Didn't want to spell my name to her, so..haha. It's a half-truth though. She was really friendly though. The service there was really efficient and I thoroughly recommend it. Watched them prepare my iced chocolate :3 Niccee. I put sugar in it. HAHA. Yeah, weird, but that's just another one of my queer eating/drinking habits.

The wristband. 

MNG pass.

VIP pass.

Books I bought for doodling. HAHA. The people who sold it to me were nice, thumbs up. 

I like how the put Ms. there, makes me feel important. HAHA. What if I told them I'm married? :P 
Chatted with the girl who served my iced chocolate to me, she asked me which university I'm attending. I went "What? Haha, no, I'm only 16."  lol. 

Ah well, till next time :)

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