Friday, March 29, 2013

When Little Things Start To Matter

Hey there! :)
Just came back from the Good Friday celebration at church. Twas pretty different from the previous years but it was pretty amazing.
Here are some photos from the hair curling attempt I had a few days ago:
It's located somewhere around, haha. I'm blogging with my phone so yeah.. It's not all that organized.
It's been a great week so far. Managed to have a lovely sleep filled   week. I'll miss it when school starts again :( no more sleeping till 2 p.m. And goodbye to lazying around all day.
Of course, I've been spending some of my time wisely. I did some house cleaning, book reading, cat petting, and managed to learn the whole By My Side music sheet, one page of When I Was Your Man, Begin Again and Wanted :) so cheers to that! There was a CSI:Miami marathon today, I love that show :3
Anyway, I'm doing something I've been thinking of doing for a while. I'm finally deactivating my FB account :D applause anyone? Hehe. But yeah, I'm tired of social networks so I've decided to cut myself off the ones which I'm tired of and aggravates me. I'll be around though, no worries. There's always whatsapp, blogger, twitter ( linked to my phone), wattpad and umm.. Email?  :) If you have any problems that require immediate attention, sms me. You know my number.  I presume, haha.
I hope I'll finally get the time and inspiration to write a short story now. I'm pretty sure I want to major in English after school :D it's always been my passion. It's time to start living life again, and making full use of every day. I'm tired of planning, hoping and wishing but not actually doing anything. So wish me luck? :)
Tiffany Alvord concert tomorrow. Excited! Ryan wanted to go early, to walk around and chill. I don't mind, just thinking of all the food and yummy things at the mall next door makes me drool :3
Wow, never realized how tiring blogging on a phone can be. Oh well, finger exercises. What happened to my fellow bloggers? Why you no blog? I feel so alone here, in this blogging world :(
"Don't despair, hope for another tomorrow." - Author Unknown.
Let me know if I made any mistakes, grammatical or spelling! Thanks :)
Till next time!
Sorry for the short post btw :P
 P.S. And it is done! Facebook finally deactivated :D I'll probably delete it if I finally decide I have no use for it anymore. Hehe.  


  1. lend me your curlers when my hair is long enough :D
    growing it out long so that i can use my hair extension

  2. check me bloggie. long post ahead

  3. WHY u deactivate your FB ? goshh... :(

    1. Facebook getting boring mah :P Hahaha


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