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A Twist On Mythologies :)

Hey there! :)
 Heroes Of Olympus! <3 
Cannot wait to read the last two books in the series <3 <3 

This post is going to be a mixed rant/excited fan post about writing, reading, Rick Riordan, book review and you know..Everything to do with what I've been obsessed lately :)

 First off, Son Of Sobek, a crossover short story from The Kane Chronicles and Percy Jackson and The Olympians is coming out THIS MAY. Carter Kane and Percy Jackson meeting, now that would be interesting :3 I heard it's coming out in e-book form though. Not sure if there will be a paperback version :( Fingers crossed, twisted, bent and broken! (That's just an expression for hoping for way too much, HAHA). Already read the short preview and it sounds pretty awesome. It's just like Rick Riordan drive fans all over the world crazy, waiting to get their hands on the latest books in all his book series :P

Ian asked me why I haven't started on reading Mark Of Athena yet. The thing is: We have the whole Heroes Of Olympus collection (except for the two books that aren't out yet, heck, the last book hasn't even been WRITTEN yet), The Kane Chronicles trilogy and three books of Percy Jackson. We're still working on buying the last two Percy Jackson books to complete our set :) Yes, we are die-hard fans of Rick Riordan books. I don't read his adult fiction books though, cause obviously, they're for ADULTS. HAHA. (where was I? Oh right) And the moment we get our hands on the latest book, we pounce on it and stick our noses in it (not at the same time! Haha) for the rest of the day or even however long it takes to finish the book. I'm not kidding, we'd even stay up until the next morning just to finish reading it.

That's just how crazily addictive his books are. Rick Riordan has a funny sense of humor, perfect blend of sarcasm and seriousness and his books are just perfect <3 *Sighs* Ehem, the reason why I haven't start reading it yet, after MONTHS AND MONTHS of waiting (HAHA), is because I kinda read a spoiler in Goodreads, and I'm pretty sure if I start reading it, I'll be extremely emotional for the next month or so. Why? Well, you've heard of cliffhangers right? It basically means the author gives you some shocking revelation and then BAM! The end..of the first book or chapter. Cliffhangers leaves you wondering "Gosh, what happens next?" and fills your mind with a whole bunch of questions then you have to wait (im)patiently till the next book comes out.

And smart old Rick completely bewildered all Heroes Of Olympus fans out there by giving us a cliffhanger and wait for us an actual cliff hanging scene. I swear, if Percy and Annabeth dies... you have no idea what I might do. HAHA.

The last words in the chapter are portrayed by this:

It's such an ingenious idea, but it drives me crazy because I can't find out what happens next till THIS OCTOBER. How can I wait that long?!

The Lost Hero's ending wasn't too umm..upsetting, so to speak. But it was mostly about Jason Grace, no Percy :( Piper, Jason and Leo was fun, new characters though. I like.
The Son Of Poseidon was thrilling and amazing. Imagine a Greek demigod in a Roman camp. Wows :3 Introduced Frank and Hazel too. Was pretty emotional at the ending. I'm still wondering what happened after Percy and Annabeth met again. 

As for The Mark Of Athena, I heard it's a great book (as always) but I haven't read it so I'm not sure what happens :( The ending though, urgh, Rick, how could you?!

That's pretty much how I feel right now. And the last book in the series will be out NEXT YEAR. NOO :'( But then again, all great masterpieces take time to be written. 

I must apologize, first for the long post and second for being a tad too crazy about it all :P 

In case you're wondering, House Of Hades is the book I'm anticipating to read this year :3 The fourth book in the Heroes Of Olympus series. 

 Completely forgot about my mission to make these shirts:

I was so busy last year, it slipped my mind :( 

Some people say "Why read the books? Just watch the movies la." 
But But But the movies will NEVER EVER COMPARE TO THE BOOKS. 

Just so you know.

There's so much more details and feelings described in the books that you don't see in the movies. When you read, you can imagine just how everything is and it makes you slip into a world of fantasy with dragons, Golden Fleeces, monsters and all kinds of amazing adventures. Sides, the movies are never exactly like the books. 

He gets the craziest ideas but that's why us readers love him. 


There are some books which you'd read till the end, think "Wow, that was a nice book." and keep it away and forget all about it. 
Then there are those books, you would never imagine you'd like, but the second you read the first page, you start to wonder "Why did it take me so long to discover this?!", and you are pretty much  reeled in, hook, line and sinker.And those books are the kind that you can read a million and one times and never get bored of it. Those are the books I love the most.

The most ridiculous thing is, when I first heard of the Heroes Of Olympus a few months after all the going-gaga over the Percy Jackson and the Kane Chronicles, I was quite displeased with the idea of it. (Don't kill me, I'm not done yet) You see, most series that end wonderful and start a new series (with the same + some different characters) often ruin my idea of the whole original series and it pisses me off to no end. But the H.O.O. was different. Although I was reluctance to read it at first, I thought "Why not? Just give it a shot and see how it goes.". And dayyummmnnn, thank God I read it! Rick Riordan managed to keep the original characters intact (no one died, got terribly injured, forgot who he was EHEM EHEM, fell off a cliff Yeah, that's..WAIT WHAT?. Just kidding. HAHA. I mean he didn't change their personalities or anything.)  After the P.J. series, the H.O.O. was like a breath of fresh air. Hats off to you, kind sir. 

If you haven't read any of his books yet, trust me, you should! Rick Riordan is one of my top favorite authors, right there with Nora Roberts, John Grisham, J.K. Rowling and etc :) 

By the way, you really shouldn't compare Percy Jackson to Harry Potter. I love both series to bits, although Percy Jackson is regarded to be the top favorite amongst these two. It is a matter of taste of course. My love for Greek mythology and fighting sort of precedes my love for magic.

Extract from www.rickriordan,com

See? :P Bleh.

Hopping insane mythologies fan. Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse. You name it. I like it.

On a different matter, my school is having a Karya Kreatif (Creative Works/Writing) thing going on for our school magazine this year. I'm planning to write about something, but I just don't know what yet :P HAHA. Closing date for submission is sometime in April.

I'm pretty annoyed with school examination essays. They ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS choose the most boring, ordinary, everyday topics that can make me fall asleep writing it. There's always enough points to choose from, but it's just so BORING. URGH. Why you no give us fun, challenging stuff to write about? Most people assume I never score less than an A in English because I'm good at it, but the truth is, after writing essays for years and years and YEARS, I finally got used to all the main points of the essay and how to write it. Really, I'm not kidding, it'd bore you to tears to read.

Thank goodness my English teachers have always been creative when it came to writing essays in class or I'll go insane.

Tips to get better at writing:

Extract from

Agreed :)

My friends at school likes my hair when I tie it up in a high ponytail. But I don't. I like how it looks, but I hate how it feels. Thick hair drives me crazy! So heavy :( Sniff sniff. I have to start following the hair rules in school or they might chop all of my hair off D: EVIL. EVIL. 

It's awfully mean, but that's just how they do it in Malaysia. No follow rules ah? WANT DIE AH? WANT DIE? HAHAHA. Oh Malaysia. You bring tears of joy to my eyes. :')

So yeah, that's all for now!

Till next time :D

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