Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Lucky Tooth :)

Hey there! :)

So I went for a dentist appointment today. First time since 2006. HAHAHA. I think us Malaysians are more interested in eating than having check ups for our teeth :P I know I am. LOL. I should be ashamed of myself.Reminder: taking care of your teeth is important if you don't want it to rot and decay. And trust me, if decayed teeth is scary when you see the pictures and all, how will it be like HAVING decayed teeth? D: I don't want to know, and I think you wouldn't want to know either.

I had some fillings, I went last after Ian and Ryan. Ladies first mah, hahaha. The dentist told me some freaky stories about this and that happening to people's teeth and how some dentists make mistakes and I was "Urgghh urgghhh mmffpphhh?" -ing the whole time. HAHA. Once I said "Weea-lssy?" and he said "Yeah really happened! and ...." I was marvelling at the fact he could understand what I was mumbling. LOL. Try talking with your mouth full of cotton :P He said "Don't eat for an hour after I'm done." I said "Don't eat? You mean, no food AT ALL for an hour?" No poop, Sherlock. He replied "Yes, or the so and so will come out." Okay :(

He told me I have to extract an extra tooth hiding behind another tooth, or it would cause problems in the future :( So I'm going back next Saturday to take the tooth out. I hate having my tooth taken out by force, it's far more fun to let it loosen naturally and dangle by a thread before finally dropping off. Okay, that was gross. HAHA. But it's true! But this tooth is nowhere near falling off so I have to extract it, sigh. I almost swallowed a tooth once when I was a kid, yeah, not fun.

I was a weird kid. I actually liked going to the dentist. TOO happy, that's the keyword. HAHA. Now that I look back, I can see how creepy I used to be. (and still am :P) Even now, when others are trembling with fear at the thought of getting their teeth drilled, I laugh when the dentist's drilling mine. HAHA. I should get a shrink to see if there's something wrong with me.

I should get a new profile photo for my blogger and other social medias, but I can't do it when I'm too ashamed to take photos of myself, so I have to get someone to take photos of me. HAHAHA. And if that person's reading this, she'd know I'm talking about her :P

Haven't seen Megan since New Year! :O Wow. Everyone's getting on with their own lives these days.

It's been more than an hour now, so I guess I can go eat something! :D

Till next time!


  1. I love it how dentists can understand everything you are telling them when you have your mouth wide open...I hate cavities...because I have to pay for them :( Yeah food and I have a strong relationship.

    1. Hahaha, yeah how true! :D Ikr! It's an awful pain in the ass. HAHA. Food <3


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