Friday, March 8, 2013

When Pieces Fall Into Place.

Hey guys! :)

So life has been kind of crazy lately. I'm terrified about the coming monthly test! If we don't get acceptable grades, we'll have to drop down to another class. NOO. I don't want to leave, and I don't want my friends to leave either :'( It's actually quite silly, make us change classes after 2 months of getting to know each other and being comfortable where we are? -.- That's ridiculously illogical. I've even grown rather fond of the guys. HAHA. They still don't compare to the Mars guys although they persist in calling me "Shamim" (idk how to spell, omg don't kill me if you're reading this)  because one of the guys in class has a name similar to mine -__-

I'm hoping I don't fail anything..Especially Add Maths and Physics. Sigh :( Form 4 life is difficult.

Well besides that, I had a great time in school today :) HAHA. I was trying so hard not to fall asleep in the ICT lab, I was dead tired then. Went to the Physics lab after recess and couldn't stop yawning. It was weird though, I understood the liner motion stuff way better when I was half asleep than when I was fully awake. HAHA. I guess I don't get distracted easily when I'm tired.

Mee En and I went crazy during Maths. We sang Hope of The World by Hillsong United first. It was pretty funny, when we didn't know the lyrics, we went "Nananana..." and started laughing. Sudah mabuk. Then she mentioned "Nothing Is Impossible" by Planetshakers, and we started saying "I believe, I believe, oh wait, times 2. Hahaha!" while pumping our fists in the air. Iyana looked so confused :P

Way Jie's class has two tortoises in a container. So cute omg :3 HAHA, they better remember to take care of it. I wish I could take a kitten to school, lol. So fluffy and adorable, but extremely distracting, so no :(

After Physics: Yee gave me a hard thump on the back when I was talking to my friends and waiting for the class doors to be unlocked. Made a hasty decision and chased after him, really chased him this time. When I passed SI/1, I suddenly thought of the strict Economics teacher and turned back. And at the right time too, cause she came out to see what was going on. She went to Yee and scolded him. I don't know, because I was hiding among all the girls in my class. HAHAHA. She came our way and I panicked, mumbling "potatoes potatoes" under my breath. She told us to line up and not block the path, and I was like "Thank God!". Managed to escape from her. HAHA.

Oh yeah, I've changed my Add Maths tuition :D Going to Mee En and Man Shuen's tuition now. Quite fun, the teacher is really hilarious. There's a lot of people though, I got a heart attack when I walked in and saw how big the room was. I recognized a few people there, who used to attend my Form 2 Science tuition. Not really close to them though. HAHA. Teacher gave us some work to do for half an hour, but we spent most of the time talking. Chatterbox. LOL. I quite enjoy going there though. Iyana will be attending the tuition starting from next week too! :D Yay!

Till next time :)

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