Monday, April 15, 2013

Write My Life: Biscuit Tales

Hey there! :)

A couple of days ago, I went to the dentist to extract an extra tooth. I didn't mind the pulling-out-the-tooth part so much, but I HATED getting 3-4 injections in my mouth to numb it. I have a morbid fear of injections -__- Anyway, instead of a normal small cute tooth (the kind you see illustrated in books), it was a root tooth instead :O I would show you a photo of it, but people who saw it flipped and said "Eh, vampire tooth ah? Canine tooth?" and etc. HAHA. So someday maybe. I've always wondered why the tooth didn't fall out on its own accord, and I've finally figured out why. HAHA. Unsolved mystery: Solved.

Went to church yesterday,hung around the fellowship hall for Praise and Worship for a while. Esther wore a dress, third time in a row D: We went to Fuxion afterwards, saw everyone sitting in circles and I thought it would be awkward trying to squeeze in. Almost turned back, but Aijean said "Just go in!" So we did O_o. Had an incredible urge to laugh, like I always do in awkward situations, but I resisted. If Mee En was there, we would be having the worst laughter fits at the same time. HAHA.

We pulled out some chairs, sat down and started filling out forms about cell group. Someone was sharing a testimony, but I was too distracted to listen :( Less than ten minutes later, we were asked to go for the main service because Pastor Henry was preaching, so we went to the balcony. Most of them went downstairs, saw K.D.'s photo on Instagram: Two or three rows of youths standing at the back of the main hall. HAHA. Kesian :P

We left service early. Too hungry to wait know how it's like. :( All of us ate Char Kuey Teow at the restaurant nearby. Yumyum :3 I bought lekor too. We went back to church after eating and service had just ended. Sam, Darren and the guys were asking us "Wanna go eat now ah?" We said "We just came back from the restaurant!" The look on their faces. HAHA. A lot of people asked me, and when I told them I already ate, they shook their heads and said "Ohh, ponteng ah?" Psshh. Not ponteng la, just left a little earlier than usual? Hehe.

Went to change my clothes, the toilet was pretty empty. Strange. I took less than 10 seconds to change, I was already wearing my RR shirt inside my button up shirt, if that makes sense. One lady (lets just call her L) came in, saw my shirt and started talking to me about Rangers.

L: So you're in the Royal Rangers ministry?
Me: Yeah, I am. (feeling awkward, haha)
L: Ohh, how long have you been in the ministry?
Me: (Mental calculation) Umm, I'd say about 11 years?
L: *Looking shocked* Ahh, how old are you?
Me: I'm 16.
L: Sixteen ah? Hmm, in two years you can be a junior commander right?
Me: Haha, umm..I'm already a junior comm. I kinda got my GMA early and graduated early.
L: Ohhh, that's nice.

After some awkwardness, we bid each other a good day and she left. HAHA. Oh unicorns, I have to practice on my socializing skills.

[Daiyana tried to make me come back to Facebook. I said "NO." (you know the meme. hehe) No intention of returning to the Underworld. ]

I went back upstairs with Joanna to keep an eye on the kids. Somehow, my body betrayed me and walked over to the piano and opened it. Darren and Samuel suddenly came in when I was playing "When I Was Your Man" and started singing really off pitch and weird :P Strange ones, they are. Saw David Sup and closed the piano faster than you could say "Banananchocolatemilkshakewithmarshmallowfries" He told everyone to line up and started parade. Then he suddenly turned to me and Joanna and said "Okay, you can take over now." What? What??? Really kan cheong already -__- I messed up when I said "Rangers, akan lurus ke kanan, ke kanan lurus!" It was difficult la, you try yelling it at the top of your lungs with a bunch of other instructions to remember XD

Caught sight of Shermen's expression and couldn't help laughing. Quickly sobered up and told Joanna what to say. We got them to sit down and let them do what they want until Stephen, David and Daniel arrived. When Joseph came in, he dropped to the floor and started doing push-ups. I looked at Joanna, she looked at me and we said at the same time "Show off!" (Just teasing him la, not being mean) He heard what we said and said "Eh, I'm not a show off la!" Laughed so hard when he said that. It was funny :P

The tailor came to take measurements, so we didn't do much. Joanna and I were running up and down, photostat-ing merits and slips -__- EXERCISIOM (Couldn't resist, sorry) And to imagine, I have to be a junior commander for another 1 and 3/4 years! But being a junior, there's less responsibilities la, so boleh tahan :D All in all, it wasn't a very stressful day besides the exercising. HAHA.

Commander Nate told Jo and I about checking out Gunung Tua in Negeri Sembilan this Saturday, and asked us if we can go. When we asked why, Daniel or Stephen said "To see if girls can tahan hiking that much." Offended! Cheh. But it's true, lol. Our stamina isn't that great. I took out some Rocky biscuits and gave it to a few people. Daniel took the MOST, and to add insult to the injury, he took the last one I had out of my hand before I ate it :'( Whhhyy? He said it was payback for telling him I'm 18.  I forgot who told him I'm 18, but it wasn't me.

Oh, there's also a leaders' gathering this Saturday at the chairman's house. Yay, free food! :D Went to talk to Grace Amanda after Rangers, we were discussing music and college when she spotted a pair of Nike shoes, with orange tips. She said "You should steal it" cause the owner wasn't there. Her mum came then, so she went home. Jezreel appeared with Sam J. and walked over to the shoes and his bag. I said "Oh, that's your shoes ah?" He said "Yeah why?" I replied "Oh, nothing.. I almost stole it." He looked at me. "What?!" HAHA. His shoes were nice, but his size is at least 2 sizes bigger than mine :( 

School today. Not bad, not bad. I'm glad I finished my essay. 500 plus words. Tina wrote 818 words! Crazy! I would have written more, but that would have been too much for the poor teacher to handle. HAHA. A lot of people didn't finish their essays. Teacher told them to pass it up tomorrow. Bought some Apollo biscuits during recess, and suddenly everyone's buying it :P HAHA.

Mee En and I were talking about sunblock (weird topic, I know) and describing what would happen if we wore it to school. Making sound effects and hand motions all xP Hahaha. I forgot what she said but I started laughing a lot at one point. We didn't do much during Sivik, just bersembang with our friends and read books (in my case). Did I mention my class got first place for the "Cleanest Class" award? :D That's the fourth time in a row, being in the top three.

Vemlan apparently thought I've been ignoring him (I'm not, I just find it awkward to talk to him in school :/) so he took my book when I was reading it. I had to chase him to the opposite end of the block, almost crashing into some people and had to beg him for the book back. We walked back to the class in silence. That reminds me, what does one say when a friend accuses her of ignoring him? HAHA. I have no idea O_o.

Watching a Draw My Life video now, so till next time! :)

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