Thursday, March 14, 2013

With Passion Comes Ability.

Hey guys :)

Swing swing swing
(in the tune of Sing Sing Sing by Chris Tomlin)

Exams are finally over! And I couldn't be happier about it :) I can pretty much pinpoint which subjects I'll fail and which subjects I'll pass now.

Teacher switched our seats, according to the name list. I sat at Sin Yee's place, I'm number 5 on the list -__- Figures right? HAHA. Mee En was behind me, and Daiyana was behind her.  Last year, it was me, Careen and Yi Wen, sitting in a row :P Life's weird that way. My class has a lot of people with names starting with "M" and "N".

Farhan was sitting two seats across from me, and he kept making funny faces at me when I was trying to sleep. HAHA. Funny la that fella. The weather was really hot, and I didn't have anything to fan myself with :( ICT paper was okay, not too hard but I think I got a few questions wrong :(

Sejarah (History) had three sections. Objective questions were quite easy, because I studied beforehand with Jihah, Izzati and Lina. (Me? Study Sejarah? I can't believe it either :P) Section B was the "Question and Answer" type about Mesopotamia, not too easy but I could answer it. Section C was the worst part. THREE essay questions! Two of the questions we didn't even study in depth either. Teacher just breezed us over that, so we had no idea it was important :'( The third was about Tamadun Hwang Ho, and our Sej. Teacher taught us how to answer that and in addition, my group presented the topic for our presentation so it was easy to answer.

Maths: They gave us Form 5 questions and scared us to death when we couldn't answer it. I whispered to Nabilah "Since when did we learn this?" She said " Exactly!" Someone complained to the teacher and he called some people and inquired about the paper for us. So that's two bonus questions for us. There was a lot of mistakes in the paper, I wondered if they made the paper in a hurry when I saw a question that mentioned a "shaded region" but there wasn't any in the diagram! They rectified the mistake on the board, so it was alright. The last question in the paper stumped me for a while. I went to sleep, woke up when I wondered if it had anything to do with quadratic equations and tried answering it using the quadratic equation method. Double checked and it was correct! :D I think. I hope. I guess. HAHA.

I didn't go to school today. Woke up this morning to feel like I've been smashed on the head with a baseball bat. Exam hangover :P HAHA. I'm serious really. If I'd gone to school, I would have been grumpy all day.

Music Talk:


Finally took the initiative to sort out my piano sheets :) After about 2-3 years? HAHA.

One thing you should know is that playing the piano or any musical instrument is no joke.

It takes dedication, a sense of responsibility, determination and skill to be an accomplished musician. All of which, I do not possess :P HAHA. I'm not joking though. (Okay, sort of) One important thing about playing musical instruments: You must actually WANT to play it, not be forced to do it by your parents or anyone else. Without passion, it's meaningless.

 There is one reason why I was never able to play classical music when I was younger. I never wanted to. And that was the problem :P It was a good thing I quit my music lessons and started out on my own because I would never have gotten anywhere when I hated playing the piano.

I mentioned this so many times before but it's true. I wasn't a fan of classical music till I discovered ThePianoGuys. They certainly changed my mind about classical pieces and cellos :P They are the reason why I chose to love classical music :) Before that, I was far more interested in the composers' (like J.S. Bach, Beethoven and Mozart) lives than I was in their music.

Anyway, music sheets. I have a whole stack of those that I've no intention of trying to learn anymore and well, I think I'd be selling it or recycling it (as a final resort) :P HAHA. So tell me if you're interested in getting some piano sheets :) If you want to play a song but you can't find the music sheet, just let me know. I have a knack for finding hidden music sheets :P But if I can't, don't blame me. HAHA.

I've cut down my piano sheets by half at least. So there's about 25 songs I'm planning to learn this year :D

Finally got hold of David Choi's By My Side music sheet. It's difficult to find music sheets for some songs :( Sigh. Planning to learn "Begin Again" and "When I Was Your Man" this month. I've been too lazy to touch my piano ever since the year begun, hence why I'm learning "Begin Again" HAHA. If you get the quip.

I don't learn new pieces very often, with my reading disability (with notes!), it takes extra time and effort to learn a song. So I usually have to rely on listening to a cover by ear and playing it on my own :'(

I'll probably be busy with school work, Rangers merits (still a Ranger who's trying to get more achievements, despite being a commander), tuition and learning new songs, so I won't be blogging as much as I used to (I think, haha). Which reminds me, I haven't made a new blog banner yet. I'm still looking for inspiration :P HAHA.

Till next time! :)

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