Sunday, March 10, 2013

To Love, and Be Loved.

Maroon 5- Daylight <3


Hey there :)

Do you know: When you repeat a word too often, or stare at it for too long, it soon becomes meaningless?

I have a confession to make. I didn't want to go to church today  "WHHYY?" -s from everywhere coming at me* Well, because study (yes, that was on purpose). HAHA. I have a monthly test coming up this week, Add Maths and Physics. Absolutely my WORST subjects. I can do Add Maths equations, but I can never remember what quadratic equations and etc are. Isn't it ridiculous? Knowing HOW to do it, but not WHEN to do it. HAHA. I foresee a D coming my way. And Physics is difficult for me, because as I've mentioned before, I DETEST numbers and equations with every fiber in my body. Okay, now that's an exaggeration. I quite enjoy Physics, le teacher is funny and teaches well, but Physics is one of the many things that I can't absorb into my head.

I'd love to say that I have a terrible memory (which I sort of do) but the truth is, I only remember things my mind chooses to remember. WAIT, isn't that the same thing? HAHA. I can remember summaries of novels I read 8 years ago, but I simply can't remember equations and well, number-related things :P

Wait, where was I again? Ah yeah, so I initially planned to stay at home and study (STUDY? I don't believe it either), but then I already skipped last Sunday cause I got sick and as a commander, I can't exactly stay at home every week :( I went to church. GCC's praise and worship was da bomb today. Way more energetic and loud than it usually is :D Go Orange! Sometimes I wish I could attend the Fuxion praise and worship, but duty calls. We went to Fuxion afterwards, had to sit in the front row >.< Joshua [I'm not sure what his last name is, there's too many Joshua(s) in church. HAHA. Okay, I really have to start learning people's names] shared a testimony about attending Fuxion and learning to let go, it was kinda funny but really deep :) You'd understand if you were there, cause I'm not much good at explaining. Eugene talked about "Peer Pressure" afterwards, the way he explained everything was hilarious, I laughed till I had tears streaming down my cheeks. Esther kept exclaiming "Yeah true true!". He said things that we could really related to. Wow, just wow.

Sam Ong stopped me and told me something about Fuxion's praise and worship auditions or something. I was like "Ain't nobody got time fo dat." HAHA. Just kidding, I would love to join, but I can't sing, I'm not good at playing the piano and guitar and I'm just a huge bag of lazy bones in general. So yeah, if YOU can sing or play a musical instrument, please do, sign up :) Speaking of musical instruments, I haven't played any of mine for almost 3 months now. Wow Maine, are you that studious now? I'm sorry, I like to talk in third person, I find it enjoyable.

We went for lunch afterwards with Joy, Esther, Aijean and Jojo, I didn't eat anything but lekor and drank 1/2 of Esther's Chinese tea. HAHA. Sorry! :O Joy and I walked to M.D. twice, once by ourselves and another time, with Esther. Went to change our clothes afterwards. They should really install air-cond in the ladies room, haha, I wish. It's so hot, 10 minutes there and I start perspiring. Went to the Second Hall to put our stuff down and keep an eye on the kids. I forgot how rowdy boys could be -__- They knocked over chairs THREE times. Jo and I had to keep telling them off because we were the earliest commanders to arrive. Some of the girls were yelling "Commander! Commander! Why you didn't come last week?", thank God I didn't skip church today :P We'll be re-doing our banner and boloties next Sunday, so I probably have to skip Fuxion.

Joy Jensen kept borrowing my phone, and not doing his Baseball questions, so I had to lie to him and say I had no idea where my phone was. HAHA. Anna teased Anita about wanting to study to be an English teacher instead of doing graphic designing, because Anita is REALLY good at drawing, but she didn't want to take graphic designing, lol. Some people say being a commander is tiring and makes one feel old, which is true, but I also find it somewhat satisfying and rewarding because well, I used to be like them and it's nice to see how they change as they grow older know, help them not get influenced by the wrong things and grow into strong examples of men and women in the coming years. Parades always amuse me, it reminds me of the times when Cmdr David Supp would never EVER let us keluar baris until we execute the last step perfectly.

We combined with Expedition Rangers for games and the song & yell competition. Nothing much to say about the S&Y competition except:

  • BMW's song was really catchy and cute.
  • 2 patrols used One Direction songs. Woah. 
  • And surprisingly in most patrols, the boys lack enthusiasm compared to the girls. 
I remember last year, my patrol got the best for the S&Y competition because well, we did teamwork and yelled our lungs out. HAHA. I miss those days. We were pretty rowdy back then. 

They played Satu Gudu Gudu (commanders' all time favorite) and everyone couldn't help but laugh at the guys, because they were really extreme. It's a surprise that the Adventure Rangers managed to beat their seniors though :O Little kids have power. HAHA. 

Have I ever told you the meaning of my blog's url? I might have but I don't recall if I ever did. 
Someone once asked me "Why banana? Why Chocolate? Why Maine? Your favorite food ah?" 

Banana: I've mentioned countless times, but nevertheless, I will mention it again: Banana means a Chinese person who can't speak Mandarin. Why? This is not racist, it's a fact: Yellow on the outside, white on the inside. HAHA. A pastor said that to me once many years ago, and you can guess who it was :) Funny thing is that I understand Hokkien and some of the more commonly used Mandarin words. Even stranger is that I don't actually eat bananas.

Chocolate: I never stop proclaiming my love for chocolate. Milk chocolate, to be specific. <3 I'm one of those girls who eats chocolate when I'm happy, sad, angry and basically, no matter how I feel, I will always love chocolate :) 

I wonder if you know this, but I did not name my blog after banana chocolate chip muffins:

HAHA. Really. 

Maine: Did you know that Maine is a state in US? Not me, obviously. HAHA. I don't have to explain this one, Maine is me and I am Maine :) The end. 

*Wattpad rant* 

I'm sorry, but I'm a HUGE Watty fan, so I can't help mentioning this website sometimes. :P

I've recently started clearing out my Wattpad reading list. I haven't changed it, or touched it for the past 3 years. So one day, I decided to clear out all the stories that have fallen out of my favor or stopped reading, and re-read the stories that I enjoyed. You know the feeling you get when you look back on the way you used to blog and cringe mentally: Oh God, why? That grammar, that spelling, oh, kill me now. Well, I kinda felt that way when I saw the books that I once enjoyed reading. Granted, not all the books I used to read sucked, but some of them! Oh my. I can't even.... It horrifies me, how I used to be fine with reading books with horrible story lines, grammar, spelling and some of the things that are currently my biggest pet peeves in stories. Mind you, Wattpad is a website where ANYONE can write ANYTHING, but of course, you won't go anywhere with a cliche story with no creativity at all.. 

Okay, so maybe 3 years ago, I wasn't picky when it came to reading stories. I'd read anything as long as it's interesting. But now, things have changed. I've narrowed down my taste to certain genres, to stories that have creativity and humor in it. I don't just read anything that comes my way anymore. 

Some of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to Wattpad stories:
  • Cliche story line. It's usually the same, I see tons of Wattpad stories that goes : I fell in love with my best friend, who's a vampire, who hates the guy I like because blah blah blah. Those kind of writers are usually young and well, Twilight crazy. That's why I'm not much fond of Twilight. HAHA. Also, a girl who changes herself to attract a guy she likes. Shy and sweet girl turned popular badass chick who spews foul words and rides a motorbike. COME ON. If you have to change who you are to attract him, he's probably not worth it anyway. Quotes Phua Chu Kang: Use your brain, use your brain, use your brain. 
  • Bad grammar and spelling. Need I say more? Even a story with a good plot turns sour when all the other elements of the story are filled with errors.
  • Stories that mention a song and then proceeds to the entire lyrics to the song. Please,
  • Stories that have one whole chapter dedicated to text messages between main character and best friend/boy friend/someone he or she knows. Big fat NEIN here. 
  • Where a girl mentions her entire outfit, hair, makeup for about half the chapter. A little bit is fine, but pray, don't get carried away.
  • Sexual innuendos. For some reason, some stories MUST mention a character's bum or other body parts I rather not state. I know that sexual attraction is a huge deal nowadays, with movies/shows/ads promoting it and all, but for goodness' sake, some people who read your story are interested in reading about your character ogling some chick's bum.
  • Stories that have the 2 main characters have the same nickname: I.E. Alexis and Alexander. And not even the worst part, the author calls BOTH characters Alex, although they're two different people. It's confusing, and not to be encouraged. 
  • Updating one awesome chapter, and nada for the next 9 months -___- 
That's all I can think of writing for now :) 

And please note, my blog doesn't count in all the statements above. One, because this is a BLOG, an online diary, not a story. And two, I tend to write in Manglish and occasionally slip into Malay sometimes, because I am after all, Malaysian :P And three, I NEVER. EVER. make any of the above mistakes in my stories. I'm awful that way. HAHA. And four, I don't really consider myself a writer yet, I've written 2 poems on Wattpad so far, TWO YEARS ago and still haven't gotten around writing any stories . HAHA. I'm incorrigible :( I resolve to write a short story this year, when I find time between all the homework and nonsense I have now :P 

Till next time :)

(Wow, this was a long post, sorry!)

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