Monday, March 25, 2013

When Raindrops Fall On My Head.

Hey there! :)

Sunday: The Misfortunes Of Being Sick
I've been sick since last Thursday after school. Dratted weather! (Blame the weather for everything :P) I slept all day on Friday, and on Saturday too, after passing out on the bed before having dinner. I felt better yesterday, so I decided to go to church :) Went pretty late though, I hate people seeing me when I'm sickly and weak. HAHA. FWP: The hall was so cold from the weather outside and aircond, I was getting goosebumps. Oh, how I wished for my beloved jacket that morning. We skipped Fuxion (Youth) that day. I was sick and I couldn't bear to walk in the rain to get to the foyer. The others wanted to help out with the kids. I stayed as far away from them as I could, cause I didn't want any germs getting to them :P

Talked to John Joel and Don about Rangers stuff. They asked me why I didn't go for the sleepover, so I told them I was sick. I looked sick, sounded sick and acted sick, but people don't believe me when I say I am :( They had a camp in church last Saturday night, with air-cond, in the second hall, with blankets.  Joy was saying how John Joel took up all the space in the tent by sleeping in the middle and spreading his arms wide and moving from side to side. So she had to sleep outside, in the cold HAHA. Talked to John Joel after that about PMR and all that school stuff, quite interesting :)

I chilled out at the back after sitting down in different places, getting bored, getting up and walking everywhere. HAHA. Fabian and Aaron were messing around with a camera and tripod, so I joined them. Fab was in charge of the laptop. I deviously planned to mess with him and slowly reached over the laptop and pretended to press a button. He saw me before I managed to do it, and reprimanded me each and every time I tried to do it, which was kind of the point anyway :P Joy saw my face and said "Hey, you okay or not? You look pale. Your face and lips are all white." I gasped in horror and said "I'm turning into...into something! I can feel the change.." Okay, stop it Maine, you're overreacting. HAHA. I started annoying Fabian again and he said "Do that again, and I'll touch you." After a moment of silence, I glanced at Aaron and he glanced at me, then we both stared at Fabian.

Me: Dude! That sounds so wrong.

Aaron: Exactly! What, touch people all?

Fabian: I mean, TOUCH la, like poke. (He then proceeded to poke my shoulder)

I burst into laughter and started teasing him with Aaron about how everything he says always seems to sound wrong. It's the way he says it, that gets me all big-eyed and boggles my mind. And trust me, it's definitely not just me. :P

Nicky and Lawrence (and the gang) tried to attack me with tickles again. They're only 11 years old and they're bullying poor old ladies like me? :(

I was talking to Cheryl and Aijean about Tiffany Alvord coming to Malaysia. I might have exaggerated a little about Ryan though :P Oh yeah, Tiffany's coming to Malaysia! :D YAYZ. Already got the tickets, hehe. Hope they're selling the merchandise though :) Ahh, I'm so excited even though I hate crowds and sweaty armpits. But it's worth it though. I say that every time I go to a concert or show. HAHA.

We went to the foyer after that. I didn't want to talk to anyone, cause I looked sick, felt sick and oh, you know? It hurt to open my mouth (a first! Wow) But that all changed when I saw Andrew. HAHA. When I see him, I automatically get this "Blabber" button activated :P So I went over, and started talking to him with everyone else joining the conversation. It was a pretty animated conversation, I laughed so hard though it hurt, but I couldn't help it :P

Where was I? Right, then we went to have lunch. And we waited for SO LONG. Aijean, Cheryl, Jojo at one table. The rest of us, namely Esther, Joy and me at the other table. Waited for maybe half an hour? And that kind of time we can't afford, especially with Rangers and all at 1.45 pm. I told Joanna and Andrew to tell my dad I won't be joining the Adventure Rangers. I wanted a rest, so shoot me. Hehe. The food finally came, and we ate it like savage beasts (or maybe that was just me). I went with them to the second hall. Helped Aijean with parade for a while and sat down immediately afterwards because I was tired. Watched them practice reporting and marching for a while and doozed in between.

David Poh saw me and said "Eh, you sick ah?" I weakly nodded my head. I laughed a lot when they were practicing the reporting. I'm sorry, but they reminded me of myself when I was like them. I was sms-ing a friend about something and grinned a few times because of some funny stuff he said when Esther noticed me smiling and said "Maine, why you smiling so much?" DP said "Aiyah, that kind of look means talking to boyfriend la." HAHAHA. I got a silent laughing fit after that (sore throat). It was just so funny, I couldn't help it.

I watched them play games afterwards. I cried, because I couldn't laugh, so technically, I laughed till I wept :P A word of advice: When you're playing games, don't give a twig about looking bad or making a fool out of yourself. Just have fun, you know? Let yourself go. No one's going to judge you for that :)

Stephen asked me why I didn't go to AR and I told him I was sick. He didn't believe me, because apparently I looked too healthy -__- okay. Dad didn't scold me :O I was shocked at that, he's my boss, so what could I expect? Hehe. I even got two slices of chocolate cake. For the soul :3

I did a test experiment on the curling set I bought from Sophia. It works really well! Not even 2 hours and it looks..curly. HAHA. I'll try curling all of my hair next time :) Thanks Sophia, I owe you a hug <3

I spent most of Thursday at school, talking my mouth off with Jihah and just about everyone else. Talked to Iman too, poor guy couldn't skip school on Friday cause his mum's a teacher. Everyone berpakat not to go to school on Friday cause there wasn't much to do and most of us were falling ill. Hehehe.

Photos in next post! Hopefully :)

Alrights then, till next time :)


  1. I love the picture! Where did you get it? Hope you feel better soon!


    1. :) <- This is my page. Thank you!


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