Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why am I, holding on?

Hey there! :)

I haven't been blogging for a long while now, so here goes :)

Last Saturday, there was a leaders' gathering at Commander Herbert's house, something about meeting the new senior pastor and his wife. Dad forgot to take something, so we had to turn back, go home and get on the road again. HAHA. I was so dizzy and disoriented when I came out of the car, my legs were shaking. The gathering was fun though, although everyone there were older than me by at least two years, excluding the kids. O_O. Some of the commanders gave their testimony about serving in the Royal Rangers; and it was really inspirational. Sometimes I wonder if I'll be in Rangers for the next few years of my life. A few months ago, when being a commander was new to me, I would have said "Maybe, maybe not." But now that I've really served in the ministry, I think I'll be doing it for a few more years, till I leave the country or have to focus on my studies :P It might be stressful and on some days, I feel like pulling my hair out in frustration, but at the end of the day; to watch the kids I and my fellow leaders mentor; learn things, experience things they'll never forget and have fun, I've come to the conclusion that it IS worth it. And I'm pretty glad I left Expedition Rangers early too :) This batch of kids this year are pretty awesome.

Sher Rin, Joanna and I were discussing the dreaded-yet-it-turned-out-great GMA interview, and how some people only care about the recognition but not the true value of the Gold Medal Of Achievement. Don't get it because you want to be the youngest to achieve it, or because every one of your friends is trying to achieve it. Get it when you feel spiritually and mentally matured and prepared enough to get it, when you finally understand the value of it and what it means to work for it. That's the purpose of getting the GMA. I should probably warn you that the interviewers are going to ask you that. HAHA. And also, the timing must be right. You probably won't know what I mean by that.

And let me tell you this: If you're trying to achieve anything, may it be good marks in exams or first place in something, don't do it because you want to prove that you're better than everyone else. Do it because you want to prove that you're better than what you think you are. At the end of the day, you will feel victorious about achieving something for yourself, because YOU know that you had the perseverance, determination, guts and ability to do it, makes you feel better about yourself and teaches you something about life. If you're trying to prove that you're better than other people, you're not, when you didn't learn anything from it. Strive to make the best of yourself and stop judging your own failures and victories by other people's own shortcomings and uprisings. ...Okay enough of this.

Sunday, what can I say? One of the best days in the week although personally I love every single day, except for the fact I have to wake up early from Monday to Friday and again on Sunday (not to mention STUDIES AND HOMEWORK), I still enjoy every day :) Now that's something you won't hear me say in the mornings.

Helped out at GCC as usual, and head off to Youth. We got in pretty late and had to sit at the first row AGAIN. Megan came to church again, for the first time in what- four months?! :D Long time no see Sakai. She and Cheryl got to sit at the back though, lucky pineapples -__- It felt like the old times again, with everyone around at the same time for the first time since last year. HAHA. Gosh, how things have changed :( We ate at the fellowship hall, the food was nice, but my appetite was dying. Esther and Joanne went to eat with Fabian outside, I spent most of the time talking to Megan about life these days. HAHA.

We went our separate ways after that. They went for their ER meeting, and I went for the AR meeting. Joanna was telling me how the girls agreed to stack up the chairs "for Commander Maine" and I was thinking "aww, so sweet :3" Andrew came in late, and he and Joseph just dropped to the floor and started doing pushups. I was trying not to laugh but I bet everyone saw me grinning like a maniac. Was supposed to teach the Bachelor merit, but when I found out Stephen hadn't even printing it yet, Joanna and I had to go to the machine we knew all too well and photostat about 20 copies :( 8 pages of it too! Fancy that >.< Didn't have to teach at all, mostly because I debated with Stephen about junior comms even being ALLOWED to teach :P Yays! Cmdr Kwang Yew wanted Joanna and I to interview the potential GMA Expedition Rangers, since we were the latest batch, so I went to the main hall. Interviewing was a lot of fun. Cmdr Kwang Yew said "Oh, and if they say the wrong thing, just *PIAK* slap them only!" He was kidding la. HAHA. Samuel's interview was probably the most frustrating. When I asked "What do you plan to do in your future?" I meant, to serve God. And he replied "Get married, have kids." LOL. Okay, that was partially my fault. HAHA.

Some of them were serious about getting it, some of them were probably doing it just for the sake of getting it. I could tell by the way they replied and acted. Joy Jensen came and sat down, I got a shock when I looked up and saw him. "Eh, what are you doing here?" I half-yelled. LOL. He said he needed help with the Bachelor merit. What? 5-6 commanders upstairs and he comes downstairs to ask about laundry? O_o. He said he didn't want to ask Stephen. So I helped him till Cmdr Kwang Yew shoo-ed him away. Wei Loong sat down and started asking us weird questions like "What's the International Service for?" when we told him that that was the hardest merit to finish. How to explain that? -__- It's an extremely huge merit with all sorts of topics.

School has been good for the past two days. Did not get scolded for not doing homework and none of my teachers snapped at my class for any reason. And I got to go home early two days in a row! :D A lot of laughing for no reason, but that's normal :)

 Some people have asked me, "If you don't use Facebook, rarely use Twitter and Instagram...what do you DO?" Easy. I read reviews on books on Goodreads , read books on Wattpad and Cool Reader, listen to music and watch videos on Youtube! :) Don't even get me started on Regency Romance novels! <3 <3

Anyway, till next time! :)

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