Thursday, April 11, 2013

Don't Forget To Say Hi.

Hey guys! :)

Life has been good these days.
Relationships: What?
I was talking to Jihah about relationships and what-nots (which is very common these days), and she asked me " there anyone you like?" I was stumped at that question. It just occurred to me that while my friends are all 'in like' with guys from school, church, tuition, celebrities, singers and actual living, breathing, normal guys; I'm in love with fictional characters from books. Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Carter Kane,Leo Valdez, them non-existent yet freaking amazing guys. Now how crazy is that? But then again, relationships in your head lasts far longer than real relationships. That's me, ever me pessimistic person :P Or maybe I'm just a realist. I'm not sure. I believe in love and romance, but in  way, I'm not entirely capable of not being cynical either.

School: Don't Forget To Say Hi To A Friend
Went to school a little late today. And surprise, surprise, Spongebob was walking to the gate, coming from an opposite direction. Blinked once. Twice. And being the lazy person I am, I just walked on instead of saying hi. HAHA. Yes, surprisingly it DOES take a lot of effort to raise my hand and wave; or to say "HEY!" or "Hiiiii!" *Sarcasm* HAHA, just kidding. I was worried about being late. In school these days, being late is a crime equivalent to smashing a door down with a hammer :(

Way Jie said that it's been a while since we last chatted, which is kind of true. HAHA. After deactivating my Facebook and throwing myself into a pile of every students nemesis: Homework, I pretty much neglected to socialize. I did see him around in school but I never took the initiative to talk :P Feeling guilty (hah!) and all, I made this weird promise/deal/bet to say "hi" whenever I see him. I assumed it would mean saying hello once a day but unfortunately, I kinda forgot to put a limit to the number of times I say "hi" HAHA.

The first (technically second, but yeah) next time I saw him, I was sitting at the back with Izzati and Azlina, discussing something in a magazine and cracking lame jokes. He stared at me expectantly and I stared back. Dei, what are you waiting for? I thought, confused. I forgot about it that fast. HAHA. He finally said "Eh, not going to say hi ah?" Ohhhhh. "Hi!" I said, thinking Okay, you can go now. HAHA. He pretended he couldn't hear me and made me repeat it so many times, frustrating me to the point; I finally yelled "HI HI HI. Now can you go now? Shoo!" He had an evil, satisfied look on his face and finally walked back to his class. I bet he did it on purpose to embarrass me -___- What kind of friends do I have....D: 

Today was probably the most stressful, interesting, best day I've had all week in school. Stressful, because I wasn't prepared for the Ujian Lisan and the whole time I was praying silently that the teacher wouldn't enter the class or call my name. HAHA. You know that feeling, right? Interesting, because Puan Ashikin gave us a very..interesting topic for an essay. It's a sentence that goes: "Kim was nervous when the door opened..." She told us we could turn it into a horror, adventure, robbery, kidnap or any other story as long as it fits the sentence. I chose kidnap. I'm not a fan of horror with the blood, ghosts and spooky stuff. I'm not much good at adventure stories like Alice In Wonderland, since my imagination doesn't dwell on magical bunnies and flying broomsticks much and a robbery is hard to describe. 

I'd probably write an entire essay describing everything they took. Like this:

    Kim watched in horror as they grabbed her laptop, television, stereo, washing machine, cat, vase, speakers, phone, bookshelf, piano, purse, modem, dvd player, favorite pillow, bolster, bed, cupboard, clothes, books, teddy bear, bag,  and webcam from her room. No no no! She thought, dismayed. They can't take my cat! She took a deep breath and charged out of the closet with the broom she found. "HHHEEEEYYYAAHHH!" She yelled "Get your filthy hands off Mr. Muffins!"

See how ridiculous it is? If there was a break-in in your house, what would you do? I fancy taking my trusty old baseball bat and giving them robbers a good thump on their heads, but really, what chance do I stand against knives and guns? :( I'd wager that most people would silently creep out the back door to avoid detection, and run out of the door screaming "OH MY CAMERA! THERE'S ROBBERS IN MY HOUSE! HELP ME! HELPPPP!!!" Or just call the police like normal people would. HAHA. 

 I'm not really myself right now. This is ridiculous. I am ridiculous.

Best day so far this week, because I got to:
  • Make lame jokes about random stuff with my friends. 
  • Look at a magazine with Iz and Lina, and laugh when we came across embarrassing girl stuff and had to hid it from the guys. Didn't get to copy the Maths notes on the board though :( Rajin Maine is guilty now.
  •  Sit with Jihah at the back, and make fun of songs we like unintentionally. Somehow we just manage to turn an awesome song into a chipmunk or fail-at-manly-deep-voice song. 
  • Complain about guys in our class being too gentlemanly. Which isn't a bad thing, to be honest. HAHA. Asyik complain je we people!
  • Do the thing we used to do in class last year when we read Rumplestilskin and I imitated his voice. We tried that again during History and laughed as quietly as we could when we read Gulp and Gasp. 
  •  Mee En and I were talking about "Pitch Perfect" during recess. Note to self: Watch that movie during the weekend. Started making jokes about it and laughing. #nochickentoday :( 
  •  Spent some quality time with Yi Wen. I keep hitting her recently-wounded-now-healing-knees with my elbows and she started a weird chant about mirror on the wall O_o. I hope she didn't hit her head too and get a concussion. HAHA.

      The "lesson" of this story is, don't forget to say hi  to your friends. Cause if they're anything like mine, they'd somehow manage to pinky promise you into saying hi EVERY FLUFFY BUNNY TIME you see their face/s

I have to remember this, cause I forget it everyday :P Evil banana. EVIL.

I probably sound like a wicked scientist on potatoes now. I should stop now. Next time peeps!

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